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  • Holiday

    Two weeks ago I c ame back from a holiday vacation in Genting Highland and Singapore.  Our family eagerly wait for summer vacations‚ not only because these give us a break from hectic‚ brain draining and tiring daily schedule but also because of the family trip.We had planned for this holiday trip almost a year back by getting our passports ready. First point of visit was Genting highland.Genting highland is very beautiful and peaceful town built on a mountain with lovely natural surroundings

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  • Summer Holidays

    for our body similarly holidays are important for relaxation and change – they provide relief from the monotony of our daily routine. They are important for our mental and emotional well being. Holidays! Holidays! Holidays who does not wait for them? Holidays give us a break from our routine and help us to refresh ourselves and go back to work with renewed energy. They are not only meant for enjoying but also for pursuing our hobbies and interests. During holidays we can live our life as

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  • School Holidays

    chool holidays are not too long. Children are forced to attend school between 9am and 3:30pm every weekday which is fine in primary school‚ but when it gets to secondary school‚ children often have to contend with bullying and humiliation in school on a regular basis as well as a greater workload. Christmas and Easter breaks‚ as well as half term are great‚ but they’re not enough time to really relax. A lot of the time they will be spend doing family things. The good thing is about summer holidays

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  • Holiday and Vacation

    Vacation Vacation is the most-awaited season of the year. According to "Vacation" (2014)‚ “specific trip or journey‚ usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism” (1). There is nothing in the annual calendar that is most wanted than vacation time‚ not only by adults‚ but also for the kids praying the end of the school year to enjoy their vacation. No matter how much time the vacationer decides to take‚ what is important is to go on vacation. Sometimes two or three days’ vacation is more rewarding

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  • Egyptian Pyramids and Holiday

    English: Holidays * I love the holidays. The nippy weather‚ smells of all that great food and the general merriment in the atmosphere as everyone celebrates in his or her own way. If you can look past the consumerism that’s saturated the season‚ then the holidays can really be a great time. Sydney In Sydney‚ the largest‚ oldest‚ and most beautiful of Australia’s cities‚ the monumental doesn’t figure prominently. There are no great pyramids‚ no historic ruins‚ no monuments or buildings that warrant

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  • Holiday: Want and Time

    Topic: Planning Your Holiday General Purpose: To inform Specific Purposes: At the end of my speech‚ the audience will be able to plan their holidays efficiently. Central Idea: Planning ahead before going on a holiday include setting a budget‚ reading up about the getaway destination and drawing up an itinerary‚ and packing light and right. I. Introduction A. Attention material: Vacation is fun. Who doesn’t love to go on a vacation? It is a perfect way to spend time with your loved

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  • Holiday

    Devin Greenlaw 3/2/13 2nd Period Love the Holiday (Billie Holiday Report) Born Eleanora Fagan on April 7‚ 1915 in Philadelphia‚ PA; the amazing jazz vocalist never imagined she was going to become one of the biggest jazz musicians of all time. Rose Primarily in Baltimore‚ MD with her mother‚ Sady Fagan‚ who gave birth to Billie at the age of nineteen. Billie was raised primarily with her mother. Her father‚ believed to be Clarence Holiday who was a successful jazz musician himself‚ wasn’t

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  • Holidays Speaking Exam

    HOLIDAYS Can you see yourself in any of these situations? I can see myself in both situations because I’d enjoy been in whichever of those places. In Mexico‚ I lived on a Caribbean Island where I used to go to the beach almost every weekend. It was a nice way to relax with your family or friends after a long week of hard work. In the same way‚ spending vacations on the mountains sounds fantastic. I can imagine myself surrounded by trees‚ all kinds of animals’ sounds and stunning landscapes while

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  • Responsibilities of Holiday Representative

    Unit 14- Responsibilities of Holiday representative Task Three Introduction In this assignment I am going to prepare information sheets that describe the part played by the holiday representative in creating a safe and healthy holiday environment. I will include a description of the risks and hazards and the ways in which representatives can minimise these risks. Health and safety terminology Tour operators rely on their staff to diligent when carrying out their duties and vigilant when identifying

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  • Us Golf Holiday

    Case Study: USA Golf Holidays Question #1 Discuss the USA growth strategy. What market(s) would you recommend pursuing as they move ahead? USA Golf Holidays grew slowly in a niche market. Brian Bell took a responsible approach to the growth of the company‚ ensuring to always be able to provide high quality vacations to his customers. He cultivated strong relationships with travel agencies‚ golf clubs‚ etc. Since his clientele is very specific they have also been loyal. However‚ at some

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