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Project - Work life Balance and Stress in women in Academia Good morning/afternoon/evening, we are from international management institute kolkata, are conducting a study on Work life Balance and Stress in women in Academia for research and academic purposes. We focus on our studies on women academics. Workaholism has been linked to higher stress levels (Worrall et al 2000) and stress is thus additionally expected to have a link in influencing work life balance and this thus forms another aspect...

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Talent management in academia: performance systems and HRM policies

Talent management in academia: performance systems and HRM policies Talent and performance management are becoming a key strategic HRM issue for universities. This study adds to our knowledge by critically examining recruitment and selection practices for junior and senior academic talent in the Netherlands. We identify three key dilemmas in talent and performance management for universities: (a) transparency versus autonomy, (b) power of HR versus power of academics, (c) equality versus homogeneity...

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Academia and Text Matching Software

  Critically evaluate the use of text matching software as an aid to developing good scholarship practice Introduction Academic dishonesty such as plagiarism has been a major factor in education that has affected students’ success and academic achievements in recent years. Plagiarism according to Park (2003) is the act of appropriating or copying another person’s work and passing them on as one’s idea without acknowledging the original source. Park (2003)...

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Academia and Briefly Summarize

BAYLOR Indicate any special experiences, unusual factors or other information you feel would be helpful in evaluating you, including, but not limited to, education, employment, extracurricular activities, prevailing over adversity. You may expand upon but not repeat AMCAS application information. 2000 character limit. COLUMBIA 1. Please describe your parents’ occupations: (250 char.) 2. If your first and last name is often mispronounced, how do you pronounce it? (250 char.) 3. Have you...

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Testing upload limits

an ideal emerged in Europe only in the 18th century, particularly with the Romantic movement. Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions like expulsion. Plagiarism is not a crime per se but in academia and industry it is a serious ethical offense,[6][7] and cases of plagiarism can constitute copyright infringement. Etymology[edit] In the 1st century. the use of the Latin word plagiarius (literally kidnapper), to denote someone stealing someone...

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Ethical Issue (Historical Facts)

Researchers have investigated factors associated with college students and cheating that include personal and situational characteristics of this group of individuals, the influence of technological advances, and even influences from realms outside of academia. Many professionals in higher education argue that teaching students to behave in ethical ways and to develop core values that will influence lifelong decisions must become priorities. However, academic dishonesty is endemic in all levels of education...

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Chevening Scholarship

disciplines at British universities which rank among the best in the world. Chevening alumni have an excellent record of rising to positions of leadership across a wide range of fields including politics, business, media, civil society, religion and academia. I have great pleasure in inviting Malaysians to apply for this year’s programme.” Mohammad Shaharom Ahmad Ismail, recipient of the 2013/14 Chevening Scholarships who is studying MSc. in the Science of Occupational Health, Safety & Environment...

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performance to date and academic potential, as well as a candidate’s potential contribution to society. There is an expectation that award holders will use their Cardiff University qualification to make a future contribution to society, the economy, academia or research. The selectors will therefore pay special attention to the information that you provide below in relation to these areas. Word count: 800 words maximum (approximately 150 words per section). Please attach a separate sheet if necessary...

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Conducting Scholarly Research

to write good scholarly papers. A key to scholarly writing is using evidence to support your arguments. The skills you learn as a researcher will aid you in your writing. The purpose of education is to build your knowledge and the purpose of academia is to contribute to and build the knowledge of the culture as a whole. By taking the research and writings of others and evaluating and adding it as essential pieces of your own research, you then move the knowledge of both yourself and the community...

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SOP for master of engineering

I, Mashuque Enam , am applying to Murdoch University for the admission to Master of Engineering Program with specialization in the field of Instrumentation and control. My goal is to pursue a career in research, either in industry or in academia As a Statement of purpose of my graduate study, I describe here my academic background, research interests and career goals. Academic Background At the teenage, I was excessively fond of playing cricket and there was no balance between study...

