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Call Center: Characters and Scenes

Call center Characters……………………. Mr. Razib;The boss, is a middle aged bald headed man with loose character. He is very much weak to women specially to girls. Pritom; caller – 1 ; a young guy, very disturbing boy, unnecessary caller. Mishu; Caller – 2 ; A boy with clean character, very serious in any matter. Nawsin; caller- 3 ; A young girl with sweet voice , very fond of boys and always wants to talk with boys. Marjia; Receiver -1; A very weak hearted girl and very sensitive too. Prome;...

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HBW Case Study Jensen Group1

with Lyndon only a handful of times, Jane thought that Lyndon was very “professional and charming.” Though at first, hearing her boss’s repulsive impression of Lyndon, she inferred that given the right motivation, Lyndon would certainly impress the boss. What were Brookes’ assumptions about Kravitz’s abilities, attitude and motivations? On what were these assumptions based? Lyndon Brooks knew Jane Kravitz earlier through some committee work and thought she is a genuine person to work with. He...

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Marilyn and Len Exchanges,

get his way. He diverted the headway Marilyn was making by accusing her of becoming irritated in their conversation. He also correctly interrupted her points, by trying to make seem that had the approval of higher authority when he stated that the boss was already aware of and happy with his decision. • What do you project the outcome of the first exchange to be? The projected outcome for the first exchange is that Len and Marilyn stay at a deadlock with no real development being made. However...

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A Day in the Life of Project Manager

and project documents – 30 min A few things are ordinary daily work that requires doing the same work repetitively. Time spent on these routine activities: a. Reviewing her schedule – 15 min b. Discussing the project with her boss – 20 min c. Updating boss on the key events of the day – 20 min Time spent on non-project activities: a. Socializing and catching up on personal news – 10 min b. Getting to her office and settling in – 10 min c. Project status meeting delayed – 15...

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Classic Drucker Book Report

It has always been a goal of mine to keep all of my work off my boss’s plate, and to take responsibility for everything involving the products that I work on. The entire product might not be my responsibility but the more I can take on, the more my boss can be strategic. 7. "The theory of business becomes "culture." But culture is no substitute for discipline, and the theory of the business is a discipline". A company with a good culture that you are comfortable with might not necessarily relate...

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The Resignation Letter

The Resignation Letter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Boss looking through his Mail Box was astonished to see a mail from an Employee who was supposed to be busy working at Client side on a critical project. It had the subject - "TaTa - Bye Bye". With the worst premonition he opened the mail and read the content with trembling hands:- Dear Sir, It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you, but I'm leaving the job. The offer was too lucrative and attractive for me to turn down. I had to abscond...

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Team Leader

Follower Leader: what does a great follower need? 1. They must be clear. They understand their role. You can’t be a good follower unless you have clearly identified the leader. While you may be a leader in your own realm, everyone has a boss including you. Great followers not only accept this fact but embrace it. 2. They must be obedient. While obedience may be a politically incorrect concept, it is essential for organizational effectiveness. No one should be allowed to give orders who...

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Absenteeism at Work

recognition of their work and the goals they have already achieved for the company. If this happens they often do not feel important anymore and prefer staying at home, where they may get the attention they need. This problem is easier to solve, because the boss just needs to pay more attention to the employees and compliment them on their work or even paying them a bonus. We also should not forget the problem of working wives who next to the job have to take care of their children. Often it is impossible...

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Five Sources of Leader Power

referent power and expert power. The meaning of legitimate power means that the leader has the right or the authority to tell others what to do and employees are obligated to obey with legitimate orders from the leader. For example: whenever the boss asked his employee to do something, the employee must obey it as long as it’s under the laws. When a staff person lacks of the authority to give an order to a particular manager that means that the staff has no legitimate power over the manager. The...

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Contemporary Case Study Josh Martin

as well as the position he currently has. Ultimately, Martin has to decide whether the risk and potentially lower income is worth the move from job to job. Would he truly be happy once he had found a more understanding, appreciative and hard working boss or would he find someone equally as bad as Saunders, or worse. 3. Martin could quit and become an independent manager, commission his work out to potential clients and work as a contracted employee handing down his years of experience, ideas and...

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