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Classroom Management Having classroom rules are an essential part of classroom management. I believe it is very important for the teacher and students to communicate the classroom expectations beginning from the first day of school. When this communication is clear it will help with maintaining a well-structured learning environment. Usually schools will have a universal set of classroom rules and procedures but some teachers may add to that list of rules to better accommodate their class. ...

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Classroom Management

The most important thing that any teacher can do is to have GREAT classroom management, because once this is in place, everything else falls into place. My school has in place many rules which govern a student’s general behavior, dress and conduct; this is common in all schools. My classroom which is a part of the school as a whole has its own guidelines, rules and regulations, in addition to the governing rules of the school. My guidelines as I prefer to them, are to ensure that my lesson is...

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Technology in Classrooms

incorporating technology into public schools. There is a mass of new equipment being thrown haphazardly into classrooms. But do teachers know how best to use it, or are they left drowning, trying to determine how to avoid the increased number of student distractions that inevitably accompany it? This is the newest challenge. How much is too much? Technology has the potential to revolutionize the classroom if used correctly, but it could also be severely detrimental to the education of our students. Initially...

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Classroom Observation

Mrs. Cash’s 3rd grade classroom is a comfortable and safe environment for all of her 16 students. She has a very successful approach to education. Throughout the short amount of time I spent at Pelican Elementary, I was introduced to sheer creativeness.  During my observation time, I was able to grasp the materials she used, the classroom environment, and the outcome of the classroom’s learning experience. Cash’s methods of teaching are primarily centered on teacher-student interaction. Her ability...

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Classroom Management

Model of Classroom Management  “Lesson Movement”         Kelly Reid  EDUC 561 Summer 1 Professor Rosemary Parmigiani 6/23/09 You are the teacher of a 5th grade class. Two students finished their assignment early, one student arrived late, and one student is not attempting the assignment. Being able to have the skills to handle situations like this takes practice and experience. The skills that are required are the ones that complete Jacob Kounin’s Classroom Management...

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Classroom Management

CLASSROOM STANDARDS CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT Section 1: Philosophy or Expectations Grade Level: Fourth Grade Classroom management and discipline are two very important building blocks in a successful classroom. Setting rules and expectations for students has many positive benefits. Not only will students feel more comfortable in a stable well managed classroom, they will also learn more because there will be less distractions. Students in a classroom that are well managed will also retain the...

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Influences in the Classroom

Dorothy Reed March 31, 2013 EDU- 450 Stacey Concepcion Influences in the teaching environment In my experiences as being a head start teacher for eight years, I have seen a lot of different classroom conditions that hindered the children’s learning, as well as behaviors that contributed to the teacher not being able to teach the students that really want to learn. The ten negative conditions or behaviors that I have seen in my years are as follows. ...

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The Virtual Classroom

1. Executive Summary…………………………………………………………………. 2 2. Introduction……………………………………………………………………………………………………..3 2. Analysis …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….3 3.1 The virtual classroom ……………………………………………………………………………3 3.2 Academic Advantages of Online Learning within the classroom……………4 3.3 Issues raised from parents……………………………………………………………………6 3. Conclusion………………………………………………………………………………………………………….7 4. Recommendations …………………………………………………………………………………………….7 ...

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Classroom Scenarios

Classroom Scenario Analysis Classroom Scenario Analysis Mrs. Ross has her fourth grade students move their desks together into groups of 2 to do a group activity. She instructs them to pair with anyone they choose. Teresa raises her hand, “I don’t want to pair with Megan again because she doesn’t do any of the work. Can I have someone else?” Megan who is soft-spoken just looks down at the floor as the class waits for the teacher’s response. Mrs. Ross asks Teresa and Megan to come with her...

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Classroom Management

Classroom Management Paper Tiffany Davis MTE 523 February 25, 2013 Jacob Green Classroom Management Paper Teachers Style of Management During my classroom observation, I observed the classroom of Mrs. Shanesta Pettway. Mrs. Pettway is a 9th grade history teacher at Jeff Davis High School. She runs a very structured class with a well plan classroom management plan. Mrs. Pettway follows a strict schedule during the 50 minutes of class time that students follow such as 15 minute bell ringer...