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Laziness: University and Student S Grade

national level. It can adversely affect the students’ enrollment process as doing so can cause discouragement from registering for courses, which would severely disrupt a students’ semester and possibly admission. Meeting the demand of a college academia can be an arduous task for college students. Laziness can impede upon this task, leading students to fall behind in course work, assignments, quizzes, and exams. Doing so has negative consequences, and procrastination, where the students has either...

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Public Intellectual

intellectual, in comparison to others through her ability to get involved (Osick, 1995), and actively make changes to the lives of those she affected. In conclusion I consider to Dianne to be a public intellect irrespective of contribution to academia but through her active participation in emancipating those she was able to come into contract with. By working with those less privileged it gave Dianne opportunities to share her knowledge and expertise from her life’s experiences. Through the act...

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Cult of Anti-Intellectualism Discussion Questions

have the notion that they believe they are better because they are excelling. 7. What does McWhorter mean when he says that black student are “walking against the wind” “Walking against the wind” means that when a black American excels in academia he or she are going against cultural norms and mediatized perceptions of black Americans. Furthermore, it represents an obstacle or hindrance that slows the black American down from attaining their destiny. The exploitation of this ideal reveals...

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Academic Honesty

living. Plenty of them are lucky enough like me, to get the job they’ve always wanted before they earn a degree. “Indeed, plagiarism and cheating are reflections of the need to get good grades at all cost; and, they continue to be serious problems in academia” (Danielsen, Simon, & Pavlick, 2006; Fontana, 2009; Lipka, 2009; McCabe, 2009; McCabe et al., 2006; Rosamond, 2002; Wilkerson, 2009). This is causing that some –early professionals- just try their best to rush their way into a degree without paying...

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Summary Essay

lie my way through the conversation, or admit my lack of knowledge. With sports, fashion or art, it’s a universal understanding: if you’ve seen it, you can discuss it. Later in the article, Graff draws parallels and differences from the world of academia and the world of sports. On page 384, he mentions that the real world of academics is organized like many sports teams, and has a very competitive nature. However, Graff clarifies, “In this competition, points were scored not by making arguments...

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The Tenure Debate

could earn in other occupations. “Many faculty have the ability to succeed in jobs that have substantially higher compensation than academia. This is most obvious in fields like law, economics, business, engineering, and the sciences, but it applies in a range of fields. Indeed, many faculty who are denied tenure subsequently find higher paying jobs outside of academia.”(Miron, 2001) The tenure system provides higher job security than would a for-profit company, but it provides far less in monetary...

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Length: 1500 - 2000 words Task: This assignment is to be done individually, and is designed to lead you into the tourism studies literature and to foster the development of the practice of discussing conceptual issues in tourism studies. In academia the definition of tourism varies according to one’s philosophical approach. Consequently many definitions exist. Stear (2005) defines tourism as follows: Tourism is travel and temporary stay, involving at least one night away from the region of...

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Liberal Groupthink

Liberal Groupthink Is Anti-Intellectual Reaction Paper 2 Groupthink in the educational setting is a real serious issue. Academia has long been accused of it. The article “Liberal Groupthink Is Anti-Intellectual” by Mark Bauerlein is an excellent piece in describing the existence of groupthink in the educational arena and communicating its effects to the reader. I selected this article as it directly impacts me as a student but more importantly the article brought up something relevant in...

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Study plan

successfully, obtaining my Master’s diploma / degree. Through this program, I expect to be instructed in advanced research techniques and methodologies in cellular and developmental biology, expose myself to the latest developments in the international academia, and develop my capacity for independent research. In this way, I will have a solid foundation for becoming a successful biological researcher who can undertake high-level research upon completing my program and returning to China. 3. Why you are...

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essay and correct any errors before you turn it in. 6. You will have a total of 50 minutes to complete your essay.  **************************************************************************** Essay Question: A “trigger,” in the context of academia, is any course material that initiates (or “triggers”) a stressful reaction in students who have survived a traumatic situation. Oberlin College recently instituted a “trigger-warning policy” for their faculty, which advised professors to “[u]nderstand...

