Swot Analysis of Personal Digital Assitants

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SWOT Analysis of PDA

Personal Digital Assistant is a very promising consumer technology product, having great applications in various aspects of life. PDAs have various uses in calculation, accessing the Internet, sending /receiving E-mails, video recording, typewriting and word processing, writing on spreadsheets, scanning bar codes, playing computer games and recording survey responses. SWOT Analysis of a PDA:

A PDA has a number of strengths to consolidate upon, but the lack of product awareness and the highly sophisticated nature of the product prove to be the major weaknesses for it. There are immense opportunities for this product to explore due to its ability to perform a variety of functions used for providing communication-specific benefits. However, like all consumer technology products, it faces the threat of increased competition from other players in the market (Menon, A. et al., 1999). Strengths:

PDAs can consolidate their positions on the basis of the following: 1. Innovative product: PDAs consists of a variety of utility services like voice recognition system that simplifies its usage and results in hands-free operation of the device. At the same time, it provides facilities such as an in-built cell phone functionality wireless communication with MP3 capabilities. 2. Compatibility: It is a very unique and effective characteristic of a PDA. It allows a single PDA to work with a large number of Palm-compatible peripherals and applications which are currently available for use in the market. 3. Pricing: It has been observed that the PDAs are generally priced lower than a majority of consumer technology and other information technology applications which do not possess the voice recognition technology. As a result, these devices provide a competitive edge to price-conscious customers. Weaknesses: The introduction of PDA has revolutionized the work-practices of a significant number of business organizations. In fact, the device...

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