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Cellphones in the Classroom

 Cell Phones in Classrooms Robert Morris University Mrs. Ferda Omurtag COSK 1221 March 22nd, 2012 Cell phones have advanced in technology tremendously over the years. There has also been some contradiction as whether or not cell phones should be banned in schools. Some people, such as the author(s) of “Schools Review Cell Phone Bans,” (2009) say that cell phones are a distraction to students while trying to learn; while other authors, such as the author...

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Classroom Management

Classroom Management. In this essay I will discuss a case study involving John the student and Marion the teacher. Their teacher/student relationship has broken down. Along with incidents reported by both about one and other, the facts gathered by Jim, Marion’s line manager, about the situation, form the basis of the following assessments I have made. Firstly I will begin by identifying and assessing the key elements of the student’s behaviour observed against the theoretical background. I shall...

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Differentiation in the Classroom

Differentiation in the Classroom Brittany Hunt University of Toledo Differentiated instruction in the classroom can be beneficially for every child’s needs to learn to their best ability. Differentiation means tailoring instruction to meet individual needs. Whether teachers differentiate content, process, products, or the learning environment, the use of ongoing assessment and flexible grouping makes this a successful approach to instruction. No student learns the same and differentiation is...

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Modern Classrooms

The Experience of Studying in Modern Classrooms Modern, clean, well-lit rooms; internet networks; wireless sound-systems; capable workstations; microphones; bulletin boards; flexible design layouts; efficient student desk layout; acoustic ambiance including air conditioners, noise-proof rooms and multiple lighting options; white boards; video projectors; etc. Wondering where all this is leading to? Yes, these are the forefronts of modern teaching classrooms- the factors that can contribute to...

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Technology in the Classroom

the world. Technology can play an important role in improving education systems, changing the student-teacher role, and technical skills of kids, but just like everything else, there are disadvantages. Every day you will see a change in a school classroom. Technology is everywhere and now more than not, you will see at least one student using technology for educational purposed. When technology comes into play, the roles of students and teachers will change. When students use technology as a resource...

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Classroom Incidents

Classroom Incidents Name University Classroom Incidents A classroom incident is an unexpected event that occurs in a classroom causing disturbance or presenting a safety risk. A classroom incident can affect a teacher, a student or all the members of the classroom. There are many critical incidents that have occurred between teachers and students or among students. A critical classroom incident either spoils the student-student relationship or the teacher-student relationship. Past classroom...

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Technology in the Classroom

Jennifer Jared College Writing B 10 April 2013 Technology in the Classroom At this day in age, the use of technology has increased greatly. It is continuing to get more advanced day by day. For example, the first cell phones used to only be able to make calls, now they can take pictures and/or video, surf the web, and they even have voice control so that you don’t even have to use your hands! Using technology in classrooms can help engage students more, save paper, and help students find answers...

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Discipline in the Classroom

Discipline in the Classroom "You're nothing but a wuss. Your mama ain't here to help you now so why don't you stand and fight me like a man…. That's right, saying nothing is going to make the situation better. You gonna go cry to Mrs. Wilson about it now?" This type of harassment in the classroom distracts the students from their main objective-to learn. Disciplinary problems in the classroom interrupt the atmosphere of the classroom, a place where learning takes precedent above all else. A tense...

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Classroom Observation

Classroom Observation Reflection Paper Janice Howard University of Phoenix Classroom Observation Reflection Paper I had the pleasure of observing Mr. David Knight. Mr. Knight teaches second grade at Bob Hope Primary School on Kadena Air Base. Mr. Knight and I decided that I would observe in the morning for three hours. I arrived at nine o’clock in the morning on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 just as the students were settling for the morning. As I walked in the door most of the...

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Behaviors in the Classroom

research with entirely different opinions about how to best implement their knowledge in the classroom. By focusing on very different parts of their subject, each blind man argues loudly about whether the elephant is like a wall, a fan, a rope, a spear, a tree, or a snake. Likewise educators must be wary of taking single pieces of research to extrapolate about what is best for all students in all classrooms. With that caveat in mind, I will share my thoughts on brain-compatible strategies using research...