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Life at a Medieval University

some of the things that the church stands for. The whole basis is to use logic and reason to ponder things in a philosophical fashion. This faith vs. reason debate involved Abelard and others who felt that god was in a persons being, or heart. Academia took up most of the students daily and weekly lives. Scholars took full advantage of down time to relax and enjoy themselves. Social life was the second major aspect of a cleric’s university experience. As we know, the student body greatly impacts...

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Development of the Scholar-Practitioner: Article Analysis Resubmission

Many researchers from varied fields have attempted to explain identity theory or they used it as an entangled net of generality. Others have reduced it to students’ development of beliefs, values, and skills needed to participate in a world of academia. Past researchers have determined that identity is simply the administrators and advisors creating mini self- models. Supporters of these models place limitations on understanding the student as a diverse, multi-directional individual. Jazvac-Martek...

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rather tentative and cautious. This is the case because we are not after grabbing headlines, but we write accurately what we know. If our data suggest that X possibly leads to Y, we say just that. In this case we should never say that X leads to Y. In academia we are often unsure what really goes on, and we should be upfront about this. Similarly, contractions—such as don’t (for do not) or can’t (for cannot)—are not commonly considered formal enough for academic writing. Some of your readers will consider...

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Presentation-HTC: 11 Quiz #4 Review, Recap, Closing remarks The Case Studies Guidelines (Individuals and Group) Cases deal with real-life business situations. Analysis and discussion of cases provide a good augmentation of the real world with academia. The case method of learning requires the identification of the key problems and challenges the company is trying to solve. What information is useful and what information is not useful, analysis to determine the root causes of the situation,...

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Penalties for Plagiarism in Us and Uk Academic Institutions

WordNet (3.0) as “a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work." It is a practice where a person imitates another person’s work and declares it to be his own. It is a common practice within academia. This is a practice that has been mostly found among students, researchers and even professors. It is definitely not correct to imitate other’s thought and to declare it as one’s own. It is like getting hold over someone’s property without any...

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Academic Misconduct Essay

work in an ethical and honest manner. When plagiarism steps into the equation, not only does it harm the reputation of the plagiarist, but it also calls into question the integrity of the knowledge-production enterprise of a university. Outside academia, writers need to be aware of copyright issues, and take adequate steps to protect online material from would-be plagiarists. References Gibaldi, J. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. (Sixth edn.). New York: The Modern Language Association...

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Academic Freedom

Haris and Liba (1960) also related academic freedom to university teaching. In the modern society and modern aspects of teaching and learning, academic freedom can no longer be considered a university concern but it cuts across all aspects of the academia. Right is what a person is entitled to. Or what is legally due to a citizen account of being a member of a state, (International Declaration or Human Rights) established in 1948, as a common standard of achievement for all people and all nations...

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Naked Economics

and I am almost certain you will get a much better grade, create very polished, doctoral-level papers, and will have a MUCH easier time on your proposal/project/dissertation as these items are REQUIRED. 1. Do not use too many direct quotes -- in academia there is an emphasis put on being able to read, assimilate, and paraphrase thus the use of direct quotes is really an academic no-no in most cases. Just to give you an example, in a paper of about 10 pages I would expect to see no more than one or...

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Academia and Classroom

Student no : 43713009 EDA 201W Ass no : 2 719493 Question 1 1.1 Conflict→ The practice of recognizing and dealing with disputes in a rational, balanced and effective way. Conflict is an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scare resources, and interference from others in achieving their goals.” 1.2 Decision- making → Is the choice of the most suitable way of solving a problem or handling a situation . 1.3 Communication→ Is a...

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Academia and Students

  Stat170   Introductory  Statistics       Unit  Guide       Semester  2,  2013   Table of Contents General Information .......................................................................................................... 3 1. Statement of Purpose .............................................................................................................. 3 2. Administrative Details.................................................

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Recruitment and Retention of Academic Staff

: NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL COMPARISONS ..............................243 APPENDIX E : INTRA-UK EARNINGS AND UK/US ACADEMIC EARNINGS ...............249 APPENDIX F : THE LIKELIHOOD OF STUDENTS ENTERING ACADEMIA ....................255 APPENDIX G : JOB SATISFACTION AND INTENTIONS TO LEAVE ACADEMIA ............263 APPENDIX H : RECENT AND PROPOSED POLICY DEVELOPMENTS ...........................289 Detailed Contents ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ....................................................................

