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Black And White Films

Week One Imagine you have been hired by a small but growing company to help with their IT efforts. Your first task is to let them know the general principles involved with using IT systems throughout the enterprise. Write an e-mail describing the top five types of IT systems the company could use in its operations. Answer the following questions in 200 to 300 words each: * What are some important questions that need to be asked when determining the exact requirements for a system? *...

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Tracks: Black-and-white Films and Humor Prohibit Surrender

Louise Erdrich Tracks It okay however not very interesting story. It is a confusing story at the beginning. I am still uncertain if Nanapush is a male or female. the writer wrote this story as a third person, which again leaves me confused. The story Indians feel that they have been robbed from all there fortune. However Nana push drowns and never dies or she dies and she becomes a witch I'm confused. Set in North Dakota at a time in the past century when Indian tribes were struggling to...

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To kill a mocking bird

 1. Write about the conflicts portrayed in the book as the trial unfolds and intensifies. Ans: The conflict portrayed is that a white woman is accusing a black man of rape. The attorney of the black is proving the case to be bias and that the black man is innocent. The attorney is now face with protecting his client since he is been targeted to be killed. The case even intensifies when the court finds out that the accuser has no motion or power in the hand he was accused of using to be the...

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Explain the poem, Hills Like White Elephants. A Feminist Approach to "Hills Like White Elephants"

From a feminist point of view, Ernest Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants" uses a plethora of symbols to convey the idea that a young girl named Jig is a typical woman dealing with a woman's choice. Although the word abortion is never used in the story, the reader is lead to that conclusion through the use of symbolism. The story begins with Jig and her American boyfriend waiting for a train in the valley of Ebro, a symbolic use of the word "Embryo". In addition, the valley of Ebro has a river...

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Analysis of western films "Shane" and "High Noon"

Relationship of Western Film Heroes with the Community In the genre of western films, the hero plays a key role. In many films the American people have turned their attention to more constructive pursuits, such as battling nature to progress America's future rather than each other. In between this wild country fraught with danger and corruption lies the role of the hero. The hero is usually portrayed as an individual with exceptional skills who through their abilities rids a town of the corrupt...

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The Representation of Women in the Media Today.

With reference to your own detailed examples, explore the representation of women in the media today. Film Snow White and Brave Conclusion At this point in time, there is an assumption of equality between men and women, but if you explore further into the media, a clear bias emerges. Women are very often objectified, misrepresented, exploited, distorted or even, absent. Women are represented in the media in many different ways, depending on which item of...

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American Films and Stella

SCENE I Stella is a transfer student in a famous university .In the beginning of her first semester, her teacher asked her to introduce herself. Teacher: Nice to meet you Stella, could you introduce yourself to everybody? Stella: Sure. I have a dream, that is, to have a colourful life in the next four years. First I'll do my best in studies, not only for scholarship but also for myself. Second, i'd like to make some new friends in my university life. With no doubt, Stella will be a star in the...

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Heart of Darkness vs. Apocalypse Now

power. Movie- Kurtz has clearly gone mad in the movie. He appears usually in the darkness representing death and destruction. He takes Willard captive and tries to convert him to the dark side. The madness is more apparent in the movie then the film because other characters appear to be going mad as well. The men on the boat all begin to act foolishly. Lance loses a sense of reality and wants to keep a puppy with him at all times. Another man sets off gas just because the color appeals to his...

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The Earth on Turtle Back and the Navajo Origin Legend

themselves well. The women dried themselves with yellow cornmeal; the men with white cornmeal. Soon after r the ablutions were completed they heard the distant call of the ap-proaching gods. It was shouted, as before, four times-nearer and louder at each repetition-and, after the fourth call, the gods appeared. Blue Body and Black Body each carried a sacred buckskin. White Body carried two ears of corn, one yellow, one white, each covered at the end completely with graithe ablutions were completed they...

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The Law Why We Should or Shouldn't Obey

to give her seat near the front of the bus for a Caucasian male. The law in her state was any black or colored citizen had to give up their front row seat if a white person got on the bus. Also if the bus was crowded with riders, blacks were suppose to give up their seat regardless of its location to a white person. Rosa Parks decided to go against the law at that time and not relinquish her seat to a white man. She was therefore thrown in jail for going breaking the law. Parks went against the law...

