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Topics: General relativity, Physical cosmology, Universe Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: May 24, 2014
Essay Prompt 2
We can only try to pay tribute by devoting our time and energy is the great search for explanations of God and what he has done. Science can be a form of praise and reverence and in that same mind it is a spiritual thing while being performed. They can work together helping some understand and experience faith in a completely different way. The first time I got a grasp of how much I like to indulge in science and religion: I was having a “civil argument” with other scientific minds at a planetarium about science and faith/religion. The conversation started as epically as many of them do with the battle between “The big bang theory” versus “Creation story”, God. As the conversation progressed an apple fell from the tree of knowledge and hit me on my head like Isaac Newton. This was my sublime; science and religion and play in the same sand box. There is no reason to disagree and have this epic battle, regardless of how mind blowing some of the rhetorics can be within this dispute, but rather we can explain one from and to other using the other. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transferred from on form to another. God is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, he just is. He cannot be created or destroyed, he is everything and he transfers some of everything for his good and his purpose. The big bang theory says that from a point of singularity there was a bang and from every direction of that point of singularity went matter to invade the vast vacuum of space. When that matter collided it formed particles which later turned in to elements, dust clouds, stars, planets, and eventually us: life as we know it. In the Bible, there is nothing and God created the heavens and the earth. When trying to make these two ideas collide we start as such: science is man’s attempt at an explanation for God and what he has done/is doing. Science has not created anything but merely put a human perspective into what is around us....
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