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posed by worldwide currency fluctuations. One hedges the currency risk by contracting to sell foreign currency in the future, at the current exchange rate (Fries). If fund managers think the dollar is going to be stronger when they are ready to change the foreign currency back into American dollars, then they take out a foreign futures contract (a hedge). Thus, they lock in the exchange rate beforehand, so that they will not lose profits gained from holding devalued foreign currency (Hedging, 1999)...

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Currency Depreciation

We discuss the currency depreciation vs. devaluation. Also, discuss the impact of currency depreciation from Indian economy perspective. Currency Depreciation & Impact Rajesh Kanjani (34473) rajesh.kanjani@hotmail.com SIBM Exe. MBA (2011-2014) Currency Devaluation vs. Depreciation The devaluation and deprecation of currency go more or less hand in hand. Currency depreciation is an economic result, whereas devaluing a currency is an act that results in currency depreciation. Many...

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Currency Derivatives

Currency derivatives Introduction Currency derivatives come in to existences as a hedging tool. As against unfavourable appreciation and depreciation of a single currency. Exporter, importer and financial investor have developed a vast range of currency derivative instruments are also used by speculators willing to arrange future currency selling or buying contracts while hoping hoping to buy or sell the currency at favourable anticipated exchange rates in the future. This act of speculator...

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Currency Hedging

urrency Currency Hedging Melanie John MGT/448 8/30/12 Mike Zervos Currency Hedging Imagine buying products from another foreign market and having to first buy their currency in the amount needed to make the purchase. Considering currency fluctuates up and down just as stocks do at a stock market, investors are now taking advantage of currency hedging to lock in a set currency exchange rate. This paper will discuss what currency hedging is, when to use currency hedging and why it may benefit...

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Currency and Lufthansa

amount and therefore eliminate all risk. This option would have caused to pay 1,600,000,000 dollars because they had locked in the current exchange rate and would not reap the benefits of the lowered rate. 3.) The next alternative would be Foreign Currency Options this would have caused them to buy put options and let them expire then purchasing the dollars for a lesser amount in the spot market. This option would have cost them 1,246,000,000. Although it had some level of risk is the most probable...

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Currency Conversion Test Procedure

Currency Conversion Test Procedure Display Menu Test Cases Test Case 1: Valid Selection = Canadian Dollars Inputs: Menu Selection = 1 Expected Outputs: “Do you want to continue with the conversion: Y = Yes, N = No” Currency Type = 1 Test Case 2: Invalid Selection = Russian Rubels Inputs: Menu Selection = > 5 Expected Outputs: “Invalid menu selection, please pick a different selection.” Test Case 3: Quit = N Inputs: Quit = N Expected Outputs: “Do you want to continue...

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Euro Currency Markets

The Euro Currency Market The European Union's currency, the euro, "is now in use by 12 nations with a total population of 300 million people in an economic zone two-thirds the size of the US economy" (Posen, 2005). According to Posen (2005), since its introduction on January 1, 1999, the euro has been readily accepted both at home and in global capital markets. "Several nations in eastern Europe and around the Mediterranean are eager to join the euro zone or peg their national currencies...

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Hard and Soft Currencies

out of global markets [as in this example], intermingled among numerous currencies, participating governments must have some way of protecting their investments and/or transactions. This paper seeks to discuss through examples, the impact of the use of hard and soft currencies in aiding in the protection of those investments and/or transactions. Hard Currency According to Investopedia, "hard currency" is defined as "a currency, usually from a highly industrialized country, that is widely accepted...

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Multinational Consolidation and Currency Translation

Multinational consolidation and currency translation • Consolidated financial statement Consolidated financial statements are financial statements that factor the holding company's subsidiaries into its aggregated accounting figure. It is a representation of how the holding company is doing as a group. The consolidated accounts should provide a true and fair view of the financial and operating conditions of the group. Doing so typically requires a complex set of eliminating and consolidating...

