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Atmosphere The atmosphere is the body of air which surrounds our planet. Most of our atmosphere is located close to the earth's surface where it is most dense. The air of our planet is 78% nitrogen and just under 21% oxygen; the small amount remaining is composed of carbon dioxide and other gasses.It is a mixture of gases encircling the Earth and held by the Earth’s gravity. This invisible mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and water vapor protects the planet from harmful radiation...

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The Components Of Earth’s Atmosphere And How Our Climate Is Affected By Volcanic Eruptions Introduction The atmosphere is all that lies between us, and the vast and unforgiving conditions of space. It absorbs energy from the sun, protects us from radiation, supports the cycle of water and other chemicals, and interacts with Earth’s magnetic fields to give us a climate capable of supporting life. Without it there would be no water, no air, no life. So we must protect it. But to protect...

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Earths Atmosphere

Atmosphere Homework Describe the composition of the air Air is a mixture of gases and aerosols that compose the atmosphere surrounding Earth. The primary gases of air include nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%). Trace gases and aerosols make up the remaining 1% of air. The trace gases include the noble gases argon, neon, helium, krypton and xenon, hydrogen and the greenhouse gases. The aerosols are solid or liquid particles having diameters in the region of 0.001 to 10 microns, and include dust...

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Atmosphere Project

its small gravity), it has no substantial atmosphere. Its extremely thin atmosphere mostly consists of a small amount of helium and traces of sodium, potassium, and oxygen. These gases derive from the solar wind, radioactive decay, meteor impacts, and breakdown of Mercury's crust. Mercury's atmosphere is not stable and is constantly being refreshed because of its atoms escaping into space as a result of the planet's heat. The earths atmosphere compared to mercury is much MUCH better in terms of protection...

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Layers of the Atmosphere

Layers of the Atmosphere The envelope of gas surrounding the Earth changes from the ground up. Five distinct layers have been identified using... • thermal characteristics (temperature changes), • chemical composition, • movement, and • density. Each of the layers are bounded by "pauses" where the greatest changes in thermal characteristics, chemical composition, movement, and density occur. Troposphere The troposphere begins at the Earth's surface and extends from 4 to 12 miles (6 to 20...

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Atmosphere Essay

Dominic Vawdrey Aircraft systems essay Atmosphere The term atmosphere is described by Wikipedia as “An atmosphere (New Latin atmosphaera, created in the 17th century from Greek ἀτμός [atmos] "vapor" and σφαῖρα [sphaira] "sphere") is a layer of gases that may surround a material body of sufficient mass and that is held in place by the gravity of the body. An atmosphere may be retained for a longer duration, if the gravity is high and the atmosphere's temperature is low. Some planets consist mainly...

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The Atmosphere and its Layers

The Atmosphere (Physical Science E-Book. Pearson Prentice Hall) Modified by: Ezrel M. Alucilja  Guide Questions How does the atmosphere affect conditions on Earth? What is Earth's atmosphere composed of? How do pressure and density vary with altitude? What are the characteristics of the major layers of the atmosphere?  Important Terms atmosphere air pressure barometer troposphere weather stratosphere ozone layer mesosphere thermosphere ionosphere aurora   At 8848 meters...

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Layers of the Atmosphere

Without our atmosphere, there would be no life on earth. Two gases make up the bulk of the earth's atmosphere: nitrogen (78%), and oxygen (21%). Argon, carbon dioxide and various trace gases make up the remainder. Scientists divided the atmosphere into four layers according to temperature: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere. The temperature drops as we go up through the troposphere, but it rises as we move through the next layer, the stratosphere. The farther away from earth...

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Oceans and Atmosphere Worksheet

Associate Level Material Oceans and Atmosphere Worksheet Using the assigned readings for Week Six, prepare a 50- to 75-word response to each of the following questions. The Oceans 1. What is the composition of seawater? The salinity of seawater ranges from 3.3 to 3.7%. When seawater evaporates it leaves behind sodium chloride, better known as table salt. The other components of seawater are acquired through various methods. One of which is weathering. Chemical weathering of rock releases...

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atmosphere evolution of rocky planets

Atmosphere Evolution on Rocky Planets Atmosphere can be defined as a gaseous compound layer surrounding a large body mass suspended by means of gravity and centrifugal force caused by rotation [1]. Atmospheres of planets have not always been the same, its evolution comprised of complex development across million years of geologic time affected by various changes of variables inside and outside its planet [2]. Of the interest of this essay is the atmospheric evolution of a rocky planet. Rocky...

