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Test Method

laboratory by Los Angeles test machine. Many tests have been developed to empirically characterize aggregate properties without, necessarily, strong relationships to the performance of final products incorporating an aggregate. The Los Angeles (L.A.) abrasion test is a common test method used to measure of degradation of mineral aggregates of standard grading resulting from a combination of action including abrasion and grinding. The standard Los Angeles abrasion test is ASTM C131: Resistance to...

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A Description of Vane Shear Test

Civil Engineering Department Experiment No. 1 Vane Shear Test in Cohesive Soil Submitted by: Dela Peña, Analyn A. 10948724 LBYCVG2 EJ Submitted to: Engr. Irene Ubay Professor Submitted on: October 8, 2012 I. Introduction Vane shear test is used to measure the shear strength of a soil. It also estimated and measured the fully saturated clay’s undrained shear strength without derangement in the specimen. This test can be conducted in field and laboratory however, in laboratory...

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Water Absorption Test

Water enters pores in the cement paste and even in the aggregate. Absorption For concrete pavers, the test procedure involves drying a specimen to a constant weight, weighing it, immersing it in water for specified amount of time, and weighing it again. The increase in weight as a percentage of the original weight is expressed as its absorption (in percent). The average absorption of the test samples shall not be greater than 5% with no individual unit greater than 7%. Permeability Permeability...

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Candle Safety

including: • the Burning Performance Test, • Stability Test, • Flammability Test for Tea Light Cup. The safety requirements in ASTM F2601 were intended for candle accessories. Candle accessories are defined as objects designed, intended, or marketed for use with a candle. The main safety evaluations for candle accessories include: • • • the Flammability of Candle Rings or Holders, Fire Safety of Candle Burners Potpourri Burners and Stability Test. HARDLINES NO. 145/09 AUGUST 2009 ...

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Magnesium Oxide

whole numbers and use these to write the empirical formula. Method: Risk Assessment: What is a risk? How is it a risk? How to reduce the risk? the process involving lifting the crucible lid during heat application This can be a risk as using hands to pick up the lift can cause burns to the hand The use of tongs to hold the lid as it is being lifted will avoid the risk The mixing of universal indicator with the magnesium oxide The test tube may slip out of the hand when shaking and shatter onto...

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Experiment to test the time neutrase and milk solution takes to clear

time it takes for a solution of neutrase and milk to clear when using different concentrations of neutrase. Why did I choose to experiment on how the concentration of neutrase effects the time a milk solution takes to clear? I could have chosen to test how the reaction times differed at different temperatures, but I chose to experiment on the effect different concentrations of enzymes. The reason I did this was because I felt that it would be very hard to control the exact temperature of the materials...

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Reaction Time

Summary This experiment aimed to determine the reaction time of the test participant and using the subtractive method identify the selection time and identification time of the participant. The experiments had one participant who participated in a total of 6 experiments; two experiments required a simple reaction with a single stimulus and 4 experiments that required a more complicated reaction. Keywords Subtractive method – the procedure of estimating the time it takes to perform various cognitive...

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Reliability and Validility

alternate form reliability is the degree of relatedness of different forms of the same test. Then there is internal-consistency reliability, which is the degree of relatedness of items in a test or all raters in a judgment study. Judge-to-judge reliability is the reliability of any single item on average. Finally, test-retest reliability which is the degree of temporal stability of a measuring instrument or test, or the characteristic it is designed to evaluate from one administration to another...

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IB Lab 23 Charles Law CE

To Test Charles’ Law and estimate Absolute Zero In this IB Lab you will be assessed on the following criterion Conclusions and Evaluation Aim: Physics has many hundreds of laws and these can be tested in experiments to see if they are true. In 1787 the French scientist, J.A.C. Charles, published a law connecting the volume and temperature of gases. Your task is to see if you agree with his law. Another thing you have to consider is “ is my experiment accurate enough to prove or disprove the...

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The Inevitability of Animal Testing in Medicine

Dan Wang(Irene) Animal test in medicine is inevitable In 1960s, about 10,000 babies who have short and malfunctioned legs and arms were born, surprising the public and scientists. People were worried and anxious to know the reason for the tragedy and the way to avoid the birth of defect babies. After many researches, scientists found out that the disabled babies were born to the mother who had taken a medicine called Thalidomide, a drug people used to deal with pregnant reaction...

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