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three main parts of a seed: an embryo, nutrients for the embryo, and a seed coat (Seed, 2009). The embryo is the true essential of the seed. It contains the one cotyledon, or plant leaf, which under the right conditions will spark the initial seed germination (Seed, 2009). The nutrients for the embryo surround it. These nutrients are stored in endosperm. Endosperm has a heavier concentration in oil, starch, and proteins (Seed, 2009). These nutrients are used through the seeds dormancy to survive. By...

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Seed Germination

Seed Germination Some people, when they think of germination, think of a seed sprouting. Very plain, simple image in their mind, especially since there is so much more going on in the small seed. New Life is growing. Germination is the sprouting of a seed, through which a lot of plants reproduce, though not all. Water is a major trigger in the germination stage, playing a major role also later in the plant’s life. Though seeds are not the only way for plants to reproduce, it is one of the easiest...

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Germination of Seeds

inner tegmen and outer testa. On the seed coat a scar (hilum) is present which shows the place of attachment of a seed in the fruit is present. At one end of the hilum is the micropyle. Through micropyle the seed absorbs water during the process of germination. The embryo consists of epicotyl,one or two seed leaves called cotyledons, and a hypocotyle. The portion of the embryo above the point of attachment of cotyledons to embryo axis, and below the plumule is called epicotyl. The plumule forms shoot...

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Seed Germination

The Effects of a Seed Coat in Seed Germination Mario Monroe INT1 Task 3 The Effects of a Seed Coat in Seed Germination Abstract Seed germination is an important aspect in plants growth and food production. It is therefore it’s of uttermost importance to know the effective ways of seed germination so as to improve food production. This research was therefore prompted by the rising issue of farmers buying low quality and a damaged maize seed from unscrupulous sellers and this has led to deterioration...

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Basil Germination

The Effects of Temperature on Basil Germination Abstract: Successful germination depends on many different factors. The amount of moisture, the type of seed, the temperature of the room, and how long the seeds are left in the specific environment, these factors are the most common. This paper focuses on the temperature of the seeds, specifically basil seeds. Basil seeds were placed on a damp towel, in two seperate Petri dish, and one was put in a room, to adjust to the temperature, and the...

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Seed Germination

THE EFFECTS OF LIGHT AND GIBBERELLIN ON LACTUCA SATIVA L. GERMINATION Introduction The time that a seed germinates, and whether or not it actually does germinate, depends on many factors. These factors include; the chemical environment, which must be the right conditions; oxygen must be present, and inhibitory chemicals must not be present. Germination also depends on the physical environment. Temperatures must be suited to the seed, and light quality and quantity must also be suited to the needs...

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Bean Germination and Saline

THE EFFECT OF SALINE ON BEAN GERMINATION AUTHOR: Erik Motyka Lab-partner: MWCC Biology I-109 Professor: Dr. Atryzek ABSTRACT: The response of Phaseolus vulgaris to increased levels of saline solution at germination and seedling growth was investigated. Seeds were germinated in paper towels placed in plastic Ziploc bags with varying concentrations of saline solution and incubated at 25°C. At the end of 14 days the seeds...

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Seed Germination EEI

Germination in plants is the process in which dormant seed begins to grow and sprout under certain growing conditions. The English pea, also known as the garden pea, is a member of the legume family and is known to grow roughly three to four inches long. Research shows that it only takes approximately 1 week for the seed to start to germinate. There are many things that can affect, the growth of the pea seed such as; temperature, moisture, planting depth and sunlight. The pea grows best in temperatures...

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Seed Germination Inquiry Lab1

Name: Block: Date: Seed Germination Inquiry Lab (adapted from- http://employees.csbsju.edu/SSAUPE/biol106/Labs/seed_germination.htm)  Objectives: The purpose of this lab experience is to provide an opportunity to: 1. measure seed germination percentage and rate 2. learn the requirements for seed germination 3. study the effect of various treatments on seed germination 4. grow a plant to maturity 5. learn about a particular species of plant  Introduction:     A seed is essentially a baby in...

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seed germination practical report

(can you please help me with my biology practical report, its about effect of salt in seed germination) I put seed in plastic container in the dark room…please help me with systematic and random errors) I need to hand up my assignment on 31st of October-2013, can you please help me AS SSON AS POSSIBLE THANK YOU, I WILL REALLY APPRECIATE YOU IN YOU HELP ME, YOU WILL BE GREATFULL FOR ME ) Abstract: The problem was to determine the effect of salt water on germinating radish and sunflower seeds...

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