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The Enemy

would be in danger. So they left the house. 5. Who was the white man whom Dr. Sadao and Hana found? The white man was an American soldier as evident from his clothes. They guess that he was a prisoner of war from his cap that said ‘Navy Seals’. 6. ‘‘But Sadao searching the spot of black in the twilight sea that night, had his reward’’. What was the reward? The “reward” was the escape of the enemy. Dr. Sadao searched the spot of black in the twilight sea that night to see if the man was still...

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Cache-Level 2- Unit 1

make sure nails are short and well cared-for, wear natural make up or none if possible, take all excessive jewellery out e.g. facial piercings, also dress appropriately e.g. smart pair of trousers/leggings, with a black or white t-shirt/polo shirt, jacket or cardigan and a sensible black pair of shoes. D6: Give TWO (2) different ways in which you can show that you understand the importance of valuing each child as an individual. There are many ways of treating children as individuals. As a practitioner...

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Essay on Anna Quindlen's "A Quilt of a Country"

People are such disparate things, they range from black to white to boy and girl, and of all the nations on Earth, I'd have to say that America is the one country that exemplifies that the most. Unlike other normal nations, populated with a certain groups of people who hold certain types of beliefs, America is a nation made up of all the ethnicities of the world, and unlike other normal nations, the inhabitants of America don't tend to get along very well. Anna Quindlen writes about why America...

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Analysis of "The Yellow Wallpaper"

we have to specify their religion, sexual orientation, race, social class (it is therefore essentialist to talk about “women” in general. Depending on the group which they are in, certain coordinates are applicable. The Yellow Wallpaper is about a white, protestant, heterosexual woman at the end of the 19th century in the higher middle class. Gilman wanted to obtain more freedom and in order to do so, she had to rebel against the most important institution oppressing her: MARRIAGE. (1) Nowadays...

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I Remember Mama

exquisitely detailed film directed by George Stevens I Remember Mama tells of a Norwegian family living in San Francisco during the beginning of this century. It is an old classical movie, based on Kathryn Forbes' novel titled Mama's Bank Account. The film is rendered and it is a moving act of memory about how an immigrant family copes with poverty and how they try to overcome the odds of living in a foreign country. I could identify with almost every scene in the movie and not because of the era...

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Life: Woman and Bobbie

woman to whom he was most connected and attached to, his hate for women began to inflate. Faulkner shows readers that Joe has a sort of normalcy with the order of things. He would tell every prostitute that he met throughout the book that he was a black man. This would always bring one emotion from the women. When Bobbie showed that she didn’t care if he was a Negro, Joe’s reactions became violent. When Bobbie later tries to resolve things between the two, Joe ran to the woods to vomit. This shows...

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Animal Farm characters

away. Stubborn and crotchety. Cynical and apathetic. Thinks nothing ever changes. Refuses to be excited about the rebellion. Squealer Great speaker. Good at arguing and convincing others. The other pigs say Squealer could "turn black into white" Lies to and manipulates others. Squeaker is the mouthpiece of Napoleon. He uses the animals' gullibility to his advantage in rewriting history and telling lies. Sheep Very loyal. Constantly repeating "four legs good, two legs bad!", which...

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Symbolism In A Woman On The Roof

represents different levels of rejection. Tom, the youngest workman has never had the experience of rejection from a woman. "Tom felt alone again. Last night she had him into her flat: it was big and had fitted white carpets and a bed with a padded white leather head-board. She wore a black filmy negligee and her kindness to Tom thickened his throat as he remembered it" (868). Tom puts the woman into a submissive role and assumes she will automatically accept him and share his same desire of passion...

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The Femme Fatale: Ambiguity and Death

fatale can never survive, and can never “win” in the battle of the sexes. But why must this be so? What makes the femme fatale such a dangerously curious character for the hero as well as the viewer? In E. Ann Kaplan’s’ Women in Film Noir, Richard Dyer states “…women in film noir are above all else unknowable. It is not so much their evil as their unknowability (and attractiveness) that makes them fatal for the hero.” (Dyer, p.92) Dyer’s observation alludes to the connection between the ambiguous...

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Sexism in Music

American girls want everything in the world/ You can possibly imagine/ English girls they're so prissy/ I can't stand them on the telephone/ Sometimes I take the receiver off the hook/ I don't want them to ever call at all/ White girls they're pretty funny/ Sometimes they drive me mad/ Black girls just wanna get fucked all night/ I just don't have that much jam/ Chinese girls are so gentle/ They're really such a tease/ You never know quite what they're cookin'/ Inside those silky sleeves.” It does not...