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Earth Science: Atmosphere Essay

The atmosphere is practically everything above the Earths surface. It starts at ground level and then just goes on upward, getting thinner and colder until it finally dissolves into space. The atmosphere makes our world livable. It is responsible for winds, weather, temperature and a lot more features that make the Earth different than other planets. Without it, the Earth would be more like the moon. From a general point of view, the atmospheres composition seems simple. It contains oxygen produced...

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Atmosphere and Volatile Liquids

solids from non – volatile (c) Volatile liquids from non-volatile solid (d) All of these 32. Melting temperature is the temperature at which the solid changes into liquid at: [1] (a) Double the atmospheric pressure (b) Half the atmosphere pressure (c) Atmosphere pressure (d) No Particular pressure 33. The temperature at which ice and water exist together at atmospheric pressure is: [1] (a) -1.5 oC (b) 0 oC (c) -1 oC (d) 4 oC 34. To prepare iron sulphide by heating a mixture...

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Notes: Atmosphere and Married People

are longer than days on earth. Martians also feel that more than two-third of the planet earth is covered with liquid called water. Water is a rarity new but it was in abundance thousands of years ago. The atmosphere of earth too is ten times denser than the Martian atmosphere. Earth’s atmosphere contains nitrogen, water vapour and a very reactive element called oxygen. Oxygen is so reactive that it can’t exist in the Free State and combines with iron to form red deserts on Mars.             The temperature...

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Glg220 R3 Oceans And Atmosphere Worksheet

University of Phoenix Material The Oceans and Atmosphere Worksheet Prepare a 50- to 75-word response to each of the following questions using the assigned readings for Week 4. Your responses will be assessed according to the accuracy of the content. Oceans Question Response What is the composition of seawater? Almost anything can be found in seawater. This includes dissolved materials from Earth's crust as well as materials released from organisms. The most important components of seawater...

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How Does Willy Russell Create Mood and Atmosphere in the Summer Sequence?

acts as a watershed in the respect that it marks a major turning point in the play. This is shown through the atmosphere that Russell creates, which goes from fairly positive, hopeful tone to a more cynical and desperate one over the duration of the sequence. Russell uses several techniques to create these atmospheres throughout. In the opening of the Summer Sequence the atmosphere is clearly a happy one, which is shown by Russell by using words like “young, free and innocent” to describe the...

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The Atmosphere

Exosphere- The outermost region of a planet's atmosphere. Ionosphere- The layer of the earth's atmosphere that contains a high concentration of ions and free electrons and is able to reflect radio waves. It lies above the mesosphere and extends from about 50 to 600 miles (80 to 1,000 km) above the earth's surface. Thermosphere- The region of the atmosphere above the mesosphere and below the height at which the atmosphere ceases to have the properties of a continuous medium. The thermosphere is...

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How does Steinbeck create atmosphere in the lead up to the fight between Lennie and Curley?

How does Steinbeck create atmosphere in the lead up to the fight between Lennie and Curley? The fight is a pivotal moment in the novella’s plot and it brings out the emotions of many of the ranch hands and lets us examine closely the relationships between certain characters. Steinbeck uses carefully planned linguistic techniques to create an atmosphere of tension and drama before the event, adding to the foreboding throughout the first two chapters that something bad will happen between Curley...

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Henry James The Turn Of A Screw Essay On Atmosphere Of Tension Unease Fear

­­Q: ‘From the very beginning, how does James create an atmosphere of tension, unease and fear in the novel ‘The Turn of The Screw’? Henry James is able to create and perpetuate an atmosphere of tension, unease and fear throughout the novel ‘The Turn of the Screw’ from the initial few sentences. The first thing we read of the prologue: “The story had held us”, instantaneously sparks curiosity in the reader as to what the story entails – since the plot of the story typically serves as the basis...

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Humans Cause Global Warming

belief, this is a fact. Global warming, by definition, is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants. The greenhouse effect is the trapping of the sun's warmth in a planet's lower atmosphere due to the greater transparency of the atmosphere to visible radiation from the sun than to infrared radiation emitted from the planet's surface. In simpler terms, this...