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Classroom Community Investigative Paper

Classroom Community Investigative Paper Angie Herrscher November 2, 2009 Feeling a sense of community is important for almost anyone. Even now, in college, the students in the Elementary Education Program at Utah Valley University are in cohorts. Why? To help us find others who we have common interests with, and who can help us learn and grow into great teachers.  Because being in an environment where we feel safe as well as feeling a sense of belonging is important. Developing a classroom community...

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Sexism in Classroom

Sexism in the Classroom In "Failing at Fairness" one of the most important topics of sexism is addressed, and that of course is sexism in the schools. From the beginning of public education there is evidence of hidden sexism in the classroom, yet not until recently have researchers began to take a closer look at the dilemma at hand. Sexism in the classroom is not a problem that has just occurred overnight in schools. I believe that it has a history, staring long before I was born. I love...

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Technology in the Classroom

system plans on incorporating technology in the classroom, I am starting to sound a little bit like those before me. We discussed briefly in class a little bit about LPS wanting to convert over to paperless in the next few years, this was honestly the first time I’ve heard anything about paperless classrooms. After reading and hearing many other students’ responses to the subject, we can see that there are many pros and cons to having a paperless classroom. Everyone has a different view, some saying...

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Teacher'R Role in Classroom Management

Ignatius Lundy 20112135 Why is teacher‟s role in classroom management important? Teacher‟s role in classroom management is important due to the fact that teacher‟s performance affects student‟s achievement and behaviour. It is a fact that effective teachers can alter the result of their student‟s achievement by 30%, Hattie states „Teachers – who account for about 30% of the variance. It is what the teachers know, do, and care about which is very powerful in this learning equation.‟ Teachers Make...

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Personal Classroom Management System

Abstract An effective classroom management is essential for the success of the students. The classroom management plan needs to be strong, but also flexible since not every class is the same and the teacher needs to be able to change around the plan to fit the needs of the current class. To construct my own classroom management plan, I have borrowed some ideas from classes I have taken throughout my college career and through my own experiences as a student. My Personal Classroom Management System ...

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Using Technology to Enhance Classroom Instruction

Education 225 Professor Gammill March 7, 2014 Part 3: Using Technology to Facilitate and Enhance Classroom Instruction For ages, classroom instruction has consisted of textbooks, many notebooks and a chalkboard. Pupils were required and responsible for four textbooks and notebooks. Now, the face of instruction has changed. Instruction has been transformed from the traditional framework of learning to a more abstract and advanced stage of learning. Because...

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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

students to interact with their professors, especially for communication outside of the classroom (which is better choice pg1). For my future classrooms this along with the phone and paper is my preferred communication method of choice. Class Website From many studies students who are older prefer asynchronous communication such as email can effectively help students in solving problems outside of the classroom. Recently synchronous communication such as a virtual office hours using online chat...

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Classroom Management and Diversity

Samantha Formato Classroom management and diversity are two very important concepts to consider because classroom management in diverse environments can be a lot different than in less diverse environments. There is so much diversity going on now that everyone should be aware of the importance of classroom management inside the diverse environments. When I talk about diversity in this paper I am referring to ethnic and cultural diversity. There are many different strategies that can help students...

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The Role of a Teacher in a Montessori Classroom

successful in the “phenomenon” of Montessori teaching. She believed that the teacher must be there to serve the child, a tool to be used to further the child’s education, and provide for the child’s natural urge to learn. The Teacher in a Montessori classroom must be specially trained in all aspects of Montessori. The teacher is the link between the child and the prepared environment and must provide for the child’s need for learning by guiding them and observing each child individually. At the ages 3-6...

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Global Smart Classroom Market

Global Smart Classroom Market 2014-2018 Classrooms that are technology-enabled are known as smart classrooms. These classrooms are equipped with hardware and software that enhance learning and improve the dissemination of knowledge. Smart classrooms have transformed teaching from a traditional process to an advanced learning process by using an array of audio-visual tools that allow teachers to demonstrate and communicate easily. These technologies consist of software such as educational ERP and...