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The Reasons for the Popularity of Plastic Surgery in Recent Years

fortunes, which may make children really experience all aspects of life. b. Books or Films should be censored As our society become increasingly complicated, books and films also have been affected in their contents. Because of the existence of some harmful information, books or films should be censored. In the first place, people in reality will be affected in their conducts by the violence in books and films. Besides, censorship is a necessary step to protect children from those harmful...

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A Walk to Remember

teach their children that no matter what sides of life you come from, love can always make people change themselves for the better. A Walk to Remember was released in 2002 and “based on the 1999 romance novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. The film stars Shane West and Mandy Moore, the movie was directed by Adam Shankman, and produced by Denise Di Novi and Hunt Lowry for Warner Bros. Although “the novel is set in the 1950s, the movie was set in 1998 to bring the movie into recent times and it...

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Pieces of April

 Anh Hoang Luyen Eng96-016 Richard Compean Ph.D. Writing Assignment #3 – Rewrite October 21th, 13 Pieces of April Pieces of April is an American comedy-drama film written and directed by Peter Hedges in 2003. The movie is the definition of family with members of one’s household, close relatives, or a social unit. Also, it indicates that family does πnot always need to be of blood relation, family can be found in the comfort of our friends, partners, and the like. In the movie, April learns...

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Spaces and Silence in Women's Language

write dairy about Nazi German that how they bitterly treated the Jews and she hid this dairy from Nazi. Another black woman by the name of Gcina Mhlophe was working in a factory. She used to live in her sister room, which was allotted by white people where she used to work. When her sister was supposed to leave the house Gcina found a public toilet unlocked and she began to write their. So if the case of western society which...

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Sequence Analysis of the Closing Scene of Sherlock Jr.

falls asleep during showing of Hearts and Pearls, and dreams of his girlfriend as the heroine, and his rival as the thief who steals the pearls. Sherlock himself becomes a detective to solve the case. Though short compared to modern feature films, this 44-minutes film utilizes a variety of filming techniques. For example, in one scene Buster uses continuity editing, a major technique Buster uses throughout his movie, to create position match, in which Sherlock walks directly into the big screen and becomes...

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if you were all,owed one wish that would come true .what would it be and why

figure Blue eyes, hypnotize teri kardi ai mennu I swear ! chhoti dress mein bomb lagdi mennu (bomb lagdi mennu, bomb lagdi mennu) (mennu..) Meri aankhon mein dekha kar Jab mein baat karta hun Main woh londa nahi jo tere saath padta hun White ghini laya hun Tujhe pick kar lun Dekh lunga aashiq or teri teacher nu Leke chalu ride pe phir chhat kholke Seedhi baat karu, na karu tolmol ke tonight I gotta hold you tight Aaj hogi late phone karke ghar pe bolde Blue eyes, hypnotize teri...

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Thelma and Louise

Film Analysis of Thelma and Louise Background Thelma and Louise is a 1991 movie directed by Ridely Scott, written by Callie Khouri, and starring Susan Sarandon and Gina Davis. Louise is a restaurant waitress with a inattentive boyfriend and Thelma is a house wife with an impatient and angry husband. The two women decided to take a break from their caged life and take a road trip. Louise shot a man trying to rape Thelma and they begin a journey of running away from the police. During this journey...

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English Creative Writing Work

when she didn’t answer, he slapped her hard across the face and she let out a silent whimper. One of the men pointed his finger in her face but she looked at him in disgust as she leaned to the side and spat on the floor, a red substance staining the white tiled floors. ‘That’s enough’ another guy said, coming into the room from another part of the house. He was much younger than the other two guys and clearly their boss with his expensive suit and styled hair. The two other guys that had been harassing...

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Literary Analysis of Philip Larkin's Work

“meringues”. Women are presented as being easily disposable, as food is. Another similarity in the imagery between these two poems is the implication of women’s innocence; white is projected into the reader’s mind by the meringues, and again in Sunny Prestatyn by the “tautened white satin” worn by the woman. The rhyming of “white satin” and “Prestatyn” put the town in a positive light, but also creates a gentle rhythm, juxtaposed by the dark tone created by the same rhythm in the following stanzas...

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Exam 1

under the disparate treatment theory of discrimination? Select one: a. A group of females are laid off due to a downturn in business. b. Black applicants are being disproportionately rejected on the basis of a psychological test. c. A woman with school-aged children is rejected on the assumption that she will frequently be absent from work. d. A black applicant is turned down for a job based on a handwriting analysis. Question 9 Correct Mark 2.00 out of 2.00 Flag question Question text ...

