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  • Volume and Graph

    Data Set Pressure in kPa Volume in mL 1 150 20 2 100 30 3 75 40 4 60 50 5 45 60 6 40 70 Graph: [10 points] Create a graph of your data for this part of the lab. You may use any graphing tool to create the graph‚ but be sure to follow common guidelines for creating a graph. INSERT GRAPH HERE Conclusion: Answer the following questions after completing the lab. 1) Describe the relationship that you observed between pressure and volume in this lab. Refer to your data

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  • volume of cylinder

    A cylinder is a shape with a circular bottom at the both ends that kind of looks like a pringles potato chip bottle THE formula of finding the volume of a cylinder is base area times height of cylinder. The base area will be the area of the circle which is pi x radius x radius So you just take that answer and multiply it by the height of a cylinder. done math math math cylinder cylinder asdfghjk lkjhgh jhgf ghjxskdskdgc kdshfkhshfkshksskkkkjs wordlimit mine is

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  • Volume and Width

    have the same volume as the original model. Q1. Use a piece of A4 paper to make a box with a length of 10cm and a width of 3cm. Then find the volume of the box and the total surface area of the paper used to make the box. T.S.A: 5 rectangles and 4 squares 5 x L x W + 4W = 5 x 10 x 3 + 4 x 9 = 186cm Volume: 5 rectangles and 4 squares L x W x H = 10 x 3 x 3 = 90cm Q2. Make another box with the same general shape‚ but chose a different length and width. Then find the volume of the box and

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  • Volume and Table

    Volume (CM3) Diameter (CM) Radius (CM) M&M’S® Thickness (CM) 1  75  108 54 0.743 2  83  120 60 0.658 Table 2 – Direct Measurement Trial M&M’S® Thickness (CM) 1 0.642 2 0.741 3 0.683 Table 3 – Calculated Averages Method Calculated Average Thickness (CM) Indirect (from Table 1) 0.701 Direct (from Table 2) 0.689 Questions: 1. When you performed Step 2 of the procedure‚ you actually made a cylinder of M&M’S®. The cylinder was rather "smushed‚" and the

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  • Volume and Density

    Aluminum 2.70 Gold 19.3 1. An object has a mass of 57.7 g and occupies a volume of 21.65 cm3‚ what is its density? 2. An object whose density is 1.98 x 103 kg/m3 has a mass of 35.4 g. How many cubic centimeters does the object occupy? 3. A cylinder has a radius of 12.0 cm. It has a density of 15.2 g/cm3 and a mass of 100 g. What is the height of the cylinder? (Hint: volume of a cylinder can be calculated by r2h) 4. A friend shows you a gift

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  • Area and Volume

    Previous exam questions on area between functions and volumes of solids. 1. Let f(x) = cos(x2) and g(x) = ex‚ for –1.5 ≤ x ≤ 0.5. Find the area of the region enclosed by the graphs of f and g. (Total 6 marks) 2. Let f(x) = Aekx + 3. Part of the graph of f is shown below. The y-intercept is at (0‚ 13). (a) Show that A =10. (2) (b) Given that f(15) = 3.49 (correct to 3 significant figures)‚ find the value of k. (3) (c) (i) Using your value of k‚ find f′(x). (ii) Hence

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  • Graduated Cylinder Volume

    33yd | Lab. Manual: Length | 271cm | 2.71m | 10.20in | 0.28yd | Lab. Manual: Width | 208cm | 2.08m | 8.60in | 0.24yd | B. Graduated Cylinder Volume reading when graduated cylinder is half filled with | (mL) | Potassium permanganate(KMnO4) | 12.6mL | Distilled Water (H2O) | 12.3mL | | Capacity of Apparatus (maximum volume contained) | Big test tube | 18.8mL | 250-mL Beaker | 50mL | C. Pipette Pipettes | Drawing of a part of the scale | Accuracysmallest known

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  • Aggregates and Flexible Volumes

    and Flexible Volumes Module 2. Aggregates and Flexible Volumes Aggregates and Flexible Volumes Data ONTAP 7.0 (7G) Update Course Student Guide Do Not Duplicate – December 2004 2-1 Data ONTAP 7.0 (7G) Update Course Objectives At the completion of this module‚ you will be able to: – Describe the physical and logical attributes of aggregates and flexible and traditional volumes – Use the command line and FilerView to create and manage aggregates‚ flexible volumes and traditional

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  • Indirect Measurment of Volume

    Temp. 25 C Pressure 76.0 Indirect Measurement of Volume INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this lab was to demonstrate an indirect measurement of volume. This was done by determining the volume of a single drop of using a graduated cylinder to measure a known amount of consistent drops‚ which allows for the individual volume to be determined mathematically. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Pipette‚ 10ml graduated cylinder‚ water‚ rubbing alcohol and hand soap. A pipette was used to place

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  • Density,Mass, and Volume

    Density‚ Mass and Volume Density is the measure of how tightly the particles of a substance are packed into a given volume. L=1cm B=1cm H=1cm Aluminium=1cm3 Volume=lbh Volume= 1cm*1cm*1cm Volume= 1cm3 Iron 1cm3 1cm3 of iron would be however than 1 cm of aluminium. The density of the iron cube would be greater than the density of the aluminium cube. One explanation from that is that the particles/molecules in the iron cube are more tightly

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