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What will be the cost in dollars for photocopies if you have 32 pages in a booklet, you need 175 booklets, and copies are 4.5 cents each? Answer: $252 Question 6: Which of the following is/are metric units of mass? i. Pound ii. Gram iii. Ounce iv. Kilogram v. Centigram Answer: ii, iv, and v Question 7: Which of the following is/are metric units of volume? i. mL ii. L iii. cm3 iv. m v. kg Answer: i, ii, and iii Question 8: Convert 373 liters to milliliters, centiliters, and kiloliters. Answer: 373,000...

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Kilogram and Density

cal) Earth’s oceans have an average depth of 3.800 x 10 3 m, a total area of 3.63 x 108 km2, and an average concentration of dissolved gold equal to 5.80 ng/L. 19. a) Caculate the volume of the oceans in cm3. (Ans. 1.38 x 1024) b) How many kilograms of gold are in the oceans? (Ans. 8.00 x 109 kg) c) If a recent price of gold was $370.00/troy oz, what is the value of gold in the oceans? (1 troy oz =31.1g) (Ans. $ 9.52 x 1013) 20. When combining the masses 0.0562 kg, 124.213 g and 1635 mg...

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Kilogram and Significant Figures

CENTRO ESCOLAR UNIVERISTY 1ST SEM SY 2012-2013 (GENERAL CHEMISTRY) COCH11 Long Quiz 1 Always show complete solutions for every number. All inquiries must be referred to the instructor only. Answer the problems chronologically and systematically. Deductions will be given for those who do not know how to follow procedures. Cheating is not tolerated and an automatic grade of 5.0 will be given to those who will be caught. A. SIGNIFICANT FIGURES (10 pts.) (Show the actual results first...

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Energy Balance

circumference. I will have some available in class for your use if you need them. Sex (M/F) Age Height in Feet & Inches Height Calculate Total inches. 1 foot = 12 inches Calculate Height in centimeters (inches x 2.54) Weight in lbs Calculate Weight in kilogram ( pounds divide by 2.2) Waist Circumference (use either inches or centimeters but do the same for both waist and hips) Hip Circumference  (use either inches or centimeters but do the same for both waist and hips)   F   21 5.3’’   63.3 161.54...

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Yarn Numbering System

yarn in grams per 10'000 meters length Decitex [dtex] 1 g / 10'000 m = 1/10 tex Decitex is the count grading for filament and spinning yarns recognized by all international bodies in the man-made fibres industry. Decimal multiple Mass in kilograms per 1000 meters length. Kilotex [ktex] 1 kg / 1000 m = 1000 tex) Kilotex is used to state the counts of spinning tow and similar semi-finished and finished products. Other numbering Systems Count denier [den] Mass of yarn in grams for...

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Feasibility Study of the Bangus Business

volume and estimated prices provided by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources – Cagayan de Oro City Chapter. Fertilizers Price Volume 14 – 14 - 14 P 1,000 per sack 1 sack Urea P 1,000 per sack 2 sacks Lime (Apog) P 2.65 per kilogram 1,000 kilograms Fig. Fertilizers needed in 10,000 sq. m. fishpond as provided by BFAR. At the start of the business operation, the bangus fingerlings will be purchased. As suggested by the BFAR personnel, fingerlings stock will be bought at Opol since...

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Side Bet Sequel

Side Bet Sequel: The Rat The rat sat, his poorly-postured belly slouching lower and closer to the ground, as he crammed kilogram after kilogram of biscuits into his whiskered yawning mouth. It had barely been three days since the man had been taken from the island. Three days since the rat had begun his feast of the uncountable kilograms of sea biscuits the man had left him on the island. On the island, where above the expanse of sky shone as greedily blue and maliciously amused as the man’s eyes...

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Mid term questions

protein to meet the recommendation for strength athletes of 1.2 to 1.7 g of protein/kilogram of body weight per day? 2. 3400-15%=510 3500/510=6.66x100=66.6g Mike need between 120-170 g of protein and he is taking in about 510 g so he is over!! What if he consumed only 2500 Calories/day? Show your calculations for credit. 2500-15%=375 2500/375=6*66x100=66.6g What is the RDA for protein in grams per kilogram (kg) of body weight per day for Adults? 0.8 g/kg a. Calculate the recommended grams...

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SC250 Unit4 LabAssignment MichelleBrandt

Google Maps™, MapQuest™) IMPORTANT NOTE! Be sure to ask and then record the units of measurement your subject reports for each answer. Next you must convert this data into different forms of measurement: Height in inches and centimeters Weight in kilograms and pounds Distance in miles, yards, and meters Be sure to show your work and the equations used in making these conversions. Note that not only will partial credit be given for answers given without formulas used, but partial credit will be given...

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1 One kilogram of alloy of 70 wt% Pb – 30 wt% Sn is slowly cooled from 300oC See Figure 3 below for the Pb – Sn system. Calculate a) What phases form when the alloy is cooled to 250 oC? [2] b) Determine the weight percent of the phases that form at 250oC. [3] c) The weight percent of the eutectic structure and proeutectic alpha just below the eutectic temperature (183oC) and the weight in kilograms of these phases. [5] d) The weight in kilograms of alpha...

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