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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico LOCATION Puerto Rico, an island situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, lies just east of the Dominican Republic. With an area of 9,104 square kilometers (3,515 square miles), Puerto Rico is almost 3 times the size of the state of Rhode Island. As an island commonwealth with a coastline of 501 kilometers (311 miles), Puerto Rico shares no borders with other nations. San Juan, the capital, is located on the northeastern shore of the main island; there are also...

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Puerto Rico Independence?

To argue on Puerto Rican Independence, Commonwealth, or Statehood, we must first learn of the history of Puerto Rico. Growing up I was very ignorant about Puerto Rico. It wasn't till I was in the Navy and got stationed in Puerto Rico did I really find out the small Caribbean island. Although Puerto Rico has an extensive history, I will only give a brief synopsis of it: In November 1493 Christopher Columbus discovered the island of Puerto Rico for the country of Spain. It remained a colonization...

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A Brief History of Puerto Rico

A Brief History of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico is a mountainous tropical island directly in the path of trade winds. These tropical conditions account for its tropical rain forest and tropical wet and dry climates. There is little difference from season to season in the energy received by the sun, and being near the equator the length of the day remains fairly constant throughout the year. Puerto Rico is composed of one large island and several small islands. It is bordered on the north by the Atlantic...

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Superstitions and Etiquette in Puerto Rico

Superstitions and Etiquette in Puerto Rico University of Phoenix Week Two Superstitions and Etiquette in Puerto Rico Description of Topic Puerto Rico is the neighbor to the south of Florida. There is a growing population of Puerto Ricans in the United States. There is also a large United States interest in Puerto Rico. It is important to understand the culture of our neighbor should the United States wish to continue a positive relationship as well as globalization. Understanding the...

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Puerto Rico and Okinawa

related to a sad part of history in the past. Puerto Rico and Okinawa are two islands experience the sad part of history. Not only those two countries, but there were many other countries that were taken control ever by another. My country, Korea, also had been occupied by Japan for 35 years, so that my opinion about Okinawa and the Puerto Rico are different from the view of the United States and Japan. Chalmers Johnson described Okinawa as “the Puerto Rico of Japan.” However, I disagree with his statement...

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Imports and exports of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Capital City – San Juan. Official language – Spanish & English. Location – Caribbean. Climate - Average temperatures year round between 80 °F and 70 °F (26.7 °C - 21.1 °C). Currency - United States Dollar (USD) $. Population - 3,620,897 (July 2014). Nationality - Puerto Rican. Primary ethnicity – Hispanic. Total area - 3,515 sq. mi (9,104 sq. km). Main import - chemicals, machinery, equipment, clothing, food, and petroleum products. Main export - chemicals, electronics,...

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Barack Obama Visit Puerto Rico

Barack Obama visit Puerto Rico Obama visited Puerto Rico, there was something like the premier of a movie, it was on every news. There was about a thousand special guests and one of them was the singer and actor Marc Anthony.Obama seemed more interested in talking to Marc Anthony, who he allegedly invited to accompany him on his arrival in San Juan. So it was evident that the President was more happy to talk to him than talk about the colonial problems and criminality. Its seems that everything...

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Span and Puerto Rico Cultural Similarities and Differences Presentation

Span and Puerto Rico Cultural Similarities and Differences presentation Span 101 This presentation will explain the differences and similarities, if any, in the countries of Spain and Puerto Rico’s. The presentation will show the differences and similarities between the two countries arts, culture, and economic environment. The presentation will show how both countries have a assimilation of cultural and distinctiveness. Even though both countries have similarities and differences, they both...

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Compare and Contrast Essay_Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

Compare and Contrast Essay Sister Islands Many people who have traveled to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic would talk about the beautiful sites, clear blue beaches and savory foods. For those who may not be familiar, both Islands may seem very similar; however, they are very different. In this essay, I will go over a few of the similarities and difference from each Island. The Dominican Republic is its own independent country located in the Caribbean, with full power over its territory...

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Compare and Contrast: Puerto Rico vs United States

between living in Puerto Rico and living in the United States? I believe that there are big differences. I came to the United States when I was five years old. I then moved to Philadelphia for one year, lived in Georgia for six years, and now I am currently living in Maryland. I always go back to Puerto Rico to visit my family. I love it there. I like living in the United States but there are many things that differ such as the location itself, people and the schools. Puerto Rico is a beautiful place...

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