Topics: The Giver, Jonas, Lie Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: December 5, 2013
 Chapter 24

Jonas kept whispering to Gabriel, “We’re almost there Gabriel, we’re going to be okay.” Honestly Jonas didn't even know where or what was going to happen. Jonas remembered he could lie but he didn't want to lie to Gabriel, but he realized that he would be lying to himself too.

Jonas looked around, he realized it was a hill. Him and Gabriel struggled getting to the top of the hill. Jonas felt a chill crawl up his spine, remembering the nice chill feeling. He knew he was almost there. He didn't know exactly where, but knew he was almost there. They both struggled getting up to the top, but as soon as he got higher and higher he felt the temperature dropped ten degrees each time. Jonas couldn't take the cold anymore and he assumed Gabe did as well. Jonas sprinted as fast as he could up the hill, trying not to let Gabe fall out of his cradled hands. Jonas felt Gabe’s body cool up as he got higher. His eyes were shut closed and as soon as the tip of his foot touched the top of the hill he went back; back from where everything started... The community. The sitting down. The hands on his back. The memories. The color. The pain. The love. The Giver. Although Jonas’s eyes were closed he could see everything. He saw the sled beside him, the sun shining, the snow white covered hill, he could even see little Gabriel smiling. He took a step forward. “CRACK”

“Did you hear that? We made it. We did it.” Jonas said, telling Gabe and The Giver. He felt accomplished but not a hundred percent. There was something missing. He wondered about the Giver, “Did he hear the first step of our achievement?” Jonas wondered, wondered about the community, all of them suffering, but yet them discovering color, memories. Love. Jonas finally opened his eyes. He felt the cool swift breeze and saw the bright snow...
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