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Plagiarism in Higher Learning

again. Please remember that Wikipedia is basically a heap of digital garbage that will rarely teach you anything accurate. Using Wikipedia for research is the equivalent of licking a bicycle seat and claiming to have lost one’s virginity. Within academia, plagiarism by students, professors, or researchers is considered academic dishonesty or academic fraud, and offenders are subject to academic censure, up to and including expulsion. In summation, students should make at least a minimal effort and...

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Biography of Richard Rodriguez

career in academia, but uncomfortable with what he viewed as the unwarranted advantage given him by affirmative action, Rodriguez refused a number of teaching jobs at prestigious universities. He felt that receiving preference and assistance based on his classification as a minority was unfair to others. This dramatic decision, along with a number of anti-affirmative action essays published in the early to mid-1970s, made Rodriguez a somewhat notorious national figure. After leaving academia, Rodriguez...

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Long Term Effects of Academic Cheating

The article discusses cheating in academia including the numbers and statistics, the reasons and the strategies to prevent it. What striked me the most in this article is the long term effects of the unethical behavior. McCabe, Treviño, and Butterfield (1996) found a link in their studies between the cheating attitude in college and workplace. The direct correlation between unethical behavior at school and workplace was observed by Sims (1993) in a study conducted on 60 MBA students. His research...

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Plagirism: Publish or Perish.

from different universities of Pakistan since 2006, out of which 86 cases have been resolved while 18 are in the process at the university or HEC level (Daily Times, 2011, Dec 16). Rampant Academic dishonesty is a challenge and a threat for the academia. Plagiarism is also a part of academic dishonesty which hampers integrity, originality and novelty in research work. Plagiarism can be defined as copying someone’s work and getting it published without giving reference to the original work. It is...

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William Arthur Ward Quotes

honest, one would have to stretch in order to discover many similarities between my life, and the life of the American college administrator William Arthur Ward; a man who was born in 1921 and throughout his life became a champion for education and academia. However, William Arthur Ward has given me a very important gift; he has bestowed upon me a mantra which I have applied successfully throughout my experiences in the classroom, the Football and Lacrosse fields; as well as in my everyday life I...

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Summary : "Is Algebra Necessary?"

still required to make a schools curriculum look impressive. Finally he acknowledges that math is important, but many people have trouble with it because of its outlandish requirements. Hacker opines that instead of using math to keep people out of academia we should use alternatives, such as “citizen statistics” to help people better understand. He asserts that math should be treated like a liberal art so it is more widely accepted. He ends by suggesting that upper level math should not be required...

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Discussion on plagiarism

text, design, lyrics, concepts etc.) without formally acknowledging the source. It is a paramount concern in the information age, calls for need of stringent laws for protection of intellectual property. It is a serious issue not only in the academia, but also sports, journalism and entertainment business. It poses serious questions on the potential and principles of a human being, certainly is like a black spot on one’s persona (doesn’t matter if caught or not, for plagiarism). The ultimate...

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Academic Integrity in a Cultural Context

integrity consist of a long chain of interlinked values, if one breaks down, the full cycle may disrupt. Although this may have its repercussions both on and off campus, it also extends beyond that, including the educational externals. Therefore, academia should aim to grow away from cronyism and personal interest, applying principles that positively reflect on the whole To achieve academic integrity, faculty members must deal with their students as if they were long-term investments, deserving full...

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Personal Statement

admission into most of the Nigerian Universities because of corruption and nepotism, you have to know a politician or a prominent academician that is ready to help you out in getting admission. My father is a business man and he knows no body in the academia or political circle, he was very frustrated but he told me never to give up, he asked me to cram a dictionary I said Ok, I took my precious time to read over three hundred and fifty English novels, with eighty of them or so by James Hadley Chase(Raymond...

