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  • Disability Discrimination

    Disability Discrimination Act 1995 in the workplace and its effect on employment Introduction The act was introduced with the view to eliminate discrimination amongst disabled people in employment‚ throughout the assignment I will critically analyse the different areas of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and find out what effect they have had on disabled people in employment. Definition of disability A disabled person is someone who has a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial

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  • research on disabilities

    Contents 3 Executive Summary 4 Introduction 4 Key findings 4 Recommendations 8 Chapter 1 – Introduction and background 11 Background 11 Inaccessibility‚ disability poverty and social exclusion 12 Definitions 14 The current system 15 The Equality Act 17 Chapter 2 – Findings of our research 20 About the study 20 Experience of discrimination 21 Types of problems experienced in the last 12 months 22 Public transport 24 Shops and services 26 Challenging unfair treatment 28 Barriers to taking

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  • Discrimination and Single Equality Scheme

    and children) and some specific to my organisation. As a teacher I need to be aware of and comply with the following: • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. • shall be the duty of every employee while at work— • (a)to take reasonable care for the health and safety of himself and of other persons who may be affected by his acts or omissions at work; and • (b)as regards any duty or requirement imposed on his employer or any other person by or under any of the relevant statutory

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  • Discrimination and Special Educational Needs

    The current legislations are as follows: * Sex Discrimination Act (1975) This backed by the Equal Opportunities Commission and its aims is to make sure people are not discriminated against on the basis of their gender. * Race Relations Act (1976) which has been amended in (2000) This is to ensure individual are given a fair opportunity and the appropriate measures are put into place to achieve that goal. * Education Act (1981) This brought a significant change in through the

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  • why that use of language can impact with disability

    Phone (02) 9822 9855 Fax (02) 9823 5490 The main client group: Clients must live in either the Fairfield or Liverpool Local Government The organisation’s primary function is for the family where one parent has a mild to moderate intellectual disability and child under age of 12. Cost: Fees are based on your income and an hourly rate applies. CatholicCare’s aim is to provide an affordable and timely FDR service. CatholicCare Hunter-Manning does not receive Australian Government funding for this

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  • Data Protection Act 1998

    the right to have access or received a copy of their personal information held and can seek compensation for damages or distress suffered as result of a breach of the Data Protection Act. The Information Commissioner’s Office also has the power to issue monetary penalties to organisations for serious breaches of the Act. 2 Types of data to be collected and explain how each support HR Two of the key data collected and recorded are training records and appraisals. A progressive employment history

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  • Disability Rights: Is It Respected?

    Report says disability rights ’not being respected’ Report says disability rights ’not being respected’ To be treated as an individual -this man was not being respected by the nurse because the nurse was discriminating about his race and that he had a disability. It is the nurse’s duty to respect the patients‚ It is the man’s right to be given care at the walk in centre. To be respected- this man as individual as a right to be respected by each and every other person. To be treated in

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  • Definitions in the Children Act 1989 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995

    Definitions in the Children Act 1989 and the Disability Discrimination Act 19951:4 A child may fall within one or more of the definitions. This Code helps early education settings‚ schools and LEAs meet their responsibilities for children with SEN. Guidance relating to Part 4 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 will help them meet their responsibilities for disabled children. Fundamental Principles 1:5 The detailed guidance in this Code is informed by these general principles and should

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  • Equality and Diversity

    the ideas and illustrate the process of teaching and learning using these inclusive methods. Equality allows all students the right to have access to and participate in education regardless of their disability or other circumstances. Gravells (2008) believes that ‘Inequality and discrimination should be tacked to ensure fairness‚ decency and respect among learners.’ Diversity‚ as Gravells (2008) suggests is ‘...about valuing and respecting the differences in learners‚ regardless of ability

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  • Pttls Legislation and Codes of Practise

    courts and is ‘a duty to act according to the law as defined in an Act of Parliament.’ A Code of Practice‚ on the other hand‚ is a set of rules which outline how a person in a profession is expected to behave. As a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) in a sixth for College‚ I have to ensure that I am aware of key generic Legislation‚ as well as knowing how it relates to my subject. Some of the key Legislation includes:   • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. - This act is very important within

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