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Classroom Management Observation

Western Governors university | CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT | FCT4 TASK 3 | | LaShonda Horton 209990 | 11/28/2012 | | Did you view the elementary or secondary video? * Elementary 1. Observation and Description A. Describe the observed classroom routines.The class starts with the children removing materials from their desk to get organized. Having the children remove all materials from their desk to organize them according to size teaches the children to have respect for their...

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The Negatives of Technology in the Classroom

Why Technology in the Classroom Is a Negative For schools and universities, both have experienced many changes with the technology that is available. Instead of students having to go to the library to complete their work, most can now just walk into their classroom filled with new desktops and laptops. With the increase of technology in most schools, it is almost becoming a necessity for classrooms to have up to date technology for students. Students that have been able to work with laptops ever...

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Scope of Online Classroom

SCOPE OF ONLINE CLASSROOM Dr.R.Sivakumar INTRODUCTION The present Technological century is the age of using ICT in Teaching – Learning process. The Teacher and Learner must gain access to technology for improving learning outcomes. Educational reforms include successful designing and implementing of ICT in the teaching-learning process, which is the key to success. ICT is an important instrument, which can transfer the present isolated, teacher-centered, book-centered learning environment into...

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Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

Creating a Positive Classroom Environment A classroom should be one of inquiry and open-mindedness. In order to foster a classroom of students who feel comfortable asking questions and are open to other students’ ideas it is imperative to create a positive, safe environment and learning community. I believe that students should feel like their classroom has high expectations, in how everyone treated each other, and in how learning took place. Creating a classroom environment where all students...

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Motivation for Students in the Classroom

Introduction As educators we need to constantly strive to maximize the potential of our students. In my opinion one of the most effective ways to maximize learning is to motivate in the classroom. Even though most educators would agree that motivation in the classroom is an effective strategy to maximize learning as a whole we do not emphasize and use this strategy enough. There are several reasons why educators do not take advantage of this good teaching strategy; some of these reasons are...

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Classroom Management debate

OF L1 Classroom management Set of procedures the teacher uses in order to ensure the smooth and motivational interaction among learners. It also involves the efficient use of audiovisual aids and other forms of realia and equipment. Critical consider: points to • Teacher Talking Time • Student Taking time • The use of L1 https:// docs.google.com/open?id=0B5T z9DyyMdqCQjNZX0dkZkdvYmM Why is teacher talking time (TTT) important?  Teacher talk = Organization of the classroom = Process...

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Classroom Management in Public Schools

The classroom setting in Kelvin Shackleford’s ninth grade World History class is loud and unruly. Shackleford stands aside and hands students the control of his classroom. Teachers and students are constantly engaged in a battle of tug-of-war for class control, and in more than many cases the students win the battle for that control. This illustrates that one of public schools problem is behavior management. Students taking control of the classrooms ultimately sets them up for failure in the eduction...

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Should Computers Be Allowed in the Classroom

Introduction Today, professors at colleges all around the country are asking the same question. They are wondering whether laptops in the college classroom actually facilitates a student’s ability to learn or rather it distracts them from the lesson being taught. Laptops were originally considered to be "a small niche market" and were thought suitable mostly for specialized field applications such as the military, the Internal Revenue Service, accountants and sales representatives. But today, there...

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Report on Classroom Observation

REPORT on CLASS OBSERVATION Introduction Internship teaching is the culminating experience of the first degree program in education. It provides the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge on pedagogies in the actual classroom setting and gain the experience. The internees are exposed to an environment where they encounter learners for the first time and face them with multitude of ideas, approaches, techniques and processes. During the internship period I got ample opportunities to demonstrate...

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Elementary Classroom Observation

school has one principal, three vice-principals and approximately 65 full time teachers.  It has a student to teacher ratio of about 15 students per teacher. The average student-teacher ratio for Miami-Dade County is 16 to 1. I am observing the classroom of Mrs. Yessenia Prieto. She teaches 3rd grade language arts. Mrs. Prieto earned her degree in Education for grades K-5. She has only taught elementary and has been a teacher now for close to 10 years. Her average class size is about 30 students...