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Foreign Currency Management Pdf

Foreign Currency Management Exchange Rate This is the rate at which the currency of one country would change hands with currency of another country. E.g. $1 = SLR 130 Types of Exchange Rate 1. Floating Rate This rate depends on a levels of the international trade of a country and it does not interfere with the government of that country. 2. Fixed Rate This is the rate that the government of the country would set its own currency rate and it is not depending on the market rate. 3. Dirty...

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Foreign Currency Futures and Options

contrast foreign currency futures and options. Identify situations where you may choose one or the other. When Barings Bank, the oldest merchant bank in London, collapsed in 1995 after one of the bank’s employees lost £827 million due to speculative investing, primarily in futures contracts, it illustrated the extreme danger and volatility of derivatives. Options and futures can be used to eliminate, reduce, hedge and manage risk, but can also be highly speculative. Foreign currency futures are...

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Asian Currency Sink in 1997

During the second half of 1997, and beginning in Thailand, currencies and stock markets plunged across East Asia, while hundreds of banks, builders, and manufacturers went bankrupt. The Thai baht, Indonesian rupiah, Malaysian ringgit, Philippine peso, and nouth Korean won depreciated by 40% to 80% apiece. All this happened despite the fact that Asia’s fundamentals looked good: low inflation, balanced budgets, well-run central banks, high domestic savings, strong export industries, a large and growing...

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Currency Conversion Design

Currency Conversion Design Appendix H Currency Conversion Design Assignment—Hierarchy Chart Complete a hierarchy chart for the application by typing into the textboxes below. Associate Program Material Appendix I Currency Conversion Development Assignment—Flowcharts Complete the flowcharts for the assignment by typing into the textboxes below. Control Flow Diagram—Main Control Control Flow Diagram—Display Menu Control Flow Diagram—Get_Int_Value ...

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Disadvantages and Advantages of a Single Currency

against the UK joining the European single currency. The European single currency is a common legal tender currently used by 17 of the 27 member states of the Euro zone. This single currency is known as the Euro which was first introduced as an electronic currency on 1st January 1999, where it could only be used for cashless payments. Then later on in 2002, the euro became a physical state, notes and coins. The intention of creating a single European currency was in order to make it easier to trade...

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Hedging Currency at AIFS

Homework: Foreign Currency Transactions and Hedging - Hedging Currency Risk at AIFS Case 1. What gives rise to the currency exposure at AIFS. Currency exposure or currency risk is the type of risk that an individual or a company faces due to the fluctuation in price of one currency against another. For AIFS –a student exchange organization that offers education and travel programs all over the world- the fact that they do business domestically and internationally gives rise to several factors...

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Bmw: Currency Hedging 2007

INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT BMW: Currency Hedging 2007 BY AJAY BANSAL, VAIBHAV SINGH, VIJAY VERMA, TANMAY JAIN, LU YOU, SEBASTIAN DOMINITZKI Background 2 Revenue Growth in 2007: 14,3% €56,018 Million 1,500,678 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand cars were sold during 2007 (9.2% increased) >25% of sales take place in US Crisis in US Credit Market adverse impact on the share prices of European exporting companies BMW common stock: 2.7% drop US dollar dropped...

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Currency in Colonial America

In modern day society, currency is an imperative part of our everyday living. From purchasing groceries to paying bills, it is integrated into practically every aspect of our culture. It is hard to imagine life without currency as a means of competitive exchange. However, in Colonial America, there were several different types of money used in numerous ways. One means of currency was not dominant over any other until well after the American Revolutionary War. The question arises, how did colonists...

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Hedging Currency Risks at Aif

ACFI 703 March 27, 2013 Hedging Currency Risks at AIF The American Institute of Foreign Studies (AIFS) is a company that organizes student exchange programs worldwide with two main divisions. The College Division arranges academic years and semesters or summer schools. The High School Division organizes 1-4 week educational travels for students and teachers. More than 50,000 students participate each year in exchange programs of AIFS, which leads to annual revenues of around $ 200 million. AIFS...

