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CRST Interview Paper

Smith Liberty University Introduction This assignment really allowed me to examine those around me and their varying beliefs about creation. I was shocked to discover that people so close to me actually believe in evolution and the big bang theory. I consider it a privilege to have opened up this door to conversation with people I never even considered. The course has prepared me to apologetically defend and explain the creation account and the gospel. Please be in prayer with me as...

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Seven Courageous People Setting Mars' Principles

months after the launch, the engines of "CrossMars" could be turned off as it could make use of the gravitational pull by Mars. At that time, the astronauts were able to see a big, red ball from the spacecraft! It was so beautiful that Sergey wanted to slow down the spacecraft in order to enjoy the view for a longer time. "BANG!" Suddenly, there was a loud noise outside the surface of "CrossMars". Fred told the others that the noise was merely caused by a piece of space junk colliding with the surface...

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The Importance of World Mythology

borrowed their philosophies in the field of the theories of origins such as the Big Bang Theory. The story of “P’an Ku, Creator of the Universe” starts off, “In the beginning an egg – like that of a chicken – contained the entire universe. Within the egg was one chaotic mass. Heaven and earth were identical. And all was always dark, for neither the sun nor the moon existed.” (Donna Rosenberg 328). At the point before the big bang, all of the matter and energy of space was contained at one point, the proverbial...

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Reflection Quesions: 1. Compare and contrast your experimental procedures with the Big Bang Theory. 2.How does your balloon represent the Big Bang Theory? What are the shortcomings of the experimental design? 3.How does the model you created help to show that the Steady State Theory is inaccurate? 4.Suggest a way that a scientist could create an even more accurate model of the Big Bang Theory. 5.What will happen to the gravitational force between stars as the universe continues...

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Why Evolution and Religion Can Coexist

science and religion have been competing with each other to reign supreme over the other. It makes one wonder just why it has come to this. After all aren’t they in many aspects quite similar? Consider the following; the theory of evolution, the big bang theory, and the Copenhagen interpretation theory all have one constant term, “theory”. Why? – All of them haven’t been proven yet as they are still mere theories. Now shifting over to religion, when reading a holy book, one finds no facts or substantial...

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Our Universe

and eventually the matter will fall into a single point and there will be a "big crunch"-opposing the big bang. The universe started all at one point and will eventually all end at one point, but where? The beginning of our universe is thought to have begun by either the big bang theory, the sun itself, from a companion star associated from the sun, or from a cloud of diffuse matter surrounding the sun. The big bang theory is that the universe expanded rapidly from the explosion of concentrated...

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It Is More Important to Learn and Understand the Practical Applications of Science Than the Theories

force it returns back with the same force. Because of the application of the law we remember it but what about the second law? As it is not applied practically we don’t remember it. Do you remember it or not? The biggest theory of all time is “the Big Bang Theory “that the scientist made ages ago, about the evolution of the earth. Moreover, the theories of impact those asteroids had when they crashed the earth’s surface. The latest major impact event occurred in Kaali, Estonia about 700 BC. Scientists...

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Fahrenheit 451

including Newton’s Laws of Motion. Dating back earlier, as early as 240 BC, a Greek mathematician named Eratosthenes had come with the theory of how the Earth was not flat. During Georges Lemaitre’s time, he had started the hypothesis of the Big Bang Theory, which is now a theory built upon a majority of scientists. Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, William Shakespeare; these are just a few artists that have sparked the world into a brighter way of thinking. What makes these influential role models...

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Analysis of Science of Religion

purpose explained on the ground of rational conclusion. In turn as time goes on we now realise that the theory of The Theory of God of the Gaps” is getting smaller. Science advocates the explanation of what the Big Bang Theory has provided in terms of our understanding of creation. The big bang has provides a mechanism of how the universe began without requiring God. The acclaimed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s said that “the universe does not require a creator” demonstrating that science has...

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Life Cycle of a Star (Gcse Level)

a very small star (compared to a normal sized star). And it is able to utilize carbon burning. The beginning of the universe There are many theories of the beginning of the universe but the most predominant theory is the theory of the big bang. The big bang theory says that in the beginning there was one point of heat the size of an atom. And in this primordial atom there was matter and anti-matter. This atom then expanded with a moment of great heat And power. This then created a chain reaction...

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