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Writing B2

old neighbourhood. Write a letter describing life in your new city and your feelings about the change. 2. Your name is Steven Adams. You want to go on holiday in the summer but you do not have enough money. Write a letter to your friend, Caroline White, asking for her advice about ways to earn extra money. 3. Express your opinion on the following statement: People spend too much time and money on fashion. Sustain your opinion with relevant arguments and examples. 4. Your name is Julie Riley. You...

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An Analysis Of The Book The Beautiful Struggle

up like Big Bill. His father wants Ta-Nehisi to focus on school and not become so caught up in what is happening on the streets. His father, as well as Ta-Nehisi, witnesses Big Bill’s becoming so immersed in the violent life that is predicted for black men in Baltimore. His father does not want to see Ta-Nehisi go down that path, and this quote signifies how fearful and angry his father is about Ta-Nehisi’s current actions and for his unknown future. As way of keeping Ta-Nehisi on the right path...

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Personal Narrative

blonde hair was already starting to come back. Megan told me that this will make it easier to spot me, if we get separated from each other; all she has to do is look for the person with the brightest hair. The first ride that we went on was Snow White. We lucked out because it had a really short line. The lines for all the other rides were enormous. This was going to be a problem for us because Megan tore the ligaments in her left knee before school ended in a volleyball match. Next we headed...

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That Girl Jamaica Kincaid

daughter in a different generation but also a development of the central tension of the mother’s more experienced maturity versus the innocence of the daughter. The poem begins with domestic commands from the mother to child, such as when to “wash the white clothes” and how to “cook pumpkin fritters” portraying to us a typical dynamic of any mother and daughter relationship as in regards to domesticity but as the poem progresses we see changes and reasons for domestic commands as well as non domestic...

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Variations of Love

more exaggeration on his feelings towards women. The narrator talks about living without love every single day, and how he will never find love as long as he lives throughout the stanza. Donne says, “Ride ten thousand days and nights, till age snow white hairs on thee,” exaggerating how he goes through each day not finding the love that he is longing for. Another example of the narrators negative tone in route for finding love is, “If thou be’st born to strange sights, Things invisible to see,” which...

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Song of Solomon

can easily see now why Milkman no longer wanted her. Hagar instantly wants to fix herself up, wanting to take a long bath and wash her hair with “real shampoo” (309). She then goes to the store and purchases a new belt, panties, two nylon slips, a white blouse, a nightgown, and fragrant perfume. This can be seen as a final effort to win back Milkman’s love by improving her physical appearance. Alas, the transformation is unsuccessful and does not result in Milkman’s love as she asks Pilate “Why...

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The First Cut Is the Deepest

and turn into tiny shards, impossible to piece back together. I reach into the crevices of my mind, into the deep corners that have sat undisturbed for so many years. Instantly, I am seventeen again. My mind turns my coarse, snow white hair into long, careless, jet-black curls that hang well below my rib cage. Time reverses my deep laugh lines as it rejuvenates my skin. I can see myself now with my long legs, tanned golden by the sun, perfectly polished nails, high cheekbones, and sparkling green...

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Sherlock Jr. plot segmentation

1. Sherlock prepares reels of film for a show. 2. The Girl goes to the pawn shop and asks the clerk to describe the man that pawned the watch. The man conveniently walks by and the clerk points to him. 3. Sherlock falls asleep during the film. III. Act Two A. Dreaming 1. We enter a dream sequence, where Sherlock sees The Girl and the rival man together in the film. Sherlock’s dream-self jumps into the film to interfere. The film changes multiple times to show Sherlock...

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Bank Accounting

name descriptive of their general appearance. For instance, the general ledger scratcher in one bank is known as the "red book," while the collection department scratcher is the "black book." These names have stuck through generations of clerks, and a young man going into another bank has been known to ask for the "black book," and being untrained in accounting, he had difficulty in making himself understood. Similarly, in New York City banks the pigeonholed desk where checks are assorted for the...

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In the film Drive directed by Nicolas Winding Refn a sudden act of violence by protagonist, Driver, is an interesting surprise. The build-up, kiss, bashing and exit involved in the scene of the incident help us to understand the character of Driver. The visual and oral features of camera shots, dialogue and lighting are used to create a surrealist incident. The Driver’s romantic love affair with Irene and his care for her young child sets the film as a romance and a drama, as the love he experiences...

