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  • Artillery - Essay

    Historically‚ artillery (from French artillerie) refers to any engine used for the discharge of large projectiles during war‚ served by a crew of men. The term also describes ground-based troops with the primary function of manning such weapons. Artillery is sometimes known as "The King of Battle". This term includes coastal artillery which traditionally defended coastal areas against seaborne attack and controlled the passage of ships‚ using their ability to deny access through the threat of coastal

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  • Summary: Field Artillery

    Field Artillery and The Battle of Cantigny Field Artillery has evolved a vast degree with beginning uses of gunpowder‚ wooden cannons and iron cannon balls. Years later there are complex fuses‚ computerized cannons and precision guided munitions. Many significant wars and battles occurred throughout our Nation’s military existence. Without artillery shaping the battlefield‚ it is possible the outcomes written in history books would not be the same. The Battle of Cantigny‚ France was one of the

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  • Field Artillery History

    Field Artillery in World War II: The King of Battle at the Battle of the Bulge  The Field Artillery is not called upon for diplomacy‚ but rather eradication. It is no secret that since its existence‚ the  Field Artillery has been the highest casualty producing asset in the United States Army’s repertoire‚ thus earning the title "The King of Battle". Since the Revolutionary war of 1776‚ through the Battle of Gettysburg‚ and leading up until the present day war on terrorism‚ the field artillery has

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  • Air Defense Artillery in Vietnam

    Air Defense Artillery systems utilized during the Vietnam War era had more to do on the battlefields other than protect air bases. These weapons served as a geographical benefit because of the heavy firepower they would deliver in times of serious land warfare. The variety of missions executed determined the methods of how Air Defense Artillery systems deployed. A battery size element would rarely stay together operating as a whole unit even if a brigade that gives support tries to maintain overall

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  • Field Artillery In American History

    operations in the Middle East‚ the Field Artillery has been a major component to the success of all and any major conflicts. Modern day Army calls artillery‚ “King of the Battle”. This has earned its dynamic name from the many conflicts in which Field Artillery lived to tell the tale. Many components to a war change from; tactics‚ logistics‚ concepts of operations‚ and even geographical considerations. Much like the change of modern war‚ the Field Artillery continues to adapt and overcome to its

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  • Artillery In World War 1

    How Artillery Affected World War 1 Artillery was one of the most important weapons in the First World War. The first modern state of the art artillery was invented in 1897 by a French team lead by General Deloye. The gun was called the gun of 75mm or French 75mm. This had some major improvements then older guns and became state of the art for many years. All of the artillery pieces of World War 1 were adopted from the French 75mm even improving on the ideas. The first major improvement

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  • The Field Artillery In The Battle Of Palo Alto

    The overwhelming firepower‚ tactics‚ and maneuverability from the Field Artillery in the Battle of Palo Alto led to the defeat of the Mexican Army. Maj. Samuel Ringgold developed a carriage mounted 18 pounder siege cannon that was far superior to the Mexican Army’s heavy non-mobile guns (Sanchez‚ 2017). The Americans also used the 1841 6 pounders which weighed only 650 pounds and was extraordinarily easy to maneuver with oxen and horses ("Steel Cannons‚" n.d.). The 6 Pounder was also capable of

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  • Introduction of Heavy Artillery to Combat Trench Warfare in WWI

    Heavy artillery was introduced in World War 1 to combat trench warfare. It was a new a new type of weaponry which would have a major impact on the outcome of the war. It was used in most of the major battles with varying success. What actually is heavy artillery? Heavy artillery were massive guns‚ which could shoot 900kg shells over 18km. In the First World War artillery was divided into light and heavy‚ depending on the weight of the shot fired. Heavy artillery could also be used to deploy chemical

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  • Pakistan Artillery

    Battle Performance of Artillery Indo Pak War of 1948 In 1948 Kashmir War‚ when the Regiment of Artillery was still nascent‚ it got committed against numerically superior forces. | | | | | | | | | Pakistan Artillery operated in Kashmir under several handicaps‚ except for the spirit and skill of our officers and men. Guns were employed with great care and full calculation of the risks involved. In spite of Indian monopoly of air‚ wherever our guns opened fire‚ the Indians were surprised

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  • Malvern Hill Research Paper

    were high between the Union and the Confederate Armies. The Union Commander Major General George B. McClellan schemed an adaptive plan to siege Richmond‚ Virginia from the Confederate Army. With a joint force of 120‚000 plus Soldiers and over 42 artillery batteries‚ his forces would board battle ships and set sail up to Fort Monroe‚ tactical debark on arrival and attempt to take this valuable piece of Confederate stronghold. His plan was execute brilliantly with few instances or deaths‚ but these

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