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Hedging Currency Risks at AIFS

Case Study Essay – Hedging Currency Risks at AIFS The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) is offering cultural exchange programs for American students and High School pupils throughout the world. Their customers have the possibility to go abroad while the AIFS organises the whole trip for them. Due to their business model the revenues of the company are denominated only in USD, since the offer is for American students who pay in USD. Meanwhile the costs of the company is mostly denominated...

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Vietnam Currency Protectionism

Vietnam's decision to devalue its currency by 5 per cent last week to protect itself from undervaluation of the Chinese renminbi, and the worried response from Thailand and other Asian countries, suggests the move towards global trade conflict may already be unstoppable. As one group of countries seeks to gain or maintain trade advantage by manipulating their currencies, the historical precedent suggests that countries that are not able to devalue will respond with trade protection, especially tariffs...

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Zimbabwe: a Worthless Currency

Zimbabwe: A worthless currency | The Economist http://www.economist.com/node/11751346/print Zimbabwe A worthless currency The local dollar is fast shrivelling away Jul 17th 2008 | JOHANNESBURG | from the print edition WITH prices doubling every few days, Zimbabweans now spend huge amounts of time and energy preventing their meagre cash resources from completely evaporating. Trying to catch up with galloping hyperinflation, now officially running at 2.2m per cent a year and at least...

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Currency Depreciation and Its Impacts

CURRENCY DEPRECIATION AND ITS IMPACTS Devaluation means decreasing the value of nation's currency relative to gold or the currencies of other nations. Devaluation occurs in terms of all other currencies, but it is best illustrated in the case of only one other currency. Devaluation and Depreciation are sometimes used interchangeably, but they always refer to values in terms of other currencies and the value of currency is determined by the interplay of money supply and money demand. In common modern...

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Currency and Thai Baht

the foreign currency, while a negative percentage change represents depreciation. In the example provided, the percentage change in the Thai baht would be: That is, the baht would be expected to appreciate by 18.18%. 2. What are the basic factors that determine the value of a currency? In equilibrium, what is the relationship between these factors? ANSWER: The basic factors that determine the value of a currency are the supply of the currency for sale and the demand for the currency. A high level...

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Exchange Rate Mechanisms - Currency Hedging

Exchange Rate Mechanisms Paper - Currency Hedging University of Phoenix Global Business Strategies MGT 448 Oct 05, 2005 Exchange Rate Mechanisms Paper - Currency Hedging Currency hedging involves deliberately taking on a new risk that offsets an existing one, thereby reducing a businesses' exposure to negative change in exchange rates, interest rates, or commodity pricing (Economists.com, n.d.). "Currency hedging allows a business owner to greatly reduce or eliminate the uncertainties...

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Currency Conversion

title of the program with a welcome. 2. A description of how the program will be used. 3. User has 5 currencies (Canadian dollars, Mexican Pesos, English Pounds, Yen, and Francs) to choose from to convert to dollar amount or vice versa. 4. Program displays the dollar amount the chosen currency is equivalent to. 5. User has an option to quit the program or restart any with any other currency to convert. Input-Process-Output Chart Complete the following Input-Process-Output chart for the application...

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Currency and Low Valued Yuan

could also hurt American customers whom Wal-Mart claims it saves the average household roughly $2,500 dollars every year.  2.If you were the CEO of Wal-Mart and were preparing for a meeting with the most vocal members of the US Congress on China’s currency “manipulation”, what would you say to them? I would point out that while it may be politically easy to blame China especially when it comes to an uniformed electorate, the rise in costs associated with policies aimed at encouraging China to lets...