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Hydrologic Cycle

Hydrologic Cycle March 3, 2013 With every year that passes more and more fossil fuels are being released into the atmosphere. Over the past decade, climate changes, El Niño, and the increase in greenhouse gasses are being discussed more as earth friendly groups are trying to make the public aware of the negative situations the earth is facing. What would happen to the hydrologic cycle if the earth’s climate continues to get hotter? Is it too late to change humans’ patterns of behavior and...

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What Is Global Warming

in the atmosphere. Some of them get reflected back into space. The ones which get through the atmosphere warm the earth up. All the time, the earth radiates heat into space, which cools it down. We only really notice this at night, when there is no heating from the sun. Some of the heat going out is trapped by the atmosphere. This is what makes our planet warm enough to live on. But if too much heat is trapped, our planet will warm up and the climate will change. What is the atmosphere and why...

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Global Warming

Solutions Since the dawn of the 19th century, civilization has been very dependent on the consumption of fossil fuels. Greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, coming from these emissions plague our atmosphere. Greenhouse gases trap heat and prevent warmer air from escaping our atmosphere, which causes a containment of excess heat, thus causing a climate change; in this case, a rise in temperature. There has been large amounts of debate on whom to blame for global warming, although further...

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Week 5 Paper

fluorinated gases like chlorofluorocarbons, hydrochlorofluorocarbons, and halons. These gasses can take anywhere from a few years to thousands of years to dissipate in the atmosphere. Once released; these gasses act as insulators or blankets that trap these gasses in out atmosphere preventing heat from escaping the atmosphere and forcing temperatures to rise, but it doesn’t stop here. As temperatures rise, our polar ice caps at both of the poles have lost a significant amount of their mass; this...

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College Uneducation

1. An atmosphere (New Latin atmosphaera, created in the 17th century from Greek ?tµ?? [atmos] "vapor"[1] and sfa??a [sphaira] "sphere"[2]) is a layer of gases surrounding a planet or other material body of sufficient mass[3] that is held in place by the gravity of the body. An atmosphere is more likely to be retained if the gravity is high and the atmosphere's temperature is low. Earth's atmosphere, which contains oxygen used by most organisms for respiration and carbon dioxide used by plants,...

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are generated and contained. This orange layer gives way to the whitish Stratosphere and then into the Mesosphere."[1] Atmosphere diagram showing stratosphere. The layers are to scale: from Earth's surface to the top of the stratosphere (50km) is just under 1% of Earth's radius. (click to enlarge) The stratosphere (/ˈstrætəsfɪər/) is the second major layer of Earth's atmosphere, just above the troposphere, and below the mesosphere. It is stratified in temperature, with warmer layers higher up and...

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greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. » Is causing climate change. » • Climate change: » Refers to any significant change in the measures of climate lasting for an extended period of time. » Includes major changes in temperature, precipitation, or wind patterns, among other effects, that occur over several decades or longer Global warming Earth Temperature • Planet Earth maintains a relatively even steady temperature due to its atmosphere. • Earth’s  atmosphere  produces  a  natural...

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Comparison of the Planets

Abstract Why is Earth the only planet in our solar system capable of sustaining life? Why is Earth the only planet in the solar system that has plentiful liquid water and an atmosphere that can protect the planet from the harmful ultra-violet rays of the Sun? What makes Earth so special? These are some of the questions that will be explored in greater detail as we use Comparative Planetology to understand what makes Earth a habitat for life and what makes it so different from the other planets...

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Bio 140 Global Warming Paper

 Global Warming Global warming is the warming of the earth's atmosphere. For many years humans have been blamed for causing global warming. Global warming, however, can be caused by natural effects. One reason is that the earth is constantly going through periods of warming and cooling. Second the two most abundant greenhouse gases water vapor, and carbon dioxide both occur naturally. Third the earth is not the only planet...

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Creative Coursework - Climate Change

hottest on record. Yet, at the same time, the last 12 months have been utilised by most governments to not combat climate change, but to discuss and plan how they’re going to extract, burn and release MORE fossil fuels into our already afflicted atmosphere. Recession, economy and unemployment. Three words which I’m growing sick and tired of. As governments continue to provide false promises of economic stabilisation, the destabilisation of the climate further increases. When will they realise that...