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shared the same bed,but she usually hogged all the room. 41.When he does something,he usually goes the whole hog. Crab 42.When he gets up in the morning,he’s usually a crab Sheep 43.She had a rather sheepish smile. 44.He is a black sheep dog 45.Did you hear that Bob got a scholarship?What a lucky dog! 46.He doesn’t have(或stand)a dog's chance. 47.Who’s the top dog in the company? 48.Give a dog a bad name and hang him. 49.Every dog has his day. 50.Love...

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Born Into Brothels

1) In the beginning credits of the film, we see images of the children’s eyes looking down on images of the red light district. What themes do these images reflect? What does it tell the viewer about the children? The themes reflect the environment of the red light district. The society is in distress; children walking through the lanes in the middle of the night. The atmosphere is closed in; separating the people from the “other world” The living conditions are dirty and sinful; Men taking advantage...

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In A Country Like India With Such An An

remember, an that will end all the strife for her. Now a days its also supported by some campaigns like the BETI BACHAO which includes lallies  poster campaigns, wall paintings, billboards, and television commercials and short animations and video films. The Beti Bachao campaign is supported by numerous medical organizations in India, including the Indian Medical Association.The Indian Medical Association (IMA), the national organization of “Doctors of Modern Scientific System of Medicine”, was established...

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Women and Sexuality

patriarchy is represented when goblins use violence to taunt and torment her, but Lizzie does not falter or give in to their demands, “Though the goblins cuffed and caught her, Coaxed and fought her, Bullied and besought her, Scratched her, pinched her black as ink, Kicked and knocked her, Mauled and mocked her, Lizzie uttered not a word; Would not open lip from lip Lest they should cram a mouthful in”(lines 424-432). She represents strong women who were brave enough to stand up fight against society’s...

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Movie Review of Still Ready: Three Women from the Moroccan Resistance

Moroccan culture. A fact that one cannot look up on Morocco, is that women had a great part in the resistance. In Moroccan culture, women are recognized neither as important agents of history, nor as reliable reporters and interpreters of history. In the film, “Still Ready: Three Women from Moroccan Resistance”, three women who were apart of the resistance report how their involvement was not only important but the main reason Morocco is Independent. Ghalia Moujhide, Saadia Bouhaddou, and Rabiaa Taibi,...

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Men's Men and Women's Women

masculinity, i.e to travel, to be free from commitment and to seek adventure. According to Craig, a beer commercial is a perfect example of how a woman is portrayed to a man. Men’s women are physically attractive, slim and usually young, white, blond and dressed in revealing clothes, who seldom challenge the primary masculine fantasy as they are always portrayed outside home and are only infrequently portrayed as wives. They are generally portrayed as admirers who approve of some aspect...

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Turning Point for African Americans

work week. She normally had made twenty dollars a week and now was bringing in forty dollars a week. "Faragher stated that the labor force grew by over fifty percent, reaching 19.5 million in 1945. The rate of growth proved especially high for white women over the age of thirty-five, and for the first time married women became the majority of female wage earners. On the other hand, there were also many women who were very unhappy with what was going on. One example by Faragher that explains...

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effects of divorce on children

paper, I will explore three sides to this issue; the pros, the cons, and my own biblical and personal opinion on the matter. When Can Divorce be Positive for a Child? When we think of the “perfect” family, we think of a manicured home, with a white picket fence, two cats, 1 dog, a mother, a father, little Johnny and baby Sallie. This perfect family has dinner together every night, mom keeps the house clean, dad goes to work, and bed time rituals are filled with goodnight stories, hugs, and kisses...

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Commercial Law - Agency Contract

Heath: Tottel. Partnership Act 1890 Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 The Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993 Bibliography Bisacre, J. R. and McFadzean, C. (2011) Company law, Law essentials, Dundee: Dundee University Press. Black, G. (2008) Business law in Scotland, Edinburgh: Thomson/W. Green. Bowstead, W., Reynolds, F. M. B. and Davenport, B. J. (1976) On agency, 14th ed. MacQueen, H. L. and Thomson, J. M. (2007) Contract law in Scotland, 2nd ed., Edinburgh: Tottel. ...

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The End of the Affair

always found it hard to feel sexual desire without some sense of superiority, mental or physical.” (17) . Maurice really shows us he is the man of desire, the desire to possess. When we take a look at a group of gorillas, there is one leader. The white-back-mature gorilla is always the leader of the group which he has the right to mate to all the others females. Maurice feels superior because he knows that if he could own Sarah, that where he feel the power of the top male. Maurice feels jealous...

