Battle for Hue

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The Battle for Hue

The Battle for Hue was a month long battle that was part of the Tet-68 offensive and said to be a major turning point in the Vietnam War. The Battle for Hue, just like the beginning of the Tet-68 offensive took everyone by surprise for it occurred on Jan 31, 1968 during the beginning of the lunar new year one of Vietnamese’s most scared holidays. It was surprising because there was an official cease-fire that was called to celebrate Tet. The city of Hue was an ancient capital city and a gem of Indochina. The communist strategy was to launch a massive invasion of the city and just take over. To there surprise, it was not an easy victory, like they had hoped it to be. The US-South Vietnamese launched a deadly counterattack, which left both sides with great casualties.

The perfume river divides the City of Hue. Citadel, which means old city, made up 2/3 of the population and was on the north side of Hue. According to Moss, On the morning of January 31, about 7,500 NVA/VietCong fighters, achieving complete tactical surprise, overwhelmed the ARVN defenders and took control of the Citadl, once the home of the Nguyen emperors, and much of the New City within a few hours. Two U.S. Marine companies from Phu Bai, a few miles south of Hue, joined with ARVN forces to counter attack the next day. The counterattack stalled in the face of determined NVA/VC resistance. Over the next few days, both the Americans and the South Vietnamese augmented their forces in Hue. Starting of February 5, naval gunfire from ships of the Seventh Fleet, positioned offshore, pounded targets inside the Citadel from a range of 15 miles. Both NAF and U.S. aircraft napalmed and strafed targets within the Old City. On the ground, Marine rifle companies advanced from house to house in savage fighting.

Allied reinforcements, meaning the Marines, 101st Airborne, 1st Cavalry, ARVN infantry, and U.S. Navy landing craft made. By using the...
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