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PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: DENSITY Introduction According to the definition Density is the physical property that allows us to compare the mass of substances for a specific volume. In this Lab activity that took place in Deree College, Agia Paraskevi Campus we deal with the density of solids and density of liquids. The main purpose of this experiment is to understand what in reality density means, how we can measure it, how useful it is, what is the difference between density of solids and liquids...

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35.46 13 2.72g/cm3 53.95 11 4.9g/cm3 During the lab, the whole purpose of the lab was to determine density of both regular and irregular shaped objects. Throughout the lab I found out that both of the small and large silver rod, do not have the same density, and also found out that the gold rod is not real gold. My hypothesis is that since, the large and small silver rod has about the same density I believe that they would have about the same amount of volume. They both might displace the same amount...

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Lab Report Question- Why do few objects float in water where as others sink? Hypothesis- I think the objects that have a greater density than water will sink. So whichever object has a density more than 1g/cm³ will sink in water. This is known as relative density where the density of the substance is compared to the density of water. Hence, the object that has a greater mass: volume ratio than water will sink. Materials- * 1 measuring cylinder * 1 rectangular prism * 1 ball of plasticine ...

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Density of Sprite

Hamza Aziz General Chemistry I Lab 09/12/2007 Lab 7 Density of Sprite and Diet Sprite Abstract: The density of regular Sprite was found to be 1.037 +/- g/mL. compared to Diet Sprite which was 0.9965 +/- g/mL. Among the three volumetric glassware Pipette was most precise (ó=0.0016 g/mL). Burette was the second best (ó=0.0023 g/mL) and graduated cylinder was the least precise (ó= 0.007 g/mL). Density was found to be intensive property. The slope of the graph of mass against volume was 1.05...

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Densities of Metal

Period 7 9/17/13 The Density of Metals Lab BACKROUND: Density is a constant relationship between the mass and volume of a specific type of matter. Measurements of both mass and volume can be obtained for a metal sample. The relationship can be shown graphically by plotting the volume of a sample on the horizontal x-axis and the mass of the sample along the vertical y-axis. Plotting the values for several samples, a linear relationship can be seen for a density (slope=density). PURPOSE: During this...

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density experiment

submarine Adventure: Density Saves The Day,; I had made many of the calculation for the best result of the lab. My calculations section contains: the volume of the unknown metals, where I figure out the volume of each metal so that I will be able to determine its density in order to find its identity; the density of unknown metals, where I figure out the density of each metal so that I will be able to determine its identity; percent error between known and unknown metal densities, where I figure out...

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Determination of Densities

Experiment: determination of densities Introduction The density of a sample of matter represents the mass contained within a unit volume of space in the sample. For most samples, a unit volume means 1.0 ml. The units of density, therefore, are quoted in terms of grams per milliliter (g/ml) or grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm3) for most solid and liquid samples of matter. Density is often used as a point of identification in the determination of an unknown substance. The density of the unknown might...

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density lab

Determination of Density of Liquids Name: Lab Partner: Period: 3 Date Completed: 9/23/2014 Date Submitted: 9/29/2014 Data TABLE 4 DENSITY OF SALT SOLUTIONS-INDIVIDUAL GROUP’S RESULTS Concentration (%) Mass (g) Volume (mL) Density (g/mL) 0 9.9522 10.00 0.9952 4 10.1291 10.00 1.013 8 10.5233 10.00 1.052 12 10.7487 10.00 1.075 16 11.0297 10.00 1.103 Unknown # 10.6234 10.00 1.062 Calculations 1. Show all density calculations...

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Experimental Density

Performed: July 10, 2013 Group No.: 4 Date Submitted: July 17, 2013 Experiment #1: Measurements INTRODUCTION Density is a physical property of matter, as each element and compound has a unique density associated with it. The unit of Density is g/cm3 or g/mL. It is used to measure thr relative “heaviness” of objects with a constant volume. As defined, the formula for Density is Mass over Volume (ρ=m/v) and it can be rearranged to get the Volume (v=m/ρ) or Mass (m=ρv) of a certain substance...

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Density of Metals

Density of Metals Problem: How does the mass and volume help determine the density of known metal samples? Hypothesis: When comparing the density of Zn(zinc) and Cu(copper), you will find that Copper is more dense than Zinc. You can test this out by using the density formula D=m/v. Materials: * 2 metals (options: zn, al, or cu) * 3 samples of each metal (small, medium, and large) * Scale/Balance * Calculator * Water * Graduated Cylinder Safety: * Be prepared for your...

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