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  • This School Holiday

    SCHOOL HOLIDAYS written by Veronica Chan  This school holiday‚ I spent most of my time at home‚ although I already knew this was going to happen‚ I still eagerly awaited the holidays to bring a break from‚ school work‚ extracurricular activities and tests. For me‚ spending the holidays at home is much more fun than being at school. On the last day of school‚ I eagerly waited for the school bell to ring at 12:40pm and on that day the time flew past. Then‚ I felt like a caged bird that has just been

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  • my dream holiday

    my dream holiday is canada europe and london....cause it is all about romance ‚ lifestyle n work ... whom with my family friends n relatives in europe the view is beautyful‚ smoothing and romantic in canada my big family lives thier in london it is all about work..My Favourite Holiday Destination I have been to several places around the world‚ Mumbai and Goa in India‚ Paris in France‚ Hamburg in Germany‚ Rome and Venice in Italy‚ Vatican City‚ Singapore‚ Hong Kong‚ Melbourne and Sydney in Australia

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  • The Holiday Beach in Haikou

    October 24‚ 2009 The Holiday Beach in Haikou Since I was a child‚ I have dreamed of living in a luxury beach house where I could enjoy my life with nature. Last summer holiday‚ my friend Liang invited six friends including me to his hometown Haikou to enjoy a one-week vacation. The thing that impressed me the most during the vacation is the place where we stayed‚ an amazing beach named Holiday Beach. It is one of the most famous beaches in Haikou. While staying on Holiday Beach‚ I realized some

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  • Ways To Spend On Holidays

    Lower Secondary English STU001 The picture are about a girl planning how to spend her school holidays. Using the pictures‚ write a stiry on how Mei Lin plans to spend the holidays. 1. School holidays again – Mei Lin – many things to do – English teacher – pupils write composition on holidays 2. Mei Lin – cook and sew – going to ask mother teach cooking – compile recipes – add collection 3. Promised help mother – sew curtains – cushion covers – Christmas 4.

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  • Holidays and Ideal Vacation

    My ideal vacation would have to star with the weather being nice and warm. The place I would like my ideal vacation to be on a sandy beach with no parents to be annoying and boss me around. I would take a couple of my really good friends that I hang out with all the time. It wouldn’t have to plan anything on this trip or have to book anything it would all be ready to go.  The food and everything we need would not cost a penny. The hotel we would be staying at would be a five star resort and the

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  • Cultural Commentary on the Movie, The Holiday

    Cultural commentary on the film "the Holiday". The Holiday is a 2006 American romantic comedy film written‚produced and directed by Nancy Meyers‚ it stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet as two lovelorn women from opposite sides of the Atlantic ocean‚ who temporarily exchange homes to escape heartbreak during the Holiday season. (trailer) The film is a bright example of an American and English lifestyle‚ main characters of the comedy represent typical women of both countries The UsA and UK with

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  • The advantages and disadvantages of holidays abroad

    disadvantages of holidays abroad The amount of hours that a person spends in their workplace is increasing all the time. Generally people spend more and more time working because they want a bigger salary. All of this requires a nice rest from everything. That’s why almost everyone goes at least once a year on a holyday. The holydays abroad are known as better‚ but are they really as good as they seem or having a holyday in your home country is actually more promising? Traveling for a holiday abroad has

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  • My Favourite Holiday Destination

    My Favourite Holiday destination My favourite place is our granny and grandfather’s summer cottage‚ which is about 12.5 kilometres from our house. It is situated on the way to the famous Bird Sanctuary - Nalsarovar. I just absolutely love this place.  It’s definitely different from the typical crowded vacation spots which many people prefer to visit.  During vacation we make it a point to visit granny’s cottage for a few days to rejuvenate ourselves. We pack our bags and ask our caretaker at

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  • My Favorite Holiday Destination

    Petticoat leaders. The children just adore them; always sitting on their laps‚ waving at them in the dining room‚ or dragging along their ankles when the week is over and it’s time for goodbyes! Returning as a teenager never seemed like a lame family holiday. With all the returning friends I had made in years previous‚ the activities and fun seemed endless. Tubing became a sport to us. Lounging in the sun never seemed so relaxing – with the waves licking the shores and the breeze coming off the bay. I

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  • Holidays and Summer Vacation

    Summer vacation Summer vacation is probably the happiest period in a student’s life. In plains this lasts for about two months. These vacations generally commence from the second week of May every year. The purpose of the summer vacation is multifold. One is relaxation. A student gets fatigued after the end of the annual examination. He needs rest to recoup health and vitality. The second purpose is to tide over the unbearable heat of the summer months. The third purpose is to provide a chance

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