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  • Number

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. What are the total number of divisors of 600(including 1 and 600)? a. b. c. d. 24 40 16 20 2. What is the sum of the squares of the first 20 natural numbers (1 to 20)? a. b. c. d. 2870 2000 5650 44100 3. What is∑ items? a. b. c. d. ( )‚ where is the number of ways of choosing k items from 28 ) where is the number of ways of choosing k items from 28 406 * 306 * 28 * 56 * 4. What is ∑

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  • Number Systems

    |The Mayan Number System | |The Mayan number system dates back to the fourth century and was approximately 1‚000 years more advanced than the Europeans of that | |time. This system is unique to our current decimal system‚ which has a base 10‚ in that the Mayan’s used a vigesimal system‚ which | |had a base 20. This system is believed to have been used because‚ since the Mayan’s lived

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  • The Number Pi

    Pi has always been an interesting concept to me. A number that is infinitely being calculated seems almost unbelievable. This number has perplexed many for years and years‚ yet it is such an essential part of many peoples lives. It has become such a popular phenomenon that there is even a day named after it‚ March 14th (3/14) of every year! It is used to find the area or perimeter of circles‚ and used in our every day lives. Pi is used in things such as engineering and physics‚ to the ripples created

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  • Number and Rs.

    _____________Download from www.JbigDeaL.com Powered By © JbigDeaL____________ NUMERICAL APTITUDE QUESTIONS 1 (95.6x 910.3) ÷ 92.56256 = 9? (A) 13.14 (B) 12.96 (C) 12.43 (D) 13.34 (E) None of these 2. (4 86%of 6500) ÷ 36 =? (A) 867.8 (B) 792.31 (C) 877.5 (D) 799.83 (E) None of these 3. (12.11)2 + (?)2 = 732.2921 (A)20.2 (B) 24.2 (C)23.1 (D) 19.2 (E) None of these 4.576÷ ? x114=8208 (A)8 (B)7 (C)6 (D)9 (E) None of these 5. (1024—263—233)÷(986—764— 156) =? (A)9 (B)6

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  • Number and Sequence

    Statement: A spiralateral is a sequence of line segments that form a spiral like shape. To draw one you simply choose a starting point‚ and draw a line the number of units that’s first in your sequence. Always draw the first segment towards the top of your paper. Then make a clockwise 90 degree turn and draw a segment that is as long as the second number in your sequence. Continue to complete your sequence. Some spiralaterals end at their starting point where as others have no end‚ this will be further

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  • Stellar Numbers

    geometric shapes‚ which lead to special numbers. The simplest example of these are square numbers‚ such as 1‚ 4‚ 9‚ 16‚ which can be represented by squares of side 1‚ 2‚ 3‚ and 4. Triangular numbers are defined as “the number of dots in an equilateral triangle uniformly filled with dots”. The sequence of triangular numbers are derived from all natural numbers and zero‚ if the following number is always added to the previous as shown below‚ a triangular number will always be the outcome: 1 = 1

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  • Diophantus Number Of Rational Numbers

    In addition‚ stating that the square of rational numbers if being positive will be a square number. Book II explains how to basically represent in three simple methods. The methods are that if the square number is present whenever the squares of two rational numbers are being added; the addition of two new squares is the same thing as if adding two well-known squares; and if the rational number is given will be equal to their difference. The first and the third problem

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  • Chinese Number System

    to represent calculations. The Chinese system is also a base-10 system‚ but it has important differences in the way that the numbers are represented. The rod numbers were developed from counting boards‚ which came into use in the fourth century BC. A counting board had squares with rows and columns. Numbers were represented by little rods made from bamboo or ivory. A number was formed in a row with the units in the right-hand column‚ the tens in the next column‚ the hundreds in the next‚ and so on

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  • Decimal Number

    NUMBER SYSTEM Definition It defines how a number can be represented using distinct symbols. A number can be represented differently in different systems‚ for instance the two number systems (2A) base 16 and (52) base 8 both refer to the same quantity though the representations are different. When we type some letters or words‚ the computer translates them in numbers as computers can understand only numbers. A computer can understand positional number system where there are only a few symbols

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  • Pythagoras and Number Mysticism

    used Roman Numerals and noticed math. So they know how to use it. That is where numbers got their name. In Babylon and Egypt‚ the people first started using theoretical tools and numbering systems. The Egyptians used a decadic numbering system‚ which is based on the number 10 and still in use today. They also introduced characters used to describe the numbers 10 and 100‚ making it easier to describe larger numbers. Geometry started to receive great attention and served in surveying land‚ cities

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