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  • An important invention

    out some emails or‚ in case you’re late‚ you could always text or call your boss. Are you late on a presentation? The iPhone has plenty of apps that could help you with that. With the iPhone you are always prepared for the worst. Lastly‚ are the songs you want to expensive for you on iTunes? In the app store‚ there are various apps that will let you download an app to where you can get your own free music. It is completely legal and also very helpful when you are on a low budget. The phone grows and

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  • Marketing Case Study: Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

    also need to make difference in business‚ successful entrepreneurs give customers the best offer of technology. In 2007‚ with the development of IPhone and App Store‚ the firm realized that this industry is going to change massively. For the very first time‚ millions of users around the world can access to the same place – Apple’s Online App Store‚ which help reducing cost and time. Especially‚ Rovio had a big jump than other competitors‚ they invested in themselves and took advantages from its past

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  • Nokia's report analysis

    背景提要 圖1:諾基亞2008-2012年股價 Nokia was the world’s largest vendor of mobile phones from 1998 to 2012.  However‚ over the past five years it has suffered a declining market share as a result of the growing use of smartphones from other vendors‚ principally the Apple  iPhone  and devices running on Google ’s Android  operating system . As a result‚ its share price has fallen from a high of US$40 in late 2007 to under US$2 in mid-2012.  圖2:諾基亞智慧型手機2007-2012年市佔率(每一點的數字待補) 要看圖說故事!例如:這段時間市佔率降了多少數字、多少百分比

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  • Appy Pie Case Study

    platforms which make apps work tremendously Mobile apps are the applications which are designed for the smart phones and tablets which run on with the internet or without internet. These mobile applications which came into the market in 2008 and spread like a wildfire. So the business methods have changed with the arrival of these applications and now every business are taking part and every business is launched a mobile application of their desktop version. For developing the mobile app the business executives

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  • Iphone Pros and Cons

    to download gives it limitless potential. For example‚ if the user was bored or just wanted to do something fun‚ they could go on the app store and download one of the hundreds of thousands of games available without ever having to plug the device into a computer. On the other hand‚ if the user needed to organize/file their finances‚ they could also download an app for that to assist them in doing so. The only time the iPhone will be need to be plugged into a computer to download anything is if the

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  • Apple and Samsung Brand Positioning

    1.0 Introduction APPLE Apple Inc.‚ formerly Apple Computer‚ Inc.‚ which is a multinational corporation that creates consumer electronics‚ computer software‚ and commercial servers‚ and a digital distributor of media content. On 1 April 1976‚ Apple was established in Cupertino‚ California and incorporated on 3 January 1977. The founders are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who started with a Apple’s computer company in the year 1976. Apple has expanded into a very complex company that specializes

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  • Apple's Smartphone

    Smartphones are today’s hottest phones every teen wants because not only do they make phone calls and send text messages‚ but they are also able to surf the Internet‚ check your email‚ and even play games. These things are all called applications‚ or apps for short. One smartphone in particular that I believe to be an amazing smartphone is the Apple iPhone 4 made by a known computer company‚ Apple Inc. With the great design‚ a front-facing camera‚ and a fast operation system‚ called iOS‚ the iPhone

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  • Phone Doctor Plus and Its 27 New Functions to Test iPhone 6

    Utility app in Taiwan‚ Hong Kong‚ China‚ Macau ? Test screen and audio‚ internal sensors and devices and wireless functions ? Funky graphics and interactive checks ? Optimize your battery with smart life-extending tips Phone Doctor Plus on the Apple App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id565111904 Taiwan‚ September 17‚ 2014 /PressReleasePing/ – Independent app developer iDea Mobile Tech Inc. launched last week their latest update of the Phone Doctor Plus utility app in the Apple App Store

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  • Review of the best iPhone development resources

    –1– Review of the best iPhone development resources The best developers’ blogs (a list of 37 blogs that are publishing content related to iPhone app/game development): 1. http://wilshipley.com/blog 2. http://icodeblog.com 3. http://iphone-tips-tricks.com 4. http://idevblogaday.com 5. http://rentzsch.tumblr.com 6. http://howtomakeiphoneapps.com 7. http://shadhex.blogspot.com 8. http://iphonesdkarticles.com 9. http://cimgf.com 10. http://iphonefootprint.com 11. http://timcascio

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  • Growth of Application Download

    noted in the mobile world. With the help of online stores like Android market by Google and App Store by Apple‚ downloading of applications continues to explode. The In-Stat research suggest that download rate of mobile based platform applications steadily increases due to the high demands of application users that has flooded the market. For example‚ App store from Apple ‚ offers over 500‚000 applications despite its low-populated free apps while Android market nearly clocking over 200‚000 applications

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