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  • Hue City

    THUA THIEN HUE AND HUE CITY 1. Basic information Area: lt has the natural area of 5‚053.9 square meters spread in the long and narrow land‚ with the average width of 60 km and the length of 127 km. It is along the direction of North West - South East parallel with the coast‚ with various terrains of mountains‚ hills‚ coastal plains and lagoons. 2. Location a.Geography location Locates in the North Central Coast of Vietnam‚ approximately in the center of the country at latitude of

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  • The Battle of Hue

    The Battle of Hue Col Stanly S. Hughes The Battle of Hue in 1968 was the bloodiest battle of Vietnam. On the night of January 30th 1969 the North Vietnamese (NVA) launched a massive offensive against the south called the Tet offensive. This offensive attacked all major political and military objectives within South Vietnam. This offensive was supposed to conduct a “shock and awe” that would demoralize the South Vietnam and Allied Forces. The city of Hue was one of these cities. At midnight

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  • Festival Hue

    Festival Hue 2000 took place within 12 days and nights with the participation of more than 30 Vietnamese and French art groups‚ including over 1‚000 artists and professional and amateur actors and actresses. It attracted more than 410‚000 people‚ including 41‚000 tourists and 6‚000 foreign guests… Festival Hue 2000 is actually the national and international festival of culture‚ art‚ and tourism‚ a general rehearsal of exchange activities on politics‚ foreign affairs‚ economy‚ culture‚ which promotes

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  • Battle for Hue

    The Battle for Hue The Battle for Hue was a month long battle that was part of the Tet-68 offensive and said to be a major turning point in the Vietnam War. The Battle for Hue‚ just like the beginning of the Tet-68 offensive took everyone by surprise for it occurred on Jan 31‚ 1968 during the beginning of the lunar new year one of Vietnamese’s most scared holidays. It was surprising because there was an official cease-fire that was called to celebrate Tet

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  • Color Theory Notes

    Incandescent Lighting · Under regular incandescent lighting the green color looks slightly darker than a regular green hue. · When green is placed next to the cadmium red light hue it enhances the saturation of the red hue‚ and deepens the greens saturation as well. · When alone under the incandescent lighting the cadmium red light looks slightly more red-orange than red. · When placed next to one another the complementary colors make each other look more saturated. · The incandescent light

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  • Graphics

    Grids and underlays are used to support and enhance different drawing skills. There are different types including letter grids‚ isometric grids‚ number grids and orthographic grids. Understanding colour – understand the meanings of colours‚ tones and hues‚ colour separation and fusion. Thick & Thin Adding thick and thin lines to a sketch can enhance its effect. If only one face to an edge can be seen it is drawn in a thick line‚ if there are two faces visible then it is a thin line. Example – the

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  • Elements of Visual Arts

    property of light. When light goes out‚ color goes with it. Color has three dimensions or attributes: Hue‚ value‚ and intensity Hue – is the dimension of color that gives color its name [pic] ”primary and secondary colors” “The color circle showing a sequence of 12 hues” [pic] Warm and cool colors - Colors may either be warm or cool. Red‚ Orange‚ and Yellow are the warm hues Color Harmonies (two kinds) - Related color harmonies - Contrasted color harmonies Related

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  • Chromatography Experiment

    The brown marker appears to have more than one dye present therefore it had to be mixed to create the color brown. The mixtures of dyes used to create this color are orange‚ pink‚ a pink hue‚ and a teal blue. The order from least to greatest in which they traveled from the starting point is orange‚ pink‚ pink hue‚ and teal blue. The orange dye has the greatest infinity for the paper or stationary phase because it traveled the least furthest from the starting point compared to the other dyes. The

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  • Examples of Performing Arts

    Art- comes from the latin word “ars” or “artis” which means “skill.” • Principle of application of skill‚ knowledge in a creative effort‚ form of beauty‚ esthetic expression of feeling‚ as in music‚ painting‚ sculpture‚ literature‚ architecture and dance • Aesthetic experience of Man • Art is expression‚ not intention or talent ( Benedetto Croche) • Attempt to create pleasing forms (Herbert Read) • Molds our actual life of feeling (Susanne Larger) Forms of Art

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  • the bauhaus related to 2014 fashion

    The Aesthetic Of Bauhaus and Current Trends Following WWI‚ as much of Germany lay in despair‚ Bauhaus thrived as a revolutionary‚ inspired and unique School breaking down the perceived class barriers between craftsmen and fine artists. Founded in 1919 by Architect Walter Gropius‚ Bauhaus modernized the Art Industry and Education‚ influencing all aspects of design today. As fashion‚ like art‚ progresses in cycles‚ inspiring and influencing each other through the creation of their designs‚ it

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