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The Philippine Currency Evolution

It came the time of the coins ³Barillas¶, the first copper coins to be minted in thePhilippines and after how many colonizers came to our country currency changes. Coins from other Spanish colonies also reached the Philippines and were counter stamped. Gold coins with the portrait of Queen Isabela were minted in Manila. Silver pesos with the profile of young Alfonso XIII were the last...

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Coins: Currency and Coin

across the note from top to bottom. The colour of the number thousand appears green but changes to blue at an angle. Does one use the rupee and the paisa in other countries too? can Indian notes and coins (currency) be used in other countries? Find out the names of the currency used in different countries! ...

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Hedging Currency Risks at AIFS

AFM 322 Hedging Currency Risk at AIFS 1. Case Synopsis Christopher Archer-Lock and Becky Tabaczynski both work for American Institute for Foreign Study (“AIFS”). Archer-Lock is the controller of AIFS and Tabaczynski is the CFO of AIFS’s high school travel division ACIS. AIFS a student exchange organization that organizes educational and cultural exchange programs throughout the world. Founded in the U.S. in 1964, AIFS has annual revenues of close to $200 million and sent more than 50,000 students...

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Assignment: Currency Conversion Test Procedure

Assignment: Currency Conversion Test Procedure Test Procedure: Begin Test Procedure Menu Error Testing Test Case 1: Inputs: Currency Type = “5” Expected Output: Invalid currency selection. Please try again Test Case 2: Inputs: Currency Type = “9” Expected Output: Invalid currency selection. Please try again Test Case 3: Inputs: Currency Type = “88” Expected Output: Invalid currency selection. Please try again Currency Conversion Testing Test Case 1: Valid International Currency = Canadian...

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It210 Week 6 Currency Conversion

Conversion Currency Conversion Procedure Currency Conversion Test Procedure Display Menu Declare as Boolean Set = true While = true Display = International Currency Conversion Program Display = Make a Selection Display = International Currency Types Display = Canadian Dollars Display = Mexican Pesos Display = English Pounds Display = Japanese Yen Display = French Francs Display = Quit Display = Enter a Selection Input Currency Type If Currency Type >= 5 and...

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Hedging Currency Risk at Aifs

Summary AIFS is an American based company that offers travel abroad and exchange study services to both college and high school students. While AIFS’s revenues are denominated in American Dollars (USD), most of their costs are in foreign currencies as Euros (EUR) and British Pounds (GBP). Consequently, foreign exchange hedging has a crucial importance for the company because it provides protection against different types of risk that derive from its activity. In order to reduce risk, the company...

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Currency Crisis Case Write Up

Most countries develop an exchange rate system in order to stabilize their economy. The unidentified countries listed have pegged their currency to that of another country to promote economic growth. Fixed exchange rates allow importers and exporters to know exactly what kind of exchange rate they can expect for their transactions. This in turn helps to control inflation and temper interest rates, allowing an increase in trade. In addition, it’s important for a country’s exports to be greater than...

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Relationship Between Oil, Currency and Gold

Relationship between Oil, Gold and Currency 1 Overview • • • • Reasons to undertake study Why do commodities affect currency? Relation of gold to oil Oil and Currency - Oil and Canadian Dollar - Oil and Japanese Yen • Gold and Currency - Gold and Australian Dollar 2 Reasons to undertake study Forex traders can • Gauge Risk • Forecast Price Changes • Understand Exposure 3 Why do commodities affect currency? • Economic growth and exports are directly related to a country's domestic...

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Assignment: Currency Conversion Test Procedure

Assignment: Currency Conversion Test Procedure Purpose of Assignment Students generate a set of test inputs and expected results for the Currency Conversion program. Display Menu Test Cases Test Case 1: Valid Menu Selection = Canadian Dollars Inputs: Menu Selection = 1 Expected Outputs: “Do you want to continue with the conversion, Y = Yes, N = No” Currency_Type = 1 Test Case 2: Valid Menu Selection = Quit Inputs: Menu Selection =...

