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Dominican Republic

Tabitha Glenn Dr. Johnson MED LAW Tues/Thur 12/6/12 The island of the Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean Sea, and its part of the West Indies. The Dominican Republic shares the land with Haiti and the entire island is known as Hispaniola. Hispaniola as it was called when Christopher Columbus discovered it, he discovered it on his first voyage in 1492. The founding of this island was very important to European settlers and it played a major part in the economic growth that Europe...

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The Dominican Republic

left hand is a Santo Libre (which is Dominican Rhum mixed with 7Up). All you can hear is the waves of the ocean clashing against each other. And in the back of your mind, you’re thinking this is the most relaxed I have ever been. Where are you? Well you’re in the Dominican Republic!!! The country known for its hospitality and friendliness, baseball, beaches, and the most amazing styles of music. * Luckily, my family descends from the Dominican Republic, so I’ve had a chance to visit. I recently...

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Dominican republic

603 Dominican Republic Capital:The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo The capital and largest city (over 2 million population) in the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. The Dominican Republic is divided into 31 provinces and there are provincial capitals but Santo Domingo is considered the national capital. Flag:The flag of the Dominican Republic is composed of a central white cross with red and blue rectangles...

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dominican republic

Background Information The Dominican Republic is an island nation of rich culture and lasting tradition, located in the Caribbean Sea. Winning its status as an independent republic in 1844, the republic is best known for its beaches, resorts, and unique history. However, it is perhaps the unique blend of cultural influences from around the world that make this beautiful island the fascinating area it is today. For at least 5,000 years before Christopher Columbus "discovered" America for the Europeans...

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Dominican Republic

There are so many reasons why you should come visit the Dominican Republic! The Dominican Republic has places that still are the way they used to be in the past, so you get to experience an old and a more industrialized feel. It is peaceful and quiet; its beauty not only comes from the land but also from the friendly people.  If you are looking for a place to get away and relax come to this island! Climate: The majority of the Dominican Republic has beautiful tropical weather all year long, with the...

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Dominican Republic Research Paper

163 Dominican Republic is a beautiful place. It is located near Central America, is nation on the island of Hispaniola. It borders Haiti. It is the second biggest country on the Carrabian Island, after Cuba. The whole country measures the area of 48442 km2. Its capital is Santo Domingo and is in the south coast of Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic is also made up of many islands. There are four rivers in Dominican Republic. Yaque del Norte is the longest, most important Dominican river. There...

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Poverty in the Dominican Republic

nourishment, shelter, education, and many other factors. A person cannot lead a full life without catering to their needs and interests, and living in poverty does not help. Poverty levels affect many people all over the world, specifically, the Dominican Republic. I recently took a trip there with my mother, and, during this trip, I noticed many dilapidated homes that housed under-nourished families. I feel that these situations do not help people develop successfully or practice all of their beliefs...

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Dominican Republic and Jamaica, Sisters of the Caribbean

Dominican Republic and Jamaica, sisters of the Caribbean The Caribbean is a mixture of different cultures and people. Jamaica is under the island of Cuba and on the west side of Haiti. The Dominican Republic shares it land with Haiti on the west and Puerto Rico is on the east, crossing the ´´canal de la mona´´. These islands may look similar in a geographical view but they have some peculiarities. Aspects like their languages and the political situation where they are living make them unique. Since...

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History of the Dominican Republic

arriving to the island in 1503. These African importees have had the most dominant racial influence, and their rich and ancient culture has had an influence second only to that of Europe on the political and cultural character of the modern Dominican Republic. In 1510, the first sizable shipment, consisting of 250 Black Ladinos, arrived in Hispaniola from Spain. Eight years later African-born slaves arrived in the West Indies. The Colony of "La Española" was organized as the Royal Audiencia of Santo...

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Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo

Michael Filmore Plt#201 Feb 6, 2012 Project Dominican Republic- Santo Domingo With so many beautiful beaches competing for the attention of tourists, it would be easy to overlook Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic. But what a mistake that would be! The path of history has touched Santo Domingo – it is here, in the 500-year-old architecture and the rich historical sites, that visitors come to appreciate the French, Haitian and Spanish influences on the island’s history...

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