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Seperation of Sex Classrooms

Should there be Separate Sex Classrooms? Emily Dodson 5/1/11 Period 7 In 2000, a concerned principal at Thurgood Marshall Elementary school in Seattle Washington was alarmed by the amount of office referrals he was seeing daily as well as the poor standings his school was in, in comparison to national standards. Through one simple change he reported: “Overnight. The change in the atmosphere happened overnight.”(Wright). There was no need for new teachers, new kids, or a new curriculum...

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Classroom Observation Report

Classroom Observation Report Introduction In this report, I will describe a teacher and her students in an observation I did in an English Speaking and Listening class of Mathayom 5 at Satree Yala School. I did this observation on Friday, November 21, 2014, and the class started from 10 a.m. – 10.50 a.m. There were amount of thirty-six students in this class. The aim of the lesson was the students can make a requesting and accepting or refusing. Throughout this paper the classroom procedures and...

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Classroom Etiquette and Dealing with Disruption

University of California, Davis Office of Student Judicial Affairs Establishing Classroom Etiquette and Dealing with Disruption The tone of the classroom interaction has a significant impact on the educational environment. These days, the pervasive use of devices such as cell phones and the fact that some students may be unaware of University behavioral standards or the impact of their actions on others can lead to repeated distractions and interruptions. University of California Standards...

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Changing Behaviors by Changing the Classroom Environment

Changing the Classroom Environment Many teachers face disruptive behavior in their classrooms. They are left with the question; how can they identify and change the problem areas in the classroom environment in order to change the behavior? By collecting data on students’ engagement during instruction, disruptive behavior, and teacher observations, teachers can identify which physical aspects of their classrooms need to be...

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Are Combination Classroom Effective in Teahcing Are Children?

lengthy history of combination classrooms. Before examining the strengths and weaknesses of a multiage educational program, it is necessary to define it: Combination classes are created when children of different ages and grade levels are intentionally combined in a single classroom to realize academic and social benefits. At the end of each year, the older students move on to the next grade and a new group of students enters at the lower grade. "Combination classrooms are nothing new. They've been...

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The Positive Effects of a Flipped Classroom on Student Learning

Positive Effects of a Flipped Classroom on Student Learning Samantha Gehly English 100 Instructor Minton 10 April 2014 Outline I. Introduction A. As the use of technology has grown and made its way into classrooms, a new learning idea, called a flipped classroom, has developed. This model provides a collaborative, student-centered classroom with a more learning-based environment that is moving away from the use of a teacher-centered classroom. B. A flipped classroom offers a unique way of engaging...

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Daily Classroom Improvement with Action Research

Daily Classroom Improvement with Action Research By Rudd, Rick Publication: The Agricultural Education Magazine Date: Saturday, May 1 2004 Share: Print More You are viewing page 1 Related Articles • The Discipline Derby • Recognizing the complexity of teaching: Teacher inquiry as a vehicle for learnin... • The Relationship Between Ethical Decision Making and Ethical Reasoning in Inform... "My fifth period class bounces off the walls. They are the rowdiest class that I have ever had...

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Classroom Management

 Student Diversity and Classroom Management Ashley Whitmer EDU 450 August 4th, 2013 Classroom management is imperative for teachers. Having a well managed classroom makes learning more productive and allows the teacher to do her job more efficiently. Explained below are five keys factors to making sure that a teacher’s classroom is well managed: starting on time, starting the year off strict, keeping students on task, having a variety of assignments and utilizing...

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Discipline and Improve Students Behaviour in Classroom Education

discipline and improve students’ behaviour in classroom is of permanent interest. This review is oriented to searching different methodologies concerning students’ behaviour in classrooms, teachers’ discipline strategies and behavioural management. Different points of view and different examples for appropriate behaviour have been discussed referring to the topic. The sources reviewed present different solutions. This paper examines also the classroom environment and its relation to successful behaviour...

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Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In College Classrooms?

English 83 Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In College Classrooms? I think cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in college classrooms. Nowadays, parents buy a cell phone for their teenager, in order to contact them more conveniently. But a lot of students bring their cell phone to the college, during class. If cell phone shouldn’t be banned in classrooms, we will often see this scene: During the class, a student’s cell phone rang, so the student...

