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Nokia was the world's largest vendor of mobile phones from 1998 to 2012.  However, over the past five years it has suffered a declining market share as a result of the growing use of smartphones from other vendors, principally the Apple  iPhone  and devices running on Google 's Android  operating system . As a result, its share price has fallen from a high of US$40 in late 2007 to under US$2 in mid-2012. 

圖2:諾基亞智慧型手機2007-2012年市佔率(每一點的數字待補) 要看圖說故事!例如:這段時間市佔率降了多少數字、多少百分比

事件整理 ←請補充!!
January 9, 2007: Apple iPhone (1st generation) announced
June 29, 2007: Apple iPhone (1st generation) released
August 29, 2007: Nokia set up their "Nokia Comes With Music" service, in partnership with Universal Music Group International, Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, EMI, and hundreds of independent labels and music aggregators, to allow 12, 18, or 24 months of unlimited free-of-charge music downloads with the purchase of a Nokia Comes With Music edition phone.(為了與iPhone抗衡)

January 2011: Nokia withdrew their "Nokia Comes With Music" program in 27 countries, due to its failure to gain traction with customers or mobile network operators. February 11, 2011: Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop, a former head of Microsoft business division, unveiled a new strategic alliance with Microsoft, and announced it would replace Symbian and MeeGo with Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system. Previously increasing sales of Symbian smartphones began to fall rapidly in the beginning of 2011, Nokia was overtaken by Apple as the world's biggest smartphone maker by volume in June 2011. Here is a SWOT analysis of Nokia, which will reflect Nokia's current position and the things you need to look out for in the future. Strengths

Nokia still dominates the Windows smartphone market, and even though that market is still quite small, Nokia leads Samsung and HTC with its Lumia line of smartphones. This is a major strength, and if the Windows...
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