Classroom Observation

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Observation Reflection

The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go- Dr.Seuss

The opportunity that was given for our class to visit Ozark Elementary was so great. Being able to see how other surrounding districts conduct their business is such great insight. I have been to three other schools in the past. Each time that I visited a new school, I would pick up something new to stick in my tool belt to use in my own classroom one day. Having seen a variety of classrooms during my visit at Ozark Elementary was very beneficial to me. Each teacher conducted themselves in a different but professional ways. Their teaching styles were different, their classroom setups were different and so were many other things. One thing that all the teachers had in common was they were all working towards being a strong support system for their students by guiding them on their journeys to becoming proficient readers and writers. During my visit I was paying close awareness to how the classrooms were arranged. None of the classrooms that I was able to observe in was messy or cluttered. The classrooms felt homey and welcoming. Some rooms had the desks in rows, some in groups and a few classes had their desks in a “U” shape. I really like how organized the rooms really were, it makes for a better learning climate in the classroom. The main classroom that I was in had only a few anchor charts up on the walls. When it was time for me to observe a whole group mini lesson I noticed the anchor chart that connected with the spelling lesson. Along with a few educational anchor charts on the walls, this teacher had a huge bulletin board dedicated strictly about the different corners in her classroom. The students were able to use this board to direct them to where they need to be. The board had a picture of each corner that was in the room for the children to use. I did not get to witness the whole group lesson in...
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