Product Launch of BlackBerry 10 Series

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New Product Launch

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 series is the new product issued by the company BlackBerry Limited, the former Research in Motion Limited Company. BlackBerry Limited is a Canadian telecommunication company that specializes in smartphones and wireless equipment. The company has produced over 70 models of BlackBerry smartphones over the last decade. Founded in 1984, Research in Motion worked on two-ways wireless pagers, to later concentrate on developing smartphones (BlackBerry 2013). For many years, the company has been a leader on the smartphone market until the arrival of new devices such as iPhones and android platforms in 2007, when the company started to drastically decline. From then on, the company’s smartphones have been criticized on various features, comparing among other things, the web browsing, the keyboard, the operating platform and the look of the phones to the other devices. As a matter of fact, BlackBerry Limited went from holding 37% of the market in 2010 to 5.9% of the market in the United Stated in 2013 (comScore 2013). Although this decrease may be explained by various factors including the entrance of new performing phone devices on the market, other major incidents are known to have affected the company’s credibility, such as the unreliability of their internet service access and the postpone of the launch of BlackBerry 10 series, which was delayed twice, right about the time the iPhone 4S was making its entrance on the market. In 2013, the company decided to reinvent itself, renaming the company BlackBerry Limited, thus changing its direction, restructuring the company, replacing executives, and making the new vision of the company “One brand. One promise”, giving a brand new meaning for the company to focus only on BlackBerry smartphone devices (BlackBerry 2013). In January 2013, the Canadian company launched their newest device, the BlackBerry10, which is currently ranked third in mobile platform development with a lean 4% of market share. The motto of the new series is “Keep Moving” , meaning that the mobile operating system should adapt to the customer, and not the other way around and also sending the message : ‘‘knowing where you've been and how it impacts you, then using it to propel you beyond your expectations.’’ (Halliwell 2013). In an industry bursting with innovation, BlackBerry Limited, had to adapt to the latest technologies. The BlackBerry 10 series is the company’s first attempt on an entirely touchscreen device. However, the company went from first to third rank in a year, because of their lack of innovation and their assumption that the product was adequate enough for the customers (Burrows and McMahon 2013). In order to launch the BlackBerry 10 series, the company moved towards brand programming to ensure that the content of the advertiser fits the consumers. They also entered a partnership with Formula One Mercedes, since Formula One races are held world round and reaches worldwide, also ranked the third highest global television audience (Parker 2013). This approach talks for itself, since, Mercedes and Formula One are mostly targeting high ranked decision makers and high class individuals. This partnership was more than favorable to both companies since BlackBerry was about to dissolve and is now propelling a massive marketing campaign to promote the new BB10 series, also making a 1 minute 46 seconds advertiser during the 2013 Super Bowl. On the other side, Mercedes is still very attractive to people and is trying to get back its place on top rankings. The promotion of the BlackBerry Flow “Keeps Moving” shows that the customer do not have to pause while doing something else on the phone as with any other phones offered on the market, plus there is no back button in order to show that the world is always moving forward. The company is trying to keep its actual niche of enterprise business while adding a little of color...
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