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why single currency is good for businesses

Question 2; “All countries in the EU should join the single currency, all of them. A single currency would really allow businesses to prosper”. The European Union more commonly known as the EU, is known formally as the European Economic and Monetary Union. The EU establishes a common market among its 28 member countries which means that all border controls between members have been eliminated, allowing the free flow of goods and people. Public contracts are open to bidders from any member country...

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“Argentina’s Bold Currency Experiment and Its Demise”

Mini-Case “Argentina’s Bold Currency Experiment and Its Demise” Argentina, once the world’s seventh-largest economy, has long been considered one of Latin America’s worst basket cases. Starting with Juan Peron, who was first elected president in 1946, and for decades after, profligate government spending financed by a compliant central bank that printed money to cover the chronic budget deficits had triggered a vicious cycle of inflation and devaluation. High taxes and excessive controls compounded...

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The Three Types of Foreign Currency Exposure

they are denominated in foreign currencies and  they are translated at the current exchange rate. The three types of foreign currency exposure are; Translation, Transaction and economic exposures Translation exposure Translation exposure measures the effect of an exchange rate change on published financial statements of a firm. Translation exposure results when a multinational corporation (MNC) translates each subsidiary’s financial data to its home currency for consolidated financial reporting...

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Pros & Cons of Commodity Back Currency

| 2011 | | Monetary economics assignment | Pros and cons of commodity backed currency Submitted to: Prof: Abid Raza Submitted by: Group members Name roll # Adeel Obaid 64 Burhan Ali 24 Abid Daud 60 Pros and cons of commodity backed currency Pros: * Long-term price stability has been described as the great virtue of the commodity back standard. Under the commodity back standard, high levels of inflation are rare, and hyperinflation is nearly impossible as the money...

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Prospective Capital Flows and Currency Movements

Prospective Capital Flows and Currency Movements: U.S. Dollar versus Euro This case revolves around fictional foreign-exchange strategist named Luke Anthony, as he attempts to predict the likely future path of the dollar/euro rate. In order to come to this hypothesis, the reader is presented a slew of financial information, ranging from detailed capital flows, interest rate differentials, and recent central bank press releases. This data in turn must be must be analyzed and synthesized in order...

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Pros and Cons of Currency Strenth in South Africa.

Prepared by: SEOKE L.J. ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: a weak currency or a strong currency for the South African economy? What are the pros and cons of a weak currency or a strong currency in South Africa? Discuss. A. Introduction Cartoonists in South Africa have a long-running joke that shows a bruised and feeble coin, the rand, being beaten up by two muscled thugs, the dollar and the pound. In 2001 South Africa's currency was knocked down by two-fifths against the greenback, much of it in...

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Currency and Euro-pound Exchange Rate

perspective is: A. ≤1.00 = $2.00 B. ≤1.00 = $0.50 C. ≤0.50 = $1.00 D. None of the above 33.5.20. Indirect exchange rate quotations from the U.S. perspective are A. The price of one unit of the foreign currency in terms of the U.S. dollar. B. The price of one U.S. dollar in the foreign currency. 34.5.24. Suppose the spot ask exchange rate, Sa($|≤), is $1.90 = ≤1.00 and the spot bid exchange rate, Sb($|≤), is $1.89 = ≤1.00. If you were to buy $10,000,000 worth of British pounds and then sell...

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Currency Devaluation and Its Effects on the Economy. Focus on Argentina.

| Currency devaluation and its effects on the economy | Focus on the Argentine economy | Agustina DalFabbro, Michele Mottola, Giuseppe Merlino, Saskia Diehl 26.05.2012 | Inhalt 1. Introduction 2 2. Convertibility and its problems in the 1999/2001 period 2 1.1 Previous Devaluation Process in Argentina 2 2. First moments of devaluation 3 2.1 Fixed exchange rate vs. floating exchange rate regimes 3 2.2 Two types of exchange rates and free floating currency 5 2.2 Free...

