Holiday and Vacation
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Vacation is the most-awaited season of the year. According to "Vacation" (2014), “specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism” (1). There is nothing in the annual calendar that is most wanted than vacation time, not only by adults, but also for the kids praying the end of the school year to enjoy their vacation. No matter how much time the vacationer decides to take, what is important is to go on vacation. Sometimes two or three days’ vacation is more rewarding than taking a whole week; Vacationers just want the day never to end, when enjoying their vacationing. Although sometimes there are budget limitations, the location of the vacation will vary based on a person’s monetary resources.
In respect to the vacation site and no matter if, the place is a cold, hot, relaxing or adventures, there will be many places where vacationers will be able to find these features. Another crucial point for vacation is who the vacationer is traveling with, either, by their self, as a couple, family or friends. According to (2014), “Your destination options will vary depending on your travel companions and your compatible interests.” If the purpose of vacation is complete relaxation, then a resort might be chosen. Good accommodations away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities but close enough to the airport in case of an emergency reconnection with normal life. Swimming pools and seashores with a varied color of sandy beaches (from white to black, including the normal beige) will be on the list of possible destinations. Turquoise peaceful, warm sea or cold waters of lakes or oceans will also be included, depending on preference. Budget will be the key word for the election that is extremely wide and ranges from Caribbean to Mediterranean beaches, lakes in the Alps or local resorts, before a person goes away or plans their vacation, he or she must consider that they must have the monetary resources to handle their

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