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the north side. Volcanic cones (cinder cones) Main articles: volcanic cone and Cinder cone Volcanic cones or cinder cones result from eruptions of mostly small pieces of scoria and pyroclastics (both resemble cinders, hence the name of this volcano type) that build up around the vent. These can be relatively short-lived eruptions that produce a cone-shaped hill perhaps 30 to 400 meters high. Most cinder cones erupt only once. Cinder cones may form as flank vents on larger volcanoes, or occur...

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INTO THE VOLCANO By: Crane, Cody, Science World, 10411410, 11/14/2011, Vol. 68, Issue 5 Into the Volcano Summary Paper INTO THE VOLCANO This paper explores the article featured in Science World (2011) entitled Into the Volcano. The article reviews volcanic activity, scientist’s interpretation of the activity, and a plethora of other surrounding and supportive information. In the war ridden country of Africa’s Democratic Republic of the Congo lays...

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Volcano model

around the hole accumulate to create a volcano. These happen most often at "hot spots", which are places along the edges of earth plates that are weak enough to allow the earth to vent hot lava. The study of movement at these plates that creates super geologic activity is called plate tectonics. Statement of the problem The study aimed to find out what ingredient/s together with baking soda and red food coloring will be able to make an unrealistic volcano model “erupt”. Specifically, the study...

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Yellowstone Volcano

Michael 5/10/12 The Yellowstone volcano has the potential to destroy all life on Earth. I believe that the volcano will erupt because the Yellowstone volcano is still active. The volcano has not erupted any time recently, and could make it even more dangerous the longer it stays dormant. If it does erupt, how would it wipe out the population on Earth? Will this event be significant to our generation? What are some of the statistics on the Yellowstone volcano? Is there a way to prevent the eruption...

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Yellowstone Volcano

geologist Daniel Dzurisin. Yellowstone is easily one of the biggest volcanoes in the world, and one of the few super volcanoes on continental crust. The extreme ways of this volcano, is what makes it unique. Because of its tectonic setting, there are many hazards involved, as well as potential for damage. The history of this volcano explains that, and other super volcanoes help explain what could potentially happen when Yellowstone finally does erupt. Tectonic Setting: To begin, the tectonic...

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MONTSERRAT VOLCANO REPORT Montserrat is a small island is in the Caribbean. It is only 12 miles long and 7 miles wide. It is known as the 'Emerald Island' Because of its mountainous and wooded terrain. It has attracted many rich people to the island and was famous for rock stars recording there. However, much of the population are poor and rely on farming to survive. Before the eruptions from 1995 onwards – There was over 12000 people living there, but now there is only about 5000. CAUSES...

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1792 Eruption of the Unzen Volcano

southern main island. Not only was the Eruption deadly but the Mayu-Yama Lava domes collapsed which triggered a Mega-Tsunami that killed nearly 15,000 people. This was one of Japans worst volcanic disasters. The Volcano has been dormant for 198 years until the early 1990’s when the volcano became active and erupted again in November 1991 creating a pyroclastic flow which killed 43 people. A Pyroclastic flow is a fast moving current of hot gas and rock known as tephra. The flow all depends on the...

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What makes a volcano hazardous

What makes a volcano hazardous? (40 marks) Within this essay, I will evaluate the features of volcanoes that define how hazardous they can be. Secondly I will discuss how ‘hazardous’ can be characterized in different forms such as, the effect a county physically, socially and economically as well as within both spacial and temporal constructs and how the perspective of hazardous can effect the perspective of how hazardous a volcano is. When looking what makes a volcano hazardous we have...

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Mt Etna Volcano Research

Mt Etna Volcano Research Basic Information of the Volcano The Location and Height of Mt Etna Mt Etna is Europe’s tallest and active volcano. It is 3340 m over the city of Catania which is located on the east coast of Sicily. More than 25% of Sicily people live on the slopes of Mt Etna, agriculture and tourism are the major sources of income on this island. How it was formed, the Tectonic Plates Involved and What Type of Volcano is it? Mt Etna is a stratovolcano ( another name is a composite cone)...

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Volcano Informative Essay

Informative essay Volcanos can be amazing to watch as they explode, until they start to cause catastrophic events and damage .How can the events of a volcanic eruption impact people’s lives and the environment they live in? Volcanos erupt when pressure and heat from under the earth builds up pressure until an explosion occurs, this is going to furthermore affect the people and the environment. Volcanos release ashes and rocks that are high in mineral and iron content that make the soil rich and...

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