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experiment is to convert copper metal through a series of intermediate copper compounds back into copper metal. By weighing the copper at the beginning and at the end of the experiment the percentage yield can be determined. Method: The experiment was carried out as outlined in the practical manual. Results: Table: showing masses: Mass copper wire 0.2510 Mass crucible 28.9257 Mass watch glass 19.6213 Mass watch glass + copper 19.7890 Mass copper product 0.1677 Calculations: ...

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Copper: Environmental Effects of Copper and How Copper is Processed

Environmental effects of copper Copper can be released into the environment by both natural sources and human actions. Examples of natural sources are wind-blown dust, decaying vegetation, forest fires and sea spray. Other examples are mining, metal production, wood production and phosphate fertilizer production. Because copper is released both naturally and through human activity it is very widespread in the environment. Copper is often found near mines, industrial settings, landfills and waste...

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Copper Corrosion

The Effect of pH Level of a Liquid on the Rate of Corrosion of Copper wire In this experiment, I will be testing the corrosion rate of copper wire after leaving them in different liquids with different pH levels. By doing so I will be able to determine which pH level corrodes copper the fastest. I will conduct this experiment by pouring 250mL of different liquids with different pH levels in cups, followed by an iron strip placed into the cup. A stopwatch will be timing how long it takes the iron...

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Copper Lab

Analysis: Copper Lab 1) Calculate the mass of the copper that was recovered 2) Use the formula shown below to calculate the “percent of recovery” of copper for your experiment. 3) Use the proper symbol and formula to write balanced equation for each of the five copper reactions, include state symbols. 4) Classify each of the five copper reactions. (Refer to the above order, please!) A) Single Displacement B) Double Displacement C) Decomposition D) Double displacement E) Single Displacement ...

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Copper Cycle

: The copper cycle IN TRODUCTION The purpose of the experiment is to recognize that change of state, change in colour, formation of a precipitate, or the evolution of heat are associated with a chemical change; to study reactions of copper. Copper is an element that can be found in nature in a variety of different compounds. The most common natural ore is the sulphide, known as chalcocite, Cu2S. This mineral is an important source of copper metal because it is about 80% copper by weight...

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Percent Copper and Formula of a Copper Compound

Percent Copper and Formula of a Copper Compound Sofia Economides Date Preformed: 3/19/2012 Date Submitted: 3/26/2012 Lab Partners: Anita Smith, Taylor Bell, Derek Bourgeois 1. Purpose a. To determine the percent of copper and the formula weight of a copper compound. 2. Introduction a. Magnesium is a very active metal which can reduce copper (II) ions in a weight sample of a compound to metallic copper. The reduction of copper ions in a compound to a copper metal...

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Copper Reactions

------------------------------------------------- ABSTRACT ------------------------------------------------- The copper reaction experiment was demonstrated by adding the reagents like 16M HNO3, Distilled water, 6M NaOH, 6M H2SO4, Acetone, Zinc metal and Methanol into the beaker with the copper wire. The experiment was also demonstrated to observe how copper reacts while different reagents were being added. It was also demonstrated to practice the common laboratory techniques such as methods...

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Extraction of Copper from Oxidised Copper Ore

EXTRACTION OF COPPER FROM OXIDISED COPPER ORE Aim: To analyse how copper is obtained from oxidised copper ore using the processes of leaching, solid-liquid separation, displacing and electrowinning. Method: Refer to ‘Extraction of Copper from oxidised Copper Ore’ document pages 1-2 Results: Leaching: The blue particles in the copper ore which is copper was dissolved in the sulphuric acid and the solution turned into a blue colour. There was also sediment that was floating around...

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Observations of Reactions of Copper

Dominick Prince Partner: Ryan Potts Reactions of Copper Due: Monday January 14, 2013 Beginning of Class Block: 5 Purpose / Safety: Purpose: 1. Observe some chemical reaction of copper and its compounds. 2. Write word and formula equations to represent these reactions. Safety: 1. Wear goggles and a lab apron or coat. 2. Tie back long hair and secure loose clothing before working with an open flame. 3. Corrosive substance; avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing...

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Preparation of Copper Sulphide

1 Determination of Empirical Formula: Preparation of a Copper Sulphide. Aim The aim of the experiment was to determine the empirical formula of sulphide of copper and to make sure that an amount of copper metal reacted with elemental sulphur, Eq. 1. To be able to calculate the empirical formula of copper sulphide, the mass (grams) of copper has to be known and the mass (grams) of copper sulphide after the reaction. Copper, chemical formula Cu, is a known metal with a red-brown...

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