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Exchange Rate

The impact of Vietnam exchange rate’s fluctuation on trade balance The reduction of domestic currency price may increase the competitiveness of domestic goods. The increase of nominal exchange rate can make the real exchange rate Increase, which will stimulate export and restrict import. It means that the trade balance will be improved. When the rate rises, the price of export is cheaper by counting in foreign currency, and the price of import in domestic currency increases, which is called the...

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Exchange-Rate Pass Through

Exchange rates have a seemingly direct effect on the price of imports and exports. The concept of the pass-through effect relates to the degree by which a currency fluctuates and the impact this has on import and export prices in the market. Exchange rate pass-through refers to the percent change in the exchange rate between the exporting and importing countries. The degree to which different currencies fluctuate against each other and against various imports and exports is an entirely different...

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Factors That Influence Exchange Rates

Factors That Influence Exchange Rates Aside from factors such as interest rates and inflation, the exchange rate is one of the most important determinants of a country's relative level of economic health. Exchange rates play a vital role in a country's level of trade, which is critical to most every free market economy in the world. For this reason, exchange rates are among the most watched, analyzed and governmentally manipulated economic measures. But exchange rates matter on a smaller scale...

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Exchange Rate and Balance of Payments

1. We chose Japanese Yen as are benchmark exchange rate because Japan is part of the G-10 Countries with U.S. and one of the major economies in the world. Japan is also a Key U.S. Business Partner in importing and exporting goods and services. Through our findings we have developed our insight of the Japanese Yen being very volatile to the dollar. In the graph shown below, we can conclude that from 1995 till 1999 the Japanese yen was weaker against Dollar. The process has been repeated between the...

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Euro Exchange Rate Forecast

coming days or weeks. According to the fundamental analysis, the euro exchange rates are expected to depreciate in the long-run. Although there was a short uptrend during last week, which was driven by yields, the investors worry more about deflation and the euro’s resilience. What’s more, the ECB rates are highly expected to be cut after ECB’s policy meeting on Thursday. The market is expecting a 25bps reduction in the benchmark rate to 0.50% from the current 0.75%. During the last week, many weak...

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Determinants of Indian Exchange Rate

Determinants of Indian Exchange Rate Submitted To: Dr. S K Mathur Associate Professor of Economics Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Submitted By: Sharad Gupta (10666) Abstract This Paper attempts to find out the determinant of INR-USD exchange rate. We want to see the interdependence of Exchange rate on some variables like Inflation, Money Supply, Foreign Reserve, Fiscal Deficit and Stock market. This will also attempt to analyze...

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Exchange Rates

Whitney Rozowski Exchange Rates Essay 3 Principles of Economics: Macro 1060/52 If you have ever traveled to a country that does not use U.S currency, then you had to exchange your U.S. dollars into the country’s currency that you have just traveled to. You may notice that your U.S dollars have gotten you more or less of the other currency. This means you have just been affected by the exchange rate. If you have...

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Impact of RMB's Exchange Rate on the Chinese Economy

know-how. Yuan exchange rate regime could affect China’s economic growth also can through two aspects: the first is through the level changes, namely exchange rate appreciation and depreciation; the second is through the flexibility changes, namely the exchange rate fluctuation range expansion. Theoretically, the adjustment of Yuan exchange rate could impact China’s economy from various channels, and it could also be impacted by the growth rate vice versa. The change of exchange rate regime could impact...

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Global Financing and Exchange Rate Mechanisms: Counter Trade

Global Financing and Exchange Rate Mechanisms: Counter trade Counter trade is a creative sticky sales project that might not otherwise happen due to currency barriers. Counter trade is an umbrella term for a variety of unconventional reciprocal trading arrangements. It often occurs between developed and developing nations, but it also occurs between one developing nation and another( Nelson, 1999). It is the trade between two countries in which goods are traded for other goods rather than for...

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Explain How the International Trade Flows Should Initially Adjust in Response to the Changes in Inflation (Holding Exchange Rates Constant).

International Financial Environment. Explain how the international trade flows should initially adjust in response to the changes in inflation (holding exchange rates constant). Explain how the international capital flows should adjust in response to the changes in interest rates (holding exchange rates constant). International trade flows are the exchange of goods and services for money between different countries. It is referred to as sales which cross juridical borders. Inflation is a rise in the...

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