seed germination

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The Difference Between Onion Red Rum Bunching Seeds Germinating at 70 degrees compared to 40 degrees.

Researchers tested the germination of Red Rum Bunching Seeds in different temperatures. Research shows that depending on the seed germination is most likely to occur at a higher temperature rather than a colder one. According to the results the germination rate for seeds at room temperature was 96% compared to seeds in the fridge which germinated at 0%

Review of Literature
According to Adams the main requirements for seed germination for most seeds are, water supply, temperature and light. Water is absorbed into the structure of the testa, which softens and moistens the seed so the next stage of germination can occur. Temperature is a very important requirement in germination and varries by seed. Temperature influences the activity of enzymes involved in the biochemical process of respiration, which occur bettween 0 degrees celcius and 40 degrees celcius. Light is only a factor in some species. In Ramirez's expirement research shows that seed germination was sensitive to low temperatures at day/night. Showing no germination between 10/5 snd 15/10 C. While seeds ranging at temperatures from 15 to 37 C germinated at higher rates. Mayer states that, " At very low temperatures and very low temperatures the germination of all seeds is prevernted. The percise sensitivity is very different according to the spieces." A rise in temperature does not always mean that germination percentage will increase.

First, each researcher collects two petri dishes. After collecting the Petri dishes the researcher lines the dish with a papertowel. Then fills it with water, damping the paper towel and dumping out the exsess amount. Next, the researcher places 25 seeds on the paper towel in both petri dishes. After the seeds are placed in the dish, each researcher tapes the dish shut and takes them back to their place of residence. Placing one dish in...

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