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Personal Statement (Oxford)

Personal Statement Every year, thousands of people all over the world apply the best of themselves to Oxford. Some believe in the distinguished faculties producing groundbreaking research that addresses critical issues facing our academia, while the others believe in the synergy between fundamental and applied research and the “The Lord is my light” approach, which foster intellectual partnerships between faculties and students. As an up-coming graduate in Economics, I yearned to further my postgraduate...

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Things to Know About Dissertation Editing Services

dissertation editing services when they need to make a dissertation. Making and writing a dissertation is one of the most important things to excel at in an academic career. You need to understand that dissertation is always reviewed minutely by the academia. You need to have proper references and give proper credits. The dissertation should be organized and structured properly. There should be a proper flow of thought. More, you need to ensure that the layout and flow of thought is properly able to...

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I don't know

Association (NSCA). He keeps up with new developments in athletic training by attending conferences and reading journal articles. Dr. Craig Elder sees himself not changing in five years. He sees himself instead staying the same trying to improve academia. Plus, he is trying to improve graduate programs for athletic training and strength and conditioning program as well. He also believes that the future for athletic training is good. He imagines that you will see more athletic trainers in the military...

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Study notes Dickinson

mainly if/even if unless whether as long as supposing provided on condition (that) who which when where whose that this there those/these it Example Annotated Bibliography Justify the importance of written communication skills in academia and employment in the twenty-first century. POOR EXAMPLE: This response would obtain a total mark of 11/50 or 22% Full Harvard UWS Style Reference 1. WJ Wardrope (2002) Department Chairs’ perceptions of the importance of business communications...

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Being the Best, the Right Way

GaNeane E. Lewis US/101 August 11, 2013 Johannes Siemson Information within the business world is a priceless commodity. How one uses this information will determine your success or failure in the business arena. Information within the world of academia is valuable in a different sort of way. How one obtains and presents information will also determine your success or failure. I believe that the combination of my personal Ethical Lens, my strengths in researching and presenting and my facility in...

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Why Parenting Is More Important That School

and digital devices are not a guarantee for good grades; neither are paying for an expensive private school or tutoring. What it comes down to is interaction, talking. I believe this to be true. When a child sees their parents’ involvement in their academia they feel a sense of importance. In my line of work I come across children and parents who come from a variety of backgrounds. Sometimes I see children and the amount of involvement that their parents play in their academic growth show through the...

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between business and the universities in the UK. Given the transboundary nature of science and technology, we cast a wider net when examining the five industrial sectors, taking account of experiences in the USA – where commercial involvement in academia is more extensive – as well as in some other European countries. We make recommendations for tackling the problems that we identify. The march of commercialisation Over the past 20 years, in the UK (and other leading industrialised nations),...

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Motivation Letter Fulbright

doctoral level, so that I will have the opportunity to conduct further research into related topics, in addition I have also informally engaged in becoming an academia in YYY. I will develop the knowledge obtained in the institution under the Industrial Engineering Department and I also would like to arrange collaboration between academia and industries, particularly in Indonesia to improve their performance and sustainability. Being a lecturer would be an ideal position for me to contribute myself...

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Academic Freedom

Academic freedom is the belief that the freedom of inquiry by faculty members is essential to the mission of the academy as well as the principles of academia, and that scholars should have freedom to teach or communicate ideas or facts (including those that are inconvenient to external political groups or to authorities) without being targeted for repression, job loss, or imprisonment. Academic freedom is a contested issue and, therefore, has limitations in practice. In the United States, for...

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Business Academic Skills

a later date. Example Annotated Reference List Justify the importance of written communication skills in academia and employment in the twenty-first century. Genre – Wiki entry: never use in academia. Not assessed. Poor Harvard UWS style – see Chap. 6, no. 69 for correct Wiki reference and nos. 61-80 for correct internet references. Genre – Wiki entry: never use in academia. Not assessed. Poor Harvard UWS style – see Chap. 6, no. 69 for correct Wiki reference and nos. 61-80 for correct...