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My Sister's Keeper

favorite apple juice. Anna is described by her father to be the family’s constant, that she always comes in with a smile and that she always put everyone else in a good mood. When Kate needs bone marrow, Anna was there for her, when Kate needed white cells, Anna was there to give them, when Kate was ashamed that her hair was falling off, Anna was there to shave her hair so that Kate wouldn’t feel left out. Anna would do anything if it means it will make Kate happy. Anna filed the lawsuit so that...

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Women at Work

century progressed, they became more active in union activities and, as newspapers from the period demonstrate, they fought to achieve better working conditions and better wages. By 1900, many poor and working-class young women, mostly of Northern white extraction, were leaving the confines and moral structures of their families and elders and venturing forth to the large industrial cities such as New York (Lunbeck 781). There they became enthusiastic participants of the new pleasures that were offered...

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Tips to Help Decode Female Behaviour

others at times. Sometimes to carry off a situation without hurting his feelings or to save herself from trouble, while on occasions to contain her emotions and pose as Ms. Goody...popping casual, white lies is no big deal for women when it comes to playing it safe in the relationship. White lies are no big blunders or massive betrayals, but small lies or 'truth manipulated' to handle a situation. At times she might fib to make her man feel better, to avoid a fight, or an embarrassing situation...

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Comparison and Contrast Sonny and Charlie Sonnys Blues and Babylon Revisited

addiction. Second, the stories are comparable because of imprisonment. The imprisonment is caused by the addictions. In “Sonny’s Blues” Sonny is a prisoner to Harlem, he realized early on that he was not going to break the stereotype of being a poor, black, inner-city kid from Harlem. He realized the obstacles and burdens that were ahead of him. His brother warned him several times how dangerous and corrupt life is in Harlem but Sonny never took it to heart. He then turned to heroin to find the escape...

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Summary of the Poem the Rime of the Ancient Mariner

cobwebs. The ship came near enough for the Ancient Mariner to see who manned it: Death, embodied in a naked man, and The Night-mare Life-in-Death, embodied in a naked woman. The latter was eerily beautiful, with red lips, golden hair, and skin "as white as leprosy." Death and Life-in-Death were gambling with dice for the Ancient Mariner's soul, and Life-in-Death won. She whistled three times just as the last of the sun sank into the ocean; night fell in an instant, and the ghost ship sped away, though...

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make it possible for honest men to work the docks with job security and peace of mind. You may step down.” –Attorney “You just dug your own grave.” – Johnny > Terry Tommy’s distress and Terry’s resolve 1)What role does Tommy play in the film and what is the significance of the way in which he rejects Terry? Tommy plays the role of a little brother of Terry. Tommy rejects Terry by killing Joey’s pigeon – because he told the truth about the corruption on the waterfront, in which he risked...

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behavior, and values. The poem defines a woman by how she manages all the household chores that she is expected to carry out. This is evidenced by the first line of the poem. Kincaid starts with the mother’s teaching on how to do laundry, “Wash the white clothes on Monday and put them on the stone heap;wash the color clothes on Tuesday and put them on the clothesline to dry;” (Lines 1-2). This first two lines already emphasize the basic role of women as the caretaker of the house. The beginning lines...

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Analyses of Love in a Fallen City and the Golden Cangue

Modern Chinese Fiction, he praised Chang for her use of "rich imagery" and "profound exploration of human nature.” In his book, he also claimed Chang to be “the best and most important writer” of mid-twentieth century China. Hsia’s remarks and Ang Lee’s film adaptation of her novella, Lust, Caution, have helped to bring Chang’s name back onto the literary scene. Two of her most well-known and highly praised novellas are Love in a Fallen City and The Golden Cangue. On the surface, the stories describe...

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The Luncheon - William Somerset Maugham

young as I expected and in appearance imposing rather than attractive. She was in fact a woman of forty (a charming age, but not one that excites a sudden and devastating passion at first sight), and she gave me the impression of having more teeth, white and large and even, than were necessary for any practical purpose. She was ‘ talkative, but since she seemed inclined to talk about me I was prepared to be an attentive listener. I was startled when the bill of fare was brought, for, the prices were...

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mutation flow chart

and commination. The value of truth shines light on the world Christopher lives in and changes our understanding of autistic people. In Cristopher’s world, lying is not an option. The closest he has ever come to lying is a white lie “I said “I was out” this is called a white lie this is where you tell the truth but not the whole truth” though Cristopher’s monotone voice, the audience can see that lying is not an option. This is portrayed when Christopher says “I was out” flatly. Christopher’s relationship...

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