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Personal Digital Assistant

4 Organizational Tools 5 Telephone Service 5 Multimedia Players 6 Web Browser 6 Wi-Fi Capability 7 Keyboard or Stylus 7 Conclusion 8 References 9   Introduction Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are handheld or pocket computers capable of a wide range of functions. At their most basic level, they serve as electronic address books and to-do lists. However, the capabilities of PDAs have evolved considerably since their introduction...

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Personal Digital Assistant and Conch Republic

manufacturing and is now a reputable manufacturer of various electronic items. Jay McCanless, a recent MBA graduate, has been hired by the company's finance department. One of the major revenue-producing items manufactured by Conch Republic is a personal digital assistant (PDA). Conch Republic currently has one PDA model on the market, and sales have been excellent. The PDA is a unique item in that it comes in a variety of tropical colors and is preprogrammed to play Jimmy Buffett music. However, as with...

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Swot Analysis of Personal Digital Assitants

SWOT Analysis of PDA Introduction Personal Digital Assistant is a very promising consumer technology product, having great applications in various aspects of life. PDAs have various uses in calculation, accessing the Internet, sending /receiving E-mails, video recording, typewriting and word processing, writing on spreadsheets, scanning bar codes, playing computer games and recording survey responses. SWOT Analysis of a PDA: A PDA has a number of strengths to consolidate upon, but the lack...

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Digital Divide

digital divide The term 'digital divide' describes the fact that the world can be divided into people who do and people who don't have access to - and the capability to use - modern information technology, such as the telephone, television, or the Internet. The digital divide exists between those in cities and those in rural areas. For example, a 1999 study showed that 86% of Internet delivery was to the 20 largest cities. The digital divide also exists between the educated and the uneducated, between...

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The Digital Divide

The Digital Divide The Digital Divide is “the state of inequality that exists between people who have access to modern information technology and those who do not, since the former have many more opportunities open to them than the latter,” (2008). Some argue that this gap is shrinking in the U.S. due to public access and mobile devices. Online learning is also a catalyst in bridging the gap, but the question remains; how will those who need it most gain the access they need? While this is a...

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Personal Digital Assistant and Gt-i9000 Boot Loop

Share 0 More Next Blog» Create Blog Sign In Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Our Site & Partners! Call2FixIt.com Partners: Teamnet.gr, Itsynthesis.gr, Thebestdeals.net, Htihellas.gr [GUIDE-FIX] GT-I9000 BOOT LOOP (common errors, /emmc, no mount of internal SD etc) [GUIDE-FIX] GT-I9000 BOOT LOOP (common errors, /emmc, no mount of internal SD etc) I know there are various this and that posts but only one was similar to my below solution. No RIFF box required! My phone was stuck in boot loop...

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Impact Of The Digital Revolution On Society

Impact of the digital revolution on society The Revolution in digital communication technology is proceeding and bringing new technologies to everyday life at break-neck speed. Most key technologies are still evolving and will do so beyond 2005. The ground-breaking evolution of the technologies will have a profound effect on the work styles on every individual. More often than not people of all sectors either he is a teacher, researcher, staff member or an administrator will greatly depend on technology...

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Digital Divide

Digital divide is defined as the distance between those with access to the internet and those without. Digital Divide is a problem that stretches to all corners of the world. It affects not only people here in the U.S. but also countries across the globe. Two questions have to be asked in all this. The first is “Does the Digital Divide really exist?” and the second is “What is the real impact of the Digital Divide?” The idea of Digital Divide did not come into play until the early 1990’s with the...

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Personal Digital Assistants

Personal Digital Assistants By: Rudolph Thomas A PDA is a digital organizer, or personal digital assistant that can be comfortable held in your hand (it is also called a handheld computer). It is designed to fit in a pocket, run on batteries and be used while you're holding it (Computer Concepts, pg. 7). It can function as a cell phone, send faxes, read email and be used as a personal organizer. It uses among other things. PDA's use a stylus, or pen, rather than a keyboard. It's size...

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Smart Phones Narrow Digital Divide

Smart Phones Narrow Digital Divide Taylor Forester Grantham University Abstract This essay discusses how Smart Phones are narrowing the digital divide between African Americans, Latinos and white non Hispanics. The paper discusses what can be done on a desktop PC or laptop that can't be done on a smart phone, why smart phone ownership in third world countries will help close the digital divide, attributes associated with smart phone ownership compared to house hold...

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