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Work Life Balance

importance in the area of job stress on work-life balance and worklife conflict amongst academics. In the last fifteen years work pressure has been constantly rising within academia globally (Gillespie, Walsh, Winefield, Dua, & Stough, 2001; Perry, et al., 1997; van Emmerik, 2002). It has been argued that rising stressors in academia are ‘eroding’ the operating capabilities of universities (Perry, et al., 1997). This suggests that increasing levels of stress in university staff may be causing universities...

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Managment Case Study

clarification and/or exemptions of the tenure policy. • Seek an external mentor for collaboration. • Develop a constellation of mentors. • Ask the dean again to reconsider her problem and to present a solution. • Move to another university. • Leave academia. Expected Outcomes The principal guiding considerations for managing people should include resource allocation (especially time), mentoring techniques, and attention to motivation and development, as well as a commitment to equitable treatment...

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Effects of Attitude of Students in Their Classroom

relationship between faculty attitudes towards student cheating and their actual attempts to reduce it through statements on their syllabi addressing academic dishonesty. If the large amount of research conducted on student cheating is any indication of academia and professors' strong desire to reduce student cheating, it seemed likely these attitudes would factor into the creation of their classroom guidelines. However, data comparing faculty and student attitudes toward cheating in research demonstrates...

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someone else's original ideas. But terms like "copying" and "borrowing" can disguise the seriousness of the offense. Besides, many people also are quick to make the connection between students and plagiarism, but in fact, it can be found outside of academia as well. Some of the fields most affected by plagiarism include: • Art • Journalism • Music • Pop Culture/Television Plagiarism is evident in both journalistic work as well as academic work, and each has its own consequences. For those who commit...

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50 Tips to Improve Your Essay

this will mean going to printed copies of things. If your bibliography consists of predominantly internet sources, even if they are all good ones, the marker will probably surmise that you are a bit lazy and convenience orientated. Some sections of academia are slow to change; I think there is still a bias towards printed sources among examiners and it would be as well to be aware of it. 15. Find good examples. What makes a good example? Apart from it being correctly cited, I would say...

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The Future of Academic Honesty - Paper

Cheating, Collusion and Illicit Collaboration. The current literature shows that younger students tend to cheat more because they lack interest in some of their lower level classes (Lord & Chiodo, 1995) and are more immature and less committed to academia (Diekhoff et al., 1996). The next hypothesis investigates the relationship between age and each of the four different types of cheating: H4: AGE is inversely related to Flagrant Cheating, Insidious Cheating, Collusion and Illicit Collaboration. ...

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Articles Found in Technical Books

2 ARTCLES FOUND IN TECHNICAL JOURNALS AND BOOKS Scholarly articles In academia, professional scholars typically make unsolicited submissions of their articles to academic journals. Upon receipt of a submitted article manuscript, the journal editor (or editors) determines whether to reject the submission outright or begin the process of peer review. In the latter case, the submission becomes subject to anonymous peer-review by outside scholars of the editor's choosing. The number of these peer...

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Pest Analysis of Cambodia

be addressed at a national level and from a national perspective. d. Addressing brain drain: Low teaching salaries and lack of career tracks and research opportunities provide little incentive for individuals holding advanced degrees to remain in academia, therefore few become lecturers or take up research positions within universities. The government also does not look to public universities for conducting research that is relevant to the formulation and implementation of public policies; almost...

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Discuss the Impact of Information and Communication Technology (Itc) on Academic Writing at University Level.

intensively and extensively in order to address a specific topic or assignment. In this regard, we now look at how far rather to what extent has the emergence and use of Information and Communication Technology affected academic writing among the academia. The rapid increased in the use of computers, the Internet, electronic resources, databases and the World Wide Web in all aspects of human activities including the most important education and information processing and retrieval has become a very...

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International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 17, 136-146. Hart, C. (1998). Doing a literature review: Releasing the social science research imagination. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Hawkins, R. G. (1984). International business in academia: The state of the field. Journal of International Business Studies, 15(3), 13-18. doi:10.1057/palgrave.jibs.8490491 Institute of Directors. (2007). Institute of Directors skills briefing – December 2007: Graduates’ employability skills. Retrieved...

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