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Why Does the Earth Support Life

reasoning into 5 parts. The list is as follows, * Atmosphere * Climate * Water * Light * Sun Atmosphere As of now Earth is the only planet that has an atmosphere where lives can strive. What I mean by that is, Oxygen being the gas that is required for the life of most creatures. This is present in Earth's atmosphere and also in water. Oxygen is constantly put into the atmosphere by plants and trees. Earth's atmosphere also contains a small amount of carbon dioxide. This...

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What Is Global Warming

What Is The Greenhouse Effect? Seen from space, our atmosphere is but a tiny layer of gas around a huge bulky planet. But it is this gaseous outer ring and its misleadingly called greenhouse effect that makes life on Earth possible – and that could destroy life as we know it. The sun is the Earth’s primary energy source, a burning star so hot that we can feel its heat from over 150 million kilometers away. Its rays enter our atmosphere and shower upon on our planet. About one third of this solar...

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Haarp... a Government Cover-Up?

excites or heats the ionized particles. HAARP was designed to probe 50k patches of the atmosphere with high frequency radio waves. The atmosphere is made up of three layers. The troposphere is from sea level to 16 km above the surface. The stratosphere includes the ozone layer, is from 16 km to 48 km. The ionosphere is 48 km to over 50,000 km. It is electrically charged and surrounds the Earth's upper atmosphere. The ionosphere is prone to catalytic reactions. This means if even a small part of...

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Critically Evaluate the Possible Causes and Effects of the Phenomenon Known as Global Warming

Critically evaluate the possible causes and effects of the phenomenon known as Global Warming Global warming refers to the observed increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans in recent decades, which is directly related to an increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leading to an increase in the amount of infrared or thermal radiation near the surface. This essay will evaluate the causes and their resulting effects of the phenomenon known as ‘Global...

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air pollution

Air Pollution To understand pollution of air, some knowledge of the atmosphere is required. Atmosphere is a layer consisting of a few gases surrounding the planet earth and is vital for the survival of life on earth. The atmosphere protects earth from abrupt temperature fluctuations from the powerful ultra violet radiation coming from the sun. The atmosphere is made up of nitrogen 78%,oxygen 21%,argon 0.9%,carbon dioxideo0.03% and small amount of trace gases ,helium ,neon, krypton, xenon, hydrogen...

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Earth Science Study Guide

has a lower density. A frequent rising and sinking of air in the troposphere creates weather. inversion A condition where air temperature increases with altitude, usually results from the ground being colder than the air troposphere Layer of the atmosphere above earth where weather occurs 6.5 Stratosphere 1. Where is the stratosphere located? Above the troposphere. 2. What is the temperature gradient of the stratosphere? What is its heat source? The stratospheres temperature increases with altitude...

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spectroscopy, and entered the astronomical hall of fame when it passed in front of its parent star and eclipsed it. In 2001 Hubble detected the element sodium in the lower part of the planet’s atmosphere. In 2003 hydrogen was detected in its upper atmosphere. In 2004, oxygen and carbon were detected in the upper atmosphere. Today, HD209458b is considered to be a part of a new class of extrasolar planets proposed, called the chthonian planets, as the cores of these giant planets are primarily comprised of...

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and water that we need to survive. Deforestation by humans is causing all of these necessary functions to be lessened, and hence damaging the atmosphere even further. Forests play a huge role in the carbon cycle on our planet. When forests are cut down, not only does carbon absorption cease, but also the carbon stored in the trees is released into the atmosphere as CO2 if the wood is burned or even if it is left to rot after the deforestation process. Smaller crops e.g. plants and agricultural crops...

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(i) Balance the symbol equation for the reaction. Cu2S + ..........O2 → ..........CuO + SO2 (1 mark) LEAVE MARGIN BLANK (ii) Explain why there would be an environmental problem if the gas from this reaction were allowed to escape into the atmosphere. .................................................................................................................................... .................................................................................................................

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Small Towns Big City

is at least twenty one years of age, and also collecting the entrance fee from each person. She’s talking with a fake country accent that helps add character to her costume. Her personality is bubbly and welcoming; it sets the tone for what the atmosphere is inside the building. There is another person at the entrance, a man standing beside her he is tall about six foot five or so, he has short brown hair and is wearing a uniform shirt instead of a costume. His personality is more calm and natural;...

