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  • Casino Management

    Karl Kampendahl HMT440 Casino Management Professor Eva Smith June 16‚ 2011 Casino Management Introduction Casino is no longer an alien word for people who have some idea about gambling. Casino has become a favorite place for a large number of people who want to spend time in recreation activities. The United States is the breeding place for International casinos. People from every part of the world visit the casinos in the United States for gambling purpose. Casino Industry in the US is

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  • Casino Industry

    Competition in the Casino Industry has been intensified since the business landscape has changed tremendously. Changes in the industry include the increasing legalization of gambling activities and the alternatives available in the industry such as internet gambling and the waterborne casinos. The first issue which affected the competition in the casino industry is the legalization of gambling activities. This has affected the threats of the new entrants since more businesses is able enter the

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  • casino management

    Casino Management HOSP 440 Week 1 Assignment 1. How did Bill Harrah and Bugsy Siegel change the face of Las Vegas to what it is today? What are some of their ideas that are still used within hotels/casinos today? Bill Harrah was one of the first to introduce corporate management philosophies in operating a casino. Bugsy Siegel was the first to modernize the casino industry with décor of the casino/hotel with a Miami or Hollywood flashy style rather than the western theme Las Vegas was accustom

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  • Casino Ethics

    How Do Casinos Guard Against Unethical Behavior? How do casinos guard against unethical behavior? Introductions: A casino is type of facility which homes and accommodates certain kinds of gambling actions. Casinos are most generally constructed‚ combined‚ or near with restaurants‚ cruise ships‚ retail shopping‚ hotels‚ or various other attractive tourist places. There is also much arguing over whether or not the economic and social effects of casino

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  • Singapore Casino

    you know what is a casino? Everyone knows casino is a facility‚ which has entertainment‚ and it is equipped with gambling devices like gambling tables. Casinos are commonly built near town areas‚ where it is the hotspot for tourist attraction‚ shopping malls‚ restaurants and 5 star hotels. This is the feature of Singapore’s casino. Casinos from around the world are graded differently. The first casino in Singapore was built at the Marina Bay Sands. People described the Casino as the building with

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  • Building Casinos

    Due to the keen competition globally‚ building casinos for a country’s economic development has become a talk in town in different countries recent years. Even though many concern that building casinos would lead to some detrimental effects on citizens‚ the casinos should be built as the economic benefits are outweighed by the social effects it brought. To begin with‚ it is believed that building casinos can foster tourism‚ attracting more tourists and creating more job opportunities locally

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  • Casino Analysis

    strategic groups in the casino industry? The Las Vegas and Atlantic City which are known for their popularity have been around for sometimes since 1970s. These strategic groups have been operated under one business model. Their main objectives are investing in gambling industry that was not allowed back in 1970s. The time they were initiated this type of business was very challenging to them but they have lived until today. The Nevada legalization of the casino industry had increased

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  • Crm in Casinos

    Casinos in the United States have invested billions of dollars on elaborate architectural themes to expensive light shows in an effort to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Although successful at attracting spectators who marvel at Bellagio’s dancing fountains and Luxor’s grand pyramid‚ this investment has failed at bringing in gamblers‚ the main source of casinos’ revenues because the games they offer are identical and therefore commoditized. In order to attract customers and gain

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  • Accounting for Casinos

    Part I: Audit Risks and Procedures for Casinos In assessing the audit risk of a specific company‚ one must first look at the audit concerns of the overall industry in which it operates. Therefore‚ in order to properly evaluate Caesars Entertainment Corporation‚ the gaming industry must be taken into consideration. Specifically‚ industry trends and strategies‚ competitors‚ business processes‚ regulation and oversight‚ special accounting and financial reporting practices‚ internal controls‚ major

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  • Casino Industry

    competition continues to expand in this area” (2). -Caesars is the largest casino operator in the U.S -Properties include: Las Vegas‚ Atlantic City‚ Indiana‚ Louisiana‚ Mississippi‚ and several other states More on the Macau opportunity‚ this may be a little outdated: -Only major casino company without a location Macau -“Caesars bought the 175-acre site in 2007 for $578 million‚ with plans to develop a hotel and casino‚ but the company did not apply in the early 2000s for one of the limited number

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