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Seed and Gardenia

By jellybean1313 Jan 14, 2013 489 Words
Vascular or nonvascular? My plant is vascular because it has true roots, stems, and leaves. It has a system for transporting food and water. My plant has tube –like structures that provide support and circulate water and food throughout the plant. Monocot or Dicot? My plant is a dicot because it’s flowers have either four or five petals or multiples of these numbers. The leaves are wide with branching veins. The vascular tube structures are arranged in circular bundles. How the Dwarf Gardenia Survives, Reproduces, and defends itself? The Gardenia need to be potted and outside if so and the temp needs to be about 60 to 62 degrees It prefers moist soil and lots of sunshine and fertilizer. The gardenia reproduces in the following steps below….. The anther produces pollen, or sperm, which has traveled to the stigma, the portion of the pistil is designed to capture pollen. The pollen then travels down the style, the long tube leading down through the pistil, to the ovaries where the ovules are kept or stored. Once the fertilization occurs, the ovules will transfer into seeds and the plant will begin to produce fruit. The Gardenia is known as a deer resistant plant. It uses it’s strong scent , woody branches, thick leaves , and It’s waxy leaves. Gardenias life cycle.. The Germination of a gardenia takes about 21 to 60 days their seeds grow slowy and erratically when they germinate they need lots of sunlight.! The seed production of the Gardenia The flower is pollinated and fertilized, the base of the pistil, called the ovary, and begins to grow to form a seed pod and each seed contains embryo that forms a new plant when it germinates. Fertilization of my plant. When you fertilize the gardenia you need to use Acid Fertilizer and always keep them in direct sunlight and check for any bugs such as aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, thrips and scales. Do not over water Gardenias during fertilization. Plant development it’s growth habits are Arching, Broad, Bushy, Dense, Low-Growing, Mounding, Sprawling, Trailing and Spreading. ASEXUAL OR SEXUAL? My plant reproduces asexually which means that the gardenias reproduction one requires one parent and that means it can grow other asexual parts from it’s own body or plant part and if any part of the asexual plant is damaged it can grow back from the stems, roots, or leaves of the asexual plant. Photosynthesis of the gardenia. In order for the Gardenia to grow you need to keep it in the environment that is developed in (Southern China and Japan) with warm days, cool nights, and moist and humid conditions. Transpiration of the Gardenia. They use a form of evaporation called evapotranspiration when a gardenia is in bud they require additional water to sustain plant health so they can survive you should use drip irrigation and gardenias should be watered even after flowering to strengthen for winter weather. Respiration of the

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