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You can see the influence of the traditional and Mediterranean culture on the inhabitants of central and southern Iraq. In southern Italy, most people are more brown and darker hair. In the north, however, they tend to be taller, blonder hair and lighter eyes. If from north to south, the Italians have one thing in common-a love of life-they are also sociable and have a passion for what they do. They talk a lot and pretty gesture. The Italians are not afraid of showing emotions, give hugs, kisses...

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Italy - Timeline

Geography of Italy Italy is a long peninsula; slightly larger than Arizona andit shaped like a boot. It is surrounded on the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea and on the east by the Adriatic. Italy borders Austria, France, Vatican City, San Marino, Slovenia, and Switzerland.The Apennine Mountains form the peninsula's backbone; the Alps form its northern boundary. The largest of its many northern lakes is Garda (143 sq mi); the Po, its principal river, flows from the Alps on Italy's western border and...

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Rome, Italy

My Trip to Rome, Italy I had learned I was being sent to Italy in March of 2000 for a machine tool exhibition. I found out the happy news just before leaving work. Excitedly I jumped into my car and started my journey home. As I drove home down I-95 through all of the usual evening traffic I just kept thinking about ho I was going to tell my husband we were going to Italy. That night I continuously paced the floor looking out of my bedroom window to see if my husband was home from work yet....

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The Unification of Italy

Bradley 1 Unification of Italy There were at least two reasons why it was not easy to unify Italy.  One of the reasons was internal to Italy while the other was external. The external reason was that there were foreign countries that had interests in the Italian peninsula.  It was not simply a matter of getting various Italian states to agree to unify.  Instead, there were the French and the Austrians to contend with.  Both of these powers had interests in Italy and had to be dealt with in...

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Humanistic Italy: The Metamorphosis Of Humanist Italy

 The Metamorphosis of Humanist Italy    The Italian Renaissance, beginning around 1360 was a period of great growth. Specific social and political conditions spurred development in trade, travel, warfare, scholarly expansion and education. Inevitably Italians began to reflect differently on the world around them and how they interacted with it.  Changing ideas caused a definite shift from medieval values: piety and social seclusion, to humanist values: material and scholarly gain. Time spent in...

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Italy Presentation

Italy Presentation- FACTS ABOUT ITALY -Italy is one of the most popular countries known all around the world, it is particularly known for its food, and is considered one of the top countries visited for those travelling Europe The Italian flag consists of the colours green, white and red which symbolize hope, faith and charity. The country is considered to be in the shape of a boot on world maps, and currently has 61.3 milion people living there. As there is a lot of tourism in Italy and Europeans...

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tourism in italy

PIAZZA ARMERINA, SICILY-The view from America is that Europe is collapsing economically. Imagine the view from one of the most beautiful and impoverished regions of Italy, a country that embodies the European economic crisis. Welcome to Piazza Armerina, a city of 20,000 in the middle of Sicily. Piazza has small winding streets with picturesque balconies, a central plaza with delicious ice cream, plentiful coffee shops, and a magnificent cathedral. Perched on a hill, it features views of rural...

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Venice Italy

The city of romance, the city of water or better known as Venice, Italy. Why should someone visit Venice? The better question is why anyone wouldn’t want to visit Venice? It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Venice has many attractions to bring the masses to her doors. Doge’s Palace, Gondola’s, Rialto Bridge, Canal Grande, carnival time, fresh markets, art museums and so many more places and things to see. Venice sits in an archipelago (a group of small islands) and...

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Essay Italy

Prof. Ricardo Acosta English 101 19 February 2014 A Journey to Heaven How much would you like to visit your favorite place in the world? During my senior year, my parents came in with amazing news for me. They had told me I was going to a trip to Italy with them. The plan was not initially with me going on the trip, but my little sister was, since she could not assist on the trip, I was the lucky brother that had this opportunity. Most of my concerns were school, but this trip would definitely pay...

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Starbucks in Italy

”Ground Zero: A Starbucks-Free Italy” Starbucks is an iconic firm when it comes to cafes and coffee shops, so much so that when a person is asked about coffee more often than not the top of the mind recall would be Starbucks. Some say, they like the taste, for some it’s the Starbucks experience that matters and the youth has an instant connect with the brand name. Now as per the case, currently Starbucks has around 11,000 outlets across the USA clearly signaling that the home market for this vibrant...

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