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Global Warming in France

Energy from the sun warms the earth when its heat rays are absorbed by greenhouse gasses and become trapped in the atmosphere. Some of the most common greenhouse gasses are water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane. If there were no greenhouse gasses, very few rays would be absorbed and the earth would be extremely cold. When too many rays are absorbed, the earth's atmosphere warms, leading to global warming. Global warming can lead to many problems that affect the environment in which we live...

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ab english language

Atmosphere This article is about the general term "atmosphere". For specific information about the Earth's atmosphere, see Atmosphere of Earth. For other uses, see Atmosphere (disambiguation) View of Jupiter's active atmosphere, including the Great Red Spot. An atmosphere (New Latin atmosphaera, created in the 17th century from Greek ἀτμός [atmos] "vapor"[1] and σφαῖρα [sphaira] "sphere"[2]) is a layer ofgases surrounding a planet or other material body of sufficient mass[3] that is held in...

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Weather and Climate

your own words a short answer that describes the differences between weather and climate. Weather and Climate both take the same measuring elements of the environment and atmosphere (Temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speeds, precipitation, etc.). According to Sturman & Tapper (2006), weather is “the state of the atmosphere at a particular point in time within a defined areas.” This in turn is opposed to Sturman & Tapper’s (2006) take on climate which is “the synthesis of weather observed over...

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Free Fall Lab Example

this topic. 2. Developing Hypotheses. 4 points (at least 2 hypotheses) The Earth, Moon and Mars have different atmospheres and things might fall a little differently. Hypothesis. If the atmosphere was thick then the objects would take longer to fall. The objects would have a harder time falling through the packed molecules in the atmosphere I think the moon has a different gravity from Earth, I think it is more gravity. Hypothesis. If the gravity of the moon is more...

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Earth and Space Exploration

Earth is a unique planet. So unique that our technology today has not discovered any other planets or satellites that could sustain human life. The earths atmosphere is composed of about 80 percent nitrogen and 20 percent oxygen however, space exploration might lead to a discovery of a similar planet to escape the depletion of our atmosphere. Technology in our current generation is ever changing. Engineers strive to improve on designs in order to create a user friendly efficient product. The...

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Global Climate Change: Cause and Effects

releasing more and more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere for a variety of reasons. We are doing this by burning fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are burned, they release harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases then remain in the atmosphere, and trap most of the heat from the Sun, causing the global temperatures to increase. There are three main reasons for why humans are beginning to put more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The main thing we use fossil fuels is to...

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Early Earth

Living Cells originated at a time when the atmosphere and environment were different to those presently found on earth Archaea are single cell micro-organisms with no nucleus, it use anaerobic respiration (able to living in the absence of Oxygen) and live in extreme environment/condition such as high temperature, acid-rich, saline area etc. those environment are rich in minerals but hazardous to other organisms. Archaea’s population decreased after earth filled with oxygen, other than that, current...

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Problems Face by Earth

It happens when greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane) trap heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere, which increases the temperature. This hurts many people, animals, and plants. The greenhouse effect is when the temperature rises because the sun’s heat and light is trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. This is like when heat is trapped in a car. On a very hot day, the car gets hotter when it is out in the parking lot. This is because the...

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Reasons to Study Weather and Climate

resources, transportation, and industry Understand and predict severe weather Understand, predict, and mitigate long term changes Hurricane Irene: one of the top 10 hurricanes since 1980. Definitions: Meteorology: The scientific study of the atmosphere * Weather: Climate: Long term trend (average, high and low extremes), temperature, wind, humidity, rainfall, etc. Basic components: Temperature Humidity Clouds Precipitation Pressure Wind Goal of science- uncover patterns, make predictions...

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work cited

with the greenhouse effect, which is caused by the interaction between Earth's atmosphere and incoming radiation from the sun. Greenhouse gas - a gas that "traps" infrared radiation in the lower atmosphere causing surface warming; water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, hydrofluorocarbons, and ozone are the primary greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere. Solar radiation passes through the atmosphere and is partially absorbed on the surface of Earth. Some of the incoming radiation...

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Earth Science

Name: ____________________________________________ Period _________ Date _________________ Earth’s Dimensions Unit: Layers of the Atmosphere & Earth’s Interior INTRODUCTION: The Earth’s atmosphere is divided into 4 layers. There is a boundary where each layer ends and a new one begins and a name is given to this boundary – a pause. Distinct temperature differences are found within each layer. For example, at the stratopause, the temperature stops increasing with altitude...

