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    Puerto Rico The history of Puerto Rico starts when Christopher Columbus arrived in Puerto Rico in 1493. He instantly called the island San Juan Bautista ‚ but thanks to the gold in the river‚ it was soon known as Puerto Rico‚ or "rich port;" and the capital city took the name San Juan. Soon‚ Puerto Rico was a Spanish colony on its way to becoming an important military outpost. Puerto Rico began to produce cattle‚ sugar cane‚ coffee and tobacco

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    Puerto Rico LOCATION Puerto Rico‚ an island situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean‚ lies just east of the Dominican Republic. With an area of 9‚104 square kilometers (3‚515 square miles)‚ Puerto Rico is almost 3 times the size of the state of Rhode Island. As an island commonwealth with a coastline of 501 kilometers (311 miles)‚ Puerto Rico shares no borders with other nations. San Juan‚ the capital‚ is located on the northeastern shore of the main island; there are also

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    English IV College Readiness 11 Dec 2013 Puerto Rico becoming a State Puerto Rico has been a U.S. territory for 115 years‚ yet Puerto Ricans remain second-class citizens. If it becomes a state‚ Puerto Ricans will no longer be exempt from Federal income tax and even more people will be forced on to the public’s benefits paid by the government. There are some positive truths to look at also‚ as journalist Catherine Lozada points out: “Puerto Rico costs the U.S. over $22 billion a year. However

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    Puerto Rico All information was compiled from listed websites‚ CruiseCritic.com members‚ travel guides‚ cruise magazines and a variety of friends and sources. Please remember to check the accuracy of this information yourself before using it to finalize your vital cruise plans. Thanks to all! San Juan Check out the maps on the last few pages! San Juan & Puerto Rico Open bookmarks (icon on the left) to move directly to the following sections: Helpful Websites Overview Old San Juan

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  • Puerto Rico Imperialism

    The island of Puerto Rico was occupied by indigenous people prior to any European ever reaching the Island. On November 19‚ 1493 he landed on the island‚ naming it San Juan. On August 12‚ 1508 Juan Ponce de Leon‚ a soldier who had traveled with Columbus in 1493‚ invaded Puerto Rico with a small army of soldiers and became Puerto Rico’s first governor. The first town established was Caparra‚ located near the south shore of what is today the San Juan Bay. The Tainos who lived on the island‚ lived

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    correct. By this‚ I mean Puerto Rico and its surrounding islands. It is a very special and unique location due to its location and its history. With the Caribbean Sea to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the north‚ my elementary school teachers often referred to it as the smallest of the Greater Antilles and the biggest of the Lesser Antilles‚ due to its location‚ which serves as the link between both island regions. Moreover‚ this links nicely to Puerto Rico’s history. It is Puerto Rico’s geographical

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  • Puerto Rico Statehood

    Puerto Rico Statehood Composition 2 (11 am) Decmeber-02-2010 Formal Outline Topic: Puerto Rico Statehood Purpose: To encourage the US and Puerto Rican government to for more interest for Puerto Rico statehood. Thesis: As an American I feel our government needs to make more progress‚ and give more encouragement to Puerto Rico to become a state though education‚ and social learning. Introduction: Body: I Economics: A: Underemployment B: Taxes Incentives C: Effects on the economy II Political:

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    T he Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a political and economic anachronism. Twenty-five years ago the establishment of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico was the official U.S. response to the worldwide process of decolonization. It was the "showcase of democracy" for colonial peoples and underdeveloped countries‚ the U.S. model of how a country could pull itself out of poverty "by its own bootstraps" through an intimate political and economic relationship with the United States. By 1977‚ the Commonwealth

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  • Puerto Rico History

    Name Tutor’s Name Course 12 april 2016 What is the history of Puerto Rico’s relationship to the United States post-1898? How has the legal-sovereignty status of Puerto Rico evolved since then and what is the current legal-sovereignty status? Since America took control of the island of Puerto Rico from the Spanish in 1898‚ it has been referred as a commonwealth‚ a territory‚ a republic‚ and even a sovereign. Puerto Rico refers itself as a commonwealth in English‚ or a ‘free associated state’ in Spanish

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  • Puerto Rico Geography

    The Puerto Ricans/Los Boriquas Originally known as Borinquen and populated by the Taino people‚ this lovely island was claimed in 1493 by Christopher Columbus for the King of Spain. Rich with its natural resource and a port stop for slavery the Spaniards refer to this island as “Puerto Rico” which translate to Rich Port and “Isla de Encanto” which translates to Enchanted Island. The purpose of this paper is to give you a better understanding of Puerto Ricco’s geography‚ history‚ and culture

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