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A seed is an embryonic plant that is enclosed in a seed coat or some kind of protection (Seed, 2009). A seed is the basis for any plant life; it is the essential beginning for any sort of growth. A seed is created from a previous plant or two plants pollinating with each other to create a seedling (Seed, 2009). Typically there are three main parts of a seed: an embryo, nutrients for the embryo, and a seed coat (Seed, 2009). The embryo is the true essential of the seed. It contains the one cotyledon...

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Radish Seeds

INTRODUCTION A seed is a fertilized ovule that contains an embryo and transforms it into a new plant through the process of germination. Seeds remain inactive until conditions are right for germination. All seeds need water, oxygen, and proper temperature in order to germinate. However, some seeds require full light or darkness to germinate. According to Holm (1996) seeds have chemical inhibitors that prevent germination. A seed will not grow unless those inhibitors are destroyed by things like...

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Seed Germination

Seed Germination Some people, when they think of germination, think of a seed sprouting. Very plain, simple image in their mind, especially since there is so much more going on in the small seed. New Life is growing. Germination is the sprouting of a seed, through which a lot of plants reproduce, though not all. Water is a major trigger in the germination stage, playing a major role also later in the plant’s life. Though seeds are not the only way for plants to reproduce, it is one of the easiest...

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Germination of Seeds

A seed consists essentially of a seed coat, stored food and a young plant, the embryo. The seed coat may be made of inner tegmen and outer testa. On the seed coat a scar (hilum) is present which shows the place of attachment of a seed in the fruit is present. At one end of the hilum is the micropyle. Through micropyle the seed absorbs water during the process of germination. The embryo consists of epicotyl,one or two seed leaves called cotyledons, and a hypocotyle. The portion of the embryo above...

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Seed and Salinity

"To examine the effects of salinty on fenugreek seeds." INTRODUCTION Since the arrival and settlement of European farmers two hundred years ago, dryland and irrigated-land salinity have become problematic for the Australian environment, despite the fact much of our natural landscape is naturally saline. The response of plants to salinity has been explained as a two-phase growth response. The first phase of growth reduction is characterised by osmotic stress due to salts in the outside solution...

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Symphony Seeds

and likely organisation structure of Symphony Seed Sales and Symphony Research Institute Symphony Seed Sales (SSS) and Symphony Research Institute are subsidiaries of the Symphony Seeds Ltd holding company which, in turn, is a subsidiary of Conglom holdings. Symphony Seeds is part of a division known as the Land Development Corporation (LDC). SSS and SRI both operate in the same environment, namely that of any large agricultural firm. Symphony Seeds considers itself a mature firm, implying that...

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Rice Seeds

Leucaena leucophala seeds Treatment | % Germination | | R E P L I C A T I O N | | 1 | 2 | Average | Rubbing on sandpaper | 0% | 0% | 0% | Clipping | 0% | 1% | 0.5% | Soaking in hot water (50 degrees Celcius) | 0% | 0% | 0% | Control | 6% | 0% | 3 | The experiment has shown that by clipping the seeds perhaps germination of the seed can be attain. Rubbing the seed with sandpaper can break the dormancy as well as it can also break and kill the seed. Soaking the seeds in hot water can...

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seed lab

Seed Lab I. Purpose/Question: A. What is the variable you are testing? Radish seed vs. Pea seed B. Question 1: How does seed type affect when the seeds germinate? C. Question 2: How does seed type affect the length of the stem? II. Research: List two pieces of information you learned about the variable you are testing below. The radish stem was longer. Both seeds germinated equally fast. III. Hypothesis: Make these an “If-then” statement and do not use pronouns (I, we, he,...

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Seed Bombs

BROOKLYN BLOOMS SEED BOMB WORKSHOP What: Seedbombs, or seedballs are a mixture of clay, compost and seeds that are designed to improve ecology in blighted often hard to reach areas. The components are simply mixed together into balls that can easily be dropped or thrown in an appropriate place. How: The clay prevents the compost and seeds from being washed away in rain and keeps them damp. The seeds will sprout plants that need the compost for nutrients required for successful early growth...

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Anatomy of the Bean Seed

A G I N T H E C L A S S R O O M O N L I N E L E S S O N P L A N The Anatomy of a Bean Seed Subject Area: Plant Science Unit Title: Parts of Plants - Seeds Grade Level: 4th & 5th Objectives: To create an understanding of the different parts of a seed and their functions. Colorado Content Standards to be covered: SCienCe Standard i - Students understand the processes of scientific investigation and design, conduct, communicate about, and evaluate such investigations. Standard...

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