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  • The Foothills of the Appalachian Mountains

    The Foothills of the Appalachian Mountains Breathitt County is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of the eastern coalfields region. This coalfield region was created on April 1‚ 1839 and was named in honor of Gov. John Breathitt. This is the eighty- ninth county that was created in Kentucky. It covers 494 square miles that borders Lee‚ Wolfe‚ Magoffin‚ Knott‚ Perry‚ and least but not last Owsley. The county seat of Breathitt is located at Jackson near the geographic center

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  • Appalachian Vacation

    A is for Appalachians All sorts of funny things can happen when you go on a vacation‚ especially when you are with your family. My family and I was going on a vacation to the Outer Banks in North Carolina‚ as that was where I had concluded I wanted to go on my twelve year trip‚ a trip everyone in my family gets to take when one of my siblings turns twelve. This is‚ for my immediate family‚ the last twelve year trip‚ as I am the youngest. We were driving to North Carolina‚ and as

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  • Appalachian History

    Surname: Course: Lecturer: Date: Introduction The story and history of Appalachia is rich and their shared geography‚ cultural traits and common historical experience ties the people of Appalachia together. The Appalachian Mountains were inhabited by a diverse population of Native Americans. They included the Iroquois who were the dominant group in the region. They later split into the northern Iroquois and southern Cherokees. The counties of Virginia‚ East Tennessee‚ western North Carolina

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  • Pre-Modern Appalachian

    statistics? The Appalachian statistics includes the states of West Virginia‚ Virginia‚ Alabama‚ Georgia‚ Kentucky‚ Maryland‚ Mississippi‚ New York‚ North Carolina‚ Ohio‚ Pennsylvania‚ South Carolina and Tennessee. In these states 13.3 million people are living in poverty according to U.S. Census Bureau. The number of people in the region who did not have health insurance last year fell to 13.6 million from 13.7 million from the year before‚ and median incomes were up in all Appalachian states‚ where

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  • Saving the Mountains

    Saving the Mountains Christina Samples Kaplan University Final Project College Composition II Professor Mark Kusnir Table of Contents: I. Essay II. References III. Formal Letter IV. Reflective Piece V. Powerpoint Presentation ( see additional File) Oh the green rolling hills of Appalachia‚ spanning from New York to Alabama‚ mountainous and majestic and yet they are plagued with destruction. Destruction brought

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  • Smoky Mountains

    Misty Sprout 5/3/2013 Smoky Mountains Most of the Smoky Mountains in the national park are sedimentary and were formed by accumulations of clay‚ silt‚ sand‚ gravel minor amount of calcium carbonate. The oldest of the sedimentary rock were formed during the Proterozoic Era about 800-545 million years ago. About 310-245 million years ago‚ the eastern edge of the North American tectonic plat collided with the African plate becoming part of a supercontinent. During one of earlier collisions‚ tremendous

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  • Similarities in Cold Mountain, the Odyssey, and the Color Purple

    English IV Honors Eberle Similarities in Cold Mountain‚ The Odyssey and The Color Purple Cold Mountain and The Odyssey share many aspects of their plot. Both novels dominantly contain the theme of “The Journey.” The adventure contained in the theme “The Journey‚” represents the journey of life and all that happens on life’s voyage metaphorically. Cold Mountain and The Odyssey both exemplify said metaphor. Many characters in both Cold Mountain and The Odyssey share many traits with characters

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  • Appalachian

    The Appalachian Mountains The Appalachian mountain system dominates the Eastern United States and seperates the Eastern seaboard from the interior with a belt of uplands that extends nearly 1‚500 miles from northeastern Alabama to the Canadian border.; They are old‚ complex mountains‚ eroded from much older and greater ranges. The present topography is a result of erosion that has carved the weak rocks away‚ leaving a skeleton of resistant rocks behind as highlands. Because of this weathering‚ geologic

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  • appalachian lifestyle

    smaller‚ not a lot of kids per classroom. In my opinion‚ this would mean better learning because there’s not a lot of students all sharing one teacher. Education didn’t exist in the first few generations of Appalachia. It has definitely improved. The Appalachian area is still stereotyped to be under-educated because of their accents‚ made-up words‚ and mispronunciations. Back in the day‚ this happened because education wasn’t offered. People just concentrated on surviving. Men and women had to live off

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  • Hiking the Appalachian Trail

    The Appalachian National Scenic Trail‚ is a footpath in the eastern United States for outdoor enthusiasts‚ extending about about 2140 miles from Maine to Georgia‚ along the crest of the Appalachian Mountains. The trail passes through 14 states and is maintained by 34 different trail maintenance organizations. It is the longest marked‚ continuous footpath in the world‚ at some points reaching elevations of more than 6000 feet. Wooden signposts and white paint marks on rocks and trees are

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