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Ap World History Chapter 5 Greece And Iran Chapter Outline

******************** AP World History ********************* September 15, 2012 Chapter 14 Outline Introduction: Every year or al least once in their life, the Muslims must travel to Mecca. This is a holy pilgrim that has been a tradition for the Muslims since Muhammad made the trip. At the beginning the pilgrims to Mecca were made by small amounts of people. However, by the ninth century, thousands of people traveled to Mecca in the 9th lunar month. All these people survived on food and water...

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Chapter 32 Ap World History Outline

CHAPTER 32 Crisis, Realignment, and the Dawn of the Post–Cold War World, 1975–1991 A. Postcolonial Crises and Asian Economic Expansion, 1975–1990 I. Revolutions, Depressions, and Democratic Reform in Latin America 1. The success of the Cuban Revolution both energized the revolutionary left throughout Latin America and led the United States to organize its political and military allies in Latin America in a struggle to defeat communism. 2. In Brazil a coup in 1964 brought in a military government...

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Chapter 3 Ap World History Notes

|Chapter 3: Classical |Civilization: India |AP World History | | | | | |The Framework for Indian History: Geography and a Formative Period | | ...

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Ap World History Chapter 8 Notes

Ian Cabalo October 2012 Period Two AP World History Unit 2: Chapter 8: The Unification of China In Search of Political and Social Order A. Confucius (551-479 B.C.E.) and His School 1. Confucius a. Educator and political authority b. Sayings were compiled in the Analects by his disciples 2. Confucian Ideas a. Basically honesty and ethical in character b. Thoroughly practical: how to restore political and social...

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World History AP outline chapter 2

about 130,000 bureaucrats 3. Wu Ti established examinations for his bureaucrats that included literature and law 4. Wu Ti also established a school for gifted men 5. it was mostly upper class men who were bureaucrats because they had the time to learn 6. The Chinese were the most tightly governed people in any large society in the world 7. they did periodically break down 8. respected those in power B. Roles of the State 1. China’s army fluctuated because China didn’t depend on steady expansion 2...

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Chapter 11 Outline and Summary Ap European History

CHAPTER 11 THE LATE MIDDLE AGES: CRISIS AND DISINTEGRATION IN THE FOURTEENTH CENTURY _____________________________ CHAPTER OUTLINE I. A Time of Troubles: Black Death and Social Crisis A. Famine and Population B. The Black Death 1. Spread of the Plague 2. Life and Death: Reactions to the Plague C. Economic Dislocation and Social Upheaval 1. Noble Landlords and Peasants 2. Peasant Revolt in France 3. An English Peasant Revolt 4. Revolts in the Cities II. War and...

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Wh Ap Course Guidelines

AP World History Course Requirements 2013-2014 Ms. Binn (binnj@flaglerschools.com) Phone #: 447-1575 ext 5135 Link to Course Standards: http://www.cpalms.org/Courses/PublicPreviewCourse662.aspx * I. Course Requirements: 1. NOTEBOOK: Students will have to keep a class notebook. The notebook will be for notes/handouts/assignments/ and VOCABULARY (unless you have a separate notebook for vocabulary). Notebook MUST be a three ring binder-so papers can be added where necessary. It...

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Ap Micro Chapter 3 Outline

AP Microeconomics – Chapter 3  Outline    I. Learning Objectives – In this chapter students should learn:   A. What demand is and how it can change.   B. What supply is and how it can change.   C. How supply and demand interact to determine market equilibrium.   D. How changes in supply and demand affect equilibrium prices and quantities.   E. What government‐set prices are and how they can cause product surpluses and  shortages.   II. Markets   A. A market, as introduced in Chapter 2...

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Ap History Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Guided Reading Terms: 1. Columbian Exchange- the exchange of plants, animals, diseases, and technologies between the Americans and the rest of the world following Columbus’s voyage. 2. Council of the Indies- the institution responsible for supervising Spain’s colonies in the Americas from 1524 to the early eighteenth century, when it lost all but judicial responsibilities. 3. Bartolone de Las Casas- a priest who was the most influential defender of the Amerindians in...

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Chapter 4 Section 1 World History Chapter Outlines

 William Barnett October 18, 2013 1st Period B Day World History Chapter 5, Section 1 Spain’s Empire and European Absolutism I. A Powerful Spanish Empire a. Philip II, the nephew of King Charles V, inherited Spain, the Spanish Netherlands, and the American colonies. b. Philip was a shy and serious person, like his father, but could be an aggressive leader when needed. c. Europe was going through Reformation when Philip assumed the throne. II. Golden Age of Spanish Art Literature ...

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