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    Country Profile: Cuba‚ September 2006 COUNTRY PROFILE: CUBA September 2006 COUNTRY Formal Name: Republic of Cuba (República de Cuba). Short Form: Cuba. Term for Citizen(s): Cuban(s). Click to Enlarge Image Capital: La Habana (Havana). Term for residents: Habaneros (males)‚ Habaneras (females). Major Cities: Cuba’s six largest cities (more than 200‚000 inhabitants) in order of population (2005 estimates‚ not including urban agglomerations) are Havana (2‚201‚610)‚ Santiago de Cuba (423‚392)‚ Camagüey

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  • Cuba

    Cuba. This island is known everywhere in the world. Everybody knows such names as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Also Cuba is associated with Caribbean crisis‚ which had frightened both the U.S.A. and USSR. That’s all that common person knows about this land and nation famous for specific culture and interesting history (especially of the 20th century). Cuba has always been a region of American interests in the Caribbean Sea and its 45-year resistance against capitalism (in fact – American politics)

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    recovery from the near 80% collapse in the population’s real income levels since the suspension of the subsidies provided by the Soviet Union in 1989; in fact‚ the official wage rate remains at about 25% of its 1989 level (See Figure 1). Figure 1. Cuba: Real Inflation-Adjusted Wages‚ 1989–2009 (Pesos‚ Moneda Nacional) Source: Pavel Vidal Alejandro‚ “Política Monetaria y Doble Moneda‚” in Omar Everleny Pérez‚ et. al‚ Miradas a la Economía Cubana‚ La Habana: Editorial Caminos‚ 2009‚ p. 35.

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  • Cuba

    History of Cuba Midterm Essay November 14‚ 2012 You are the Cuban Revolution’s New Man or Woman. Explain to Fidel and Raul what it means in terms of your principles in the work place? What does it mean in terms of gender relations? What type of society do you want to bring about and what influences are dangerous to the utopia you wish to create? What threat does the United States pose to this new order? Be Specific here. Fidel does not like generalities. He wants to make sure you know the material

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  • CUBA

    COUNTRY: CUBA Timeline of Cuba’s Foreign Exchange Rate Regime Cuba’s Exchange rate regime Among the dimensions of the impossible trinity‚ Cuba only has the autonomy of an independent monetary policy. Cuba has dual exchange rates‚ which mainly consist of two official currencies‚ Cuban Peso (CUP) and Cuban convertible peso (CUC) Majority of Cubans receive wages in the form of CUP‚ while nearly all consumer goods are priced in CUC. Problems of dual currency Inequality

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  • Investment in Cuba

    FOREIGN INVESTMENT IN CUBA: THE LIMITS OF COMMERCIAL ENGAGEMENT María C. Werlau Since the collapse of the Soviet Bloc‚ the Cuban government embarked on economic liberalization based on the adoption of capitalist mechanisms which include an opening to foreign investment. This has led to increasing claims abroad that engagement— particularly commercial engagement within the context of constructive engagement1 —is the policy instrument that will lead to economic and political reform and the

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  • Deforestation in Cuba.

    Centuries prior to the ruling of the Castro government‚ in the 16th century precisely‚ 90 percent of Cuba was covered with forests. Agriculture Ministry officials in Cuba revealed that the Castro government‚ in the last for decades‚ had sown 1.24 million acres of trees‚ of which were mainly derived from the mountainous zones of the Sierra Maestra‚ Escambray‚ and Sierra de los Organos. This reduced Cuba’s forest cover to 53 percent and by 1960 it was down by 13.5 percent. Ultimately‚ mining‚

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  • Cuba Culture

    always wanting to break through the government’s tight regulations by illegal activities. 2. Individualism versus Collectivism: Cuba is a member of a socialist movement‚ as said: "Cuba is a socialist republic‚ was replaced by the Constitution of 1992‚ which is guided by the ideas of José Marti‚ Marx‚ Engels and Lenin. The constitution describes the Communist Party of Cuba as the "leading force of society and of the state" (Wikipedia‚ 2010). Recently The Cuban youth have taken an individualistic movement;

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  • Homosexuality in Cuba

    Pre-revolutionary Cuba was no paradise for gays and lesbians. There were gay bars where homosexual men could meet‚ but to be a maricone (faggot) was to be a social outcast. Laws made it illegal to be gay and police targeted homosexuals for harassment. Many gay men were drawn into prostitution for largely US-based clients. In this repressive atmosphere‚ homosexuality was linked to prostitution‚ gambling and crime. The 1959 Cuban Revolution improved living conditions for the vast majority of

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  • The Developing Cuba

    8/14/13 Anth 110 The Developing Cuba There are two crucial items that allow human beings to survive and those are water and food. Water may seem like the more important item‚ however‚ food will be emphasized throughout this paper because people have got to eat! If people aren’t eating or don’t have access to retrieve food in their country‚ then there is something terribly wrong. An individual could split the food issue going on in a specific country into two categories: food security and sovereignty

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