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Managing Currency Risk with Financial and Operational Hedging Techniques

Introduction Overview of the hedging techniques In the financial market, almost all of companies need to face the currency risk. In order to manage the currency risk, companies will use different hedging techniques, such as financial and operational hedging techniques. For example, money market, futures contracts, options and forwards contracts are commonly used by firms, as well as operational hedging techniques. All of 4 types of financial hedging techniques are short-term hedge. Money market...

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Aspen Technology, Inc.: Currency Hedging Review Hbs

stemming from this product in 1995. The company gives great significance to R&D as the customers commitment depends on the development of Aspen’s current products. In 1995, 11.4 million dollars was dedicated to R&D. There is a factor of foreign currency expense as 20% of the total R&D expense was denominated in British pounds; the rest was in U.S dollars. Aspen enjoys a collection of committed and loyal customers; we can come to this from the increase of the licensing fees between the periods of...

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How China’s Currency Manipulation Affects Us Economy

How China’s Currency Manipulation Affects US Economy Howe School of Technology Management Principles of Economics How China’s Currency Manipulation Affects US Economy Currency intervention is the action of one or more governments, central banks, or speculators that increases or reduces the value of a particular currency against another currency – this is according to Wikipedia. From January until October in 2010 imports from China to the United States this...

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Aspen Technology, Inc. Currency Hedging Review

and payments in local currencies for Japan, the UK and Germany. The current risk management program hurts the company because it doesnot consider Aspen’s expenses abroad that balance sales exposures to currency fluctuations. We then recommend that Aspen hedge completely its exposure but after “natural hedging”, which we recommend increasing thanks to the larger financial capacities allowed by its IPO. Using options for aggregated positions (by estimating yearly sales per currency),rather than having...

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China’s Renminbi: “Our Currency, Your Problem”

 China’s Renminbi: “Our Currency, Your Problem” Our Currency, Your Problem is a case involving the issue of exchange rate regimes and the impact currency manipulation has on economies and trade. The United States and Europe argued that the Renminbi (RMB) was undervalued and claimed that the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) deliberately manipulated the exchange rate to lower the prices of exports, which caused the US and Europe to run huge trade deficits with China...

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Impact of Currency Devaluation on Trade Balance of Pakistan

Impact of Currency Devaluation on Trade Balance of Pakistan In a developing country large amount of exports consist of primary commodities and exports earnings due to the relative inelasticity of supply and uncertain production levels of primary goods, are not only unpredictable, but also vulnerable to a number of factors. The developing countries also depend upon the advanced industrial countries for most of their developmental needs (technology, capital, and producer goods) and consumption...

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Hbs Case: Hedging Currency Risks at Aifs

Prof. Lin Guo FIN 417 HBS Case: Hedging Currency Risks at AIFS Due date: April 12, 2012 Instructions: This case should be done individually. You should prepare a written analysis, and hand in two copies of your analysis on April 12 in class. Only hard copies of the case analysis are accepted. I will submit one of the copies to the Dean’s office for assessment purpose. Each student should also bring his/her own copy of the write-up to class, as well as the case itself, so that we can refer...

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United States Dollar and Foreign Currency Information

is set on the equilibrium before the catastrophe and not under the equilibrium. 3. Describe at least two negative outcomes of having too little money and credit in the economy. (2-4 sentences. 2.0 points) * It would cause a scarcity of currency, leading to rapid deflation, and also, overproduction of goods means major markets would plummet in value, outbalancing demand, leading to major losses for the producers. 4. Describe at least two negative outcomes of having too much money and...

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Hedging Currency Risks at Aifs Case Questions

Session 4 CASE Questions Innocents Abroad: Currencies and International Stock Returns The goal of this case is to help Sandra Meyer develop a presentation to address Henry Bosse’s concerns about international investments. The general idea is to demonstrate to Henry the benefits of international diversification, if any. To achieve this goal, you need to have a view on 1) the impact of foreign exchange (FX) rates on the return and risk of international investments, and 2) the impact of having...

