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  • Temperature

    meter (N/m2)‚ or pascals (Pa). 3. Slowly drag the temperature (T) slider back and forth. (Note: In this Gizmo‚ the Kelvin scale is used to measure temperature. On the Kelvin scale‚ 0 degrees is absolute zero‚ the coldest possible temperature. Absolute zero is equal to -273.15 °C or -459.67 °F) A. How does the change in temperature affect the speed of the molecules? __If the temperature is colder the molecules move slower and if the temperature is hotter the molecules move faster.

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  • Temperature

    …………………KEY……………………… Matter & Energy Period …………. Skills 1. classifying types of matter 2. interpreting particle diagrams 3. identifying physical & chemical properties of matter 4. separating Mixtures 5. converting Temperatures 6. identifying physical & chemical changes in matter Skill #1: Classifying types of matter - refer to your notes and RB p. 1-2 Classify each of the following with the combination of terms listed below. pure substance – element mixture

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  • Addition and Temperature Air Temperature

    − ( − 6 ) = _______ − 2 − 10 = _______ − 8 − ( − 8 ) = _______ − 8 − 8 = ________ m. − 16 − 11 = _______ Last night the temperature in New York City went down to 4°F. In Antarctica‚ the temperature went down to − 20°F. What is the difference between the two temperatures? answer: _____________ In Antarctica‚ the temperature air temperature is − 5°F . The temperature of the nearby water is 33°F. How much colder is the air than the water? answer: _____________ Super Teacher Worksheets − www.superteacherworksheets

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  • Temperature and Thermometers

    Temperature and Thermometers The Temperature of an object is a measure of the hotness or coldness of that object. An alternative way to think of temperature is to say that “the temperature of an object is a number – on some manmade scale – that indicates the hotness of the object”. ‘Hotness’ in turn is a measure of the kinetic energy of the molecules of the material. Note: You must use the term ‘hotness’.* The SI unit of temperature is the Kelvin (K)* Relationship between degrees Celsius

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  • Temperature and Gas

    huge amounts of energy‚ and their molecules are spread out as much as possible. With very little pressure‚ when compared to liquids and solids‚ those molecules can be compressed. It happens all of the time. Combinations of pressure and decreasing temperature force gases into tubes that we use every day. You might see compressed air in a spray bottle or feel the carbon dioxide rush out of a can of soda. Those are both examples of gas forced into a smaller space than it would want‚ and the gas escapes

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  • Motor Temperature: Insulation Class and Temperature Ratings

    MOTOR TEMPERATURE RATINGS A frequently misunderstood subject related to electric motors is insulation class and temperature ratings. This paper tries to describe‚ in basic terms‚ the temperature relationships that are meaningful in standard AC induction motors. Some of the same information can be applied to DC motors but DC motors are more specialized and some of the ratings are slightly different. Perhaps the best way to start is to define the commonly used terms. MOTOR SURFACE TEMPERATURES

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  • Temperature Sensors

    Investigation Into Temperature Sensors Introduction In this project I will be investigating how it is possible to use a temperature sensor to keep a greenhouse from changing temperature too much. This is intended to help plants live and grow in their optimum temperature. This will create a perfect temperature for the enzymes in the plants to work in‚ and therefore resulting in a maximum growth/production rate. This could be useful for gardeners who wish to grow plants as quickly as possible

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  • Heat and Temperature

    Heat and Temperature Heat is often described by the average individual as being the change in temperature from hot to cold. “Often the concepts of heat and temperature are thought to be the same‚ but they are not.” Heat and Temperature‚ para. 2) Perhaps the reasoning behind the incorrect reasoning is that humans associate the two together because when heat is applied to an object the temperature rises. The kinetic theory of matter better explains the underlying cause as to what takes place

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  • Temperature Controller

    AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED FAN H ere is a circuit through which the speed of a fan can be linearly controlled automatically‚ depending on the room temperature. The circuit is highly efficient as it uses thyristors for power control. Alternatively‚ the same circuit can be used for automatic temperature controlled AC power control. In this circuit‚ the temperature sensor used is an NTC thermistor‚ i.e. one having a negative temperature coefficient. The value of thermistor resistance at

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  • Initial Temperature

    Group No. Date: Leader : Section: Members: Experiment no: 1A Data and Results: Initial Temperature: To = 25 degrees Celsius Final Temperature: Tf = 100 degrees Celsius Rod | Initial length | Change in Length | Coefficient of Linear Expansion(Exp) | Coefficient of Linear Expansion(Theo) | % Error | Steel | 40 | .035 | 1.17 x 10 / C | 1.1 x 10^-5/ C | 6.36% | Copper | 40 | .055 | 1.8 x 10 ^-5 /C | 1.7 x 10^-5 /C | 5.88% | Computation : Conclusion: 1. A bemetalli

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