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Climate Change and Glacial Melting

seven continents, and even on the high peaks in the tropical regions near the equator. Over the past few decades, the global climate has been subject to vast changes throughout every square inch of the world. Temperature increases in the global atmosphere have led to the accelerated vanishing of glaciers on a significant scale. Hypothetically, the complete melting of all the world’s glaciers would, at its highest impact, end the existence of every living organism on this planet, mainly due to the...

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Elements of Fictions

the protagonist part of the setting.” Henry “Part of the atmosphere of a scene or story is its setting, including the locale, period, weather, and time of day. Part of the atmosphere is its tone, an attitude taken by the narrative voice that can be described in terms of quality—sinister, facetious, formal, solemn, wry. The two facets of atmosphere, setting and tone, are often inextricably mixed in the ultimate effect: A sinister atmosphere might be achieved partly by syntax, rhythm, and word choice;...

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Earth and Our Solar System

process we must first gain a through understanding of the makeup of our own planet, Earth. We begin by identifying two types of families of planets, rocky terrestrials and gaseous jovians. The latter planet made of gas with no solid surface. The atmospheres of these gaseous giants show a thicker density as you move closer to the core. However, unlike Earth’s rocky surface a gaseous jovian cannot be stood on. The four gaseous jovians in our solar system are Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus. Rocky...

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Mitigation Strategies and Solutions

destroying thousands of people, homes, and businesses. The atmosphere is composed of five concentric layers; the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere. The atmosphere performs several valuable ecosystem services, first protecting Earth’s surface from most of the suns ultraviolet rays. Second, allowing visible light and some infrared radiation to penetrate, both of which warms Earths’ surface and lower atmosphere. However, over the course of the years, the pollution in the...

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Global Warming

Short-wave solar radiation sinks into the Earth's atmosphere and warms its surface; while long wave infrared radiation emitted by earth's surface is absorbed, and then re-emitted by trace gases. Climate changes occur in our earth's atmosphere due to a buildup of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases can occur naturally as well as a result of human activities. Problems can occur when higher concentrations of greenhouse gases are present in our atmosphere because they have enhanced our earth's heat trapping...

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Planet Venus

Joe Landis Block 1 Mr. Craft Research Report Joe Landis i The Planet Venus iii Introduction iii The Surface iii The Atmosphere iii Volcanoes v Magellan Mission v Work Cited Page vii The Planet Venus Introduction The planet we know as Venus is the second planet from the Sun in our solar system. The Planet is also the brightest if we were looking at it from earth. According to a some information I have found it "is the third brightest celestial object in the sky (after the...

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Global Warming Report

dioxide, ozone, and methane. All of these gasses escape slowly from the atmosphere, therefore the heat stays here longer in a short of warm airy blanket. Without the occurrence of the greenhouse effect scientist say that the earths average temperature would be around 30 degrees C. or 50 degrees F. There are many greenhouse gasses that can trap the infrared rays of the sun. Carbon dioxide can be released into the atmosphere in several ways, the bulk of it is produced by car exhaust, deforestation...

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pollution ( Merriam-webster dictionary), http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/global+warming. The greenhouse effect is vital when dealing with our atmosphere and global warming. What is the greenhouse effect you wonder? The greenhouse effect is the warming of the earth’s atmosphere that occurs when the sun’s radiation passes through the atmosphere, is absorbed by the earth, and is given off a radiation of longer wave length which can be absorbed by atmospheric gases, such as carbon dioxide and...

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The Ozone Depletion Phenomenon

nearly the size of North America. Less dramatic, still significant, depletion of ozone levels has been recorded around the globe. With less ozone in the atmosphere, more ultraviolet radiation strikes Earth, causing more skin cancer, eye damage, and possible harm to crops. What is ozone? How did researchers discover its role in Earth's atmosphere and the devastating consequences of its depletion? The Problem For four months of every year, Antarctica's McMurdo Research Station lies shrouded in...

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Introduction of Geography

working conditions and productivity. The social and political institutions that are unique to a region also have an impact on economic decisions. Earth Surface Atmosphere The atmosphere is the vast gaseous envelope of air that surrounds the Earth. Its boundaries are not easily defined. The atmosphere contains a complex system of gases and suspended particles that behave in many ways like fluids. Many of its constituents are derived from the Earth by way of chemical and biochemical...

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