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Currency Conversion Test

Currency Conversion Pseudocode Main Module { Declare ExchangeRate as real; Declare VariableCurrency as String; Declare UnitedStatesValue as real; Declare AmountVariable as real; Call Input DataModule; EndMainModule; InputDataModule; Write "Welcome to International Currency Conversion"; Write "Please choose Currency Type" Write "International Currency Types:" Display "1. Japanese Yen."; Display "2. French Francs."; Display "3. Mexican Peso."; Display "4. Quit." Write "Enter Amount...

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defined generally as foreign exchange transactions conducted by the monetary authorities with the aim of influencing exchange rates. It is the process by which the monetary authorities attempt to influence market conditions and/or the value of the home currency on the foreign exchange market. Intervention usually aims to promote stability by countering disorderly markets, or in response to special circumstances. In Japan, the Minister of Finance is legally authorized to conduct intervention as a means to...

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Currency Conversion Test Values

IT210 Currency Conversion Test Values Currency Conversion Test Values Input Expected Output Comments Selection = TEST Error Message Invalid input Selection = c “Let’s get started.” Prompt country selection Selection = e “Are you sure you wish to exit?” Prompt validation message Selection = y “Thank you for using the Currency Conversion Program. Goodbye.” Terminate program Selection = n “Select a country from the following options:” Prompt country selection Country...

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Outline the causes of a decrease in demand for the Australian dollar, and discuss the impacts on the Australian economy of a sustained depreciation of the Australian currency.

Rates): Topic 2 – Australia in the global Economy Outline the causes of a decrease in demand for the Australian dollar, and discuss the impacts on the Australian economy of a sustained depreciation of the Australian currency. The exchange rate is a measure of the value of a currency relative to another and is influenced by the demand and supply of the Australian Dollar (AUD). Changes in any of the factors that affect supply and demand causes the AUD to rise or fall. The demand for the AUD is derived...

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Should dollar stay as world currency?

Nowadays such currencies as euro, Yuan and pound are growing up while dollars position is decreasing. Dollar depreciation is thought by many to be a good method of increasing output, investment and employment, while at the same time helping to reduce our current account deficit. At first glance, it seems obvious; a weaker dollar will make U.S. exports comparatively cheaper and thus increase output, investment and employment. In reality the theoretical models empirical evidence are much more complex...

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China Yuan Becoming Reserve Currency

Global Reserve Currency? Jessica Davis Fort Hays State University ECFI 644 International Economics April 30, 2012 Dr. Dosse Toulaboe Abstract China’s economy is growing ever larger, but is that enough to get the Chinese Renminbi (more commonly known as Yuan) to be accepted as a global market currency? This paper will look into the liberalization, but with Chinese characteristics, of five determining factors in becoming a country whose currency is a global reserve...

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The Costs and the Benefits of Hong Kong’ Currency Board System

The costs and the benefits of Hong Kong’ currency board system A e f g w se f s f s f s f s f s f s f s f s f s f s f You Zhang 1148100 Introduction S b c d e f g w se f s f s f s f s f s f s f s f s f s f s f s f s Hong Kong, a province in the west-east of China, has developed from a small fishing community into an international city in modern times which is contributes to the economic policy as well as political policy. S b c d e f g w se f s f s f s f s f s f s f s f...

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The Optimum Currency Areas Theory

Introduction: The Optimum currency areas theory is the seminal contributions developed by Mundell (1961), it attempts to answer a question under which conditions a certain country would like to join a fixed exchange rates system. According to Krugman (2000), if the monetary efficiency gain of one country exceeds its economic stability loss, the country will wish to join a monetary union/ a fixed exchange rate system. In this paper, the theory of optimum currency areas will be analysed in part...

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