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How to Redesign a Classroom to Optimize Learning Experience

interactions among all the students and the professor. Through observation of major students behaviors, I find that the current physical environment in our classroom was somewhat defective. The following key points are summarized as major gaps or pitfalls in the current environment. Late Arrivals: I find that most of the students arrive in the classroom ahead of or on time. However, some may be late and walk in across the stage, thus distracting other’s attention in class. Uncomfortable Chairs: The...

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Classroom Management Plan for Grades 7-12

Classroom Management Plan for Day one of class (for grades 7-12) Classroom Procedures Entering the Classroom Students will come into the classroom quietly and in an orderly fashion without running. They will unload their backpacks as quickly and quietly as possible and begin to prepare for the day. End of Class Dismissal Students will be allowed to leave the classroom only when the teacher says so. The students will leave the classroom quietly and in an orderly fashion without running...

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Adequate Conditions to a Better Development of the Listening Skill in the Classroom

Methodology of Investigation | Pre- Project | | “Adequate conditions to a better development of the listening skill in the classroom” | | | ELT. Lizet M Romero Barrera | | Pre Project Teaching English involve the development of four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The accomplishment of these skills will provide the learners with the tools to acquire a new language. But if one of them is not well develop, learners will face a difficulty on the understanding...

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 Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management Courtney Ball Grand Canyon University EDU-536 Jeff Martin June 10, 2014 Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management There are many legal and ethical pitfalls for teachers when considering classroom management. Teachers face pressure from administrators, state agencies, parents, and students to have successful and effective classrooms. Over the years, the standard has moved and is constantly changing with initiatives...

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Effective Classroom Management

Effective Classroom Management According to K. Proctor of Red River College, classroom management is a set of teaching behaviors by which the teacher promotes appropriate student behavior and eliminates inappropriate behavior, develops good interpersonal relationships and a positive socio-emotional climate, and establishes and maintains an effective and productive classroom organization. In short, classroom management is the organizational techniques of the teacher that keeps the classroom in order...

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A Comparative Case Study of Classroom Environment of Foreign and Local Students at Fiji National University Nadi Campus, Fiji Islands’ by Noleen Namarta

TOPIC: ‘A Comparative case study of Classroom Environment of foreign and local students at Fiji National University Nadi Campus, Fiji Islands’ by Noleen Namarta Literature review The classroom environment is a major contributing factor that can either enhance or reduce student performance. Several studies by scholars have also recognised the important role played by classroom environment in learning and teaching. Hence the literature review will critically examine such...

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Classroom Management Plan

of the classroom. When students know they are in a safe environment, they feel safe to –ask questions, make mistakes, and be their selves. In keeping with tone of supporting students, behavior should not be punished, but re-directed to fit each students’ needs. My job as a teacher is to set the tone for such an occurrence and allow the students to see where they fit in. Providing the appropriate environment for all students to flourish will be my major goal in implementing good classroom management...

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Philosophy of Classroom Management

Running head: PHILOSOPHY OF CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT Philosophy of Classroom Management My philosophy on classroom management begins with learning and being familiar with the various rolls that a teacher plays on an everyday basis. I didn’t know until taking this course that a teacher assumes so many rolls during the day. He or she takes on rolls such as: a parent, a social worker, an advisor, a counselor, and a judge. During my classroom observations and readings, I have learned that I will...

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EDU 503D, Classroom Management and Discipline: Building Classroom Discipline

Antioch University Seattle Classroom Management and Discipline: EDU 503D Student: Latifah Raoof Class Title: Building Classroom Discipline Assignment: Class Reflections Date: December 07, 2005 Classroom Management – Reflections This class experience was very necessary and enlightening. I have a long work history in the area of discipline and I have relied on the strength of my personality along with many methods of training that I received throughout the years. My philosophy is that: “Each child...

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Online vs Traditional Education

own time. A traditional education is in an actual classroom environment, you have to be in class at a certain time of the week on certain days and you learn from a teacher. With an online classroom, you can make your own schedule and teach yourself and do homework when you have free time. There are a few things you need to know about online education before you decide to sign up for schooling. One thing you need to know about an online classrooms is you better have a backup plan in case your internet...

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