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  • Is China a Developed Country?

    that China is a developed country‚ with a rising GDP and poverty levels decreasing‚ it looks like China could finally be developed. On the other hand‚ the poor in China are extremely low with people living in rural areas have to live of 30 cents a day. So with this large gap between the rich and the poor is it really a developed country? Economically it would look like China was a developed. Since the global finance crisis it has looked very strong compared to other countries. Last year it had

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  • Developed Country and Extent

    companies can halt this destruction. How far do you agree or disagree with this? 2. More and more qualified people are moving from poor to rich countries to fill vacancies in specialist areas like computing‚ medicine and engineering. Some people believe that by encouraging the movements of such people rich countries are stealing the poor countries‚ others feel it as a part of natural movement of workers around the world. What is your opinion? 3. In achieving personal happiness our relationship

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  • Developed Countries

    In today’s sophisticated society‚ people of the developing countries are still fighting for their basic rights such as better healthcare‚ proper education and a sound source of income. While Because the governments of the underdeveloped countries are struggling to improve the living standards of their people‚ I believe that contributions by richer nations should be more in this regard. Firstly‚ in the field of healthcare‚ developed countries can support heunderdeveloped in many ways. They can send

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  • Developed Countries

    Would you like being unable to communicate with others? Would you like being unable to read or write? Some people in the underdeveloped/ developing countries are not able to read nor write. We live in a sophisticated society‚ where developed countries want better education‚ better life style‚ and better healthcare. Whereas in the underdeveloped countries‚ they want a place where they can express their thoughts‚ a place where they can hold a pencil and place where they can learn about who they are.

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    ROLE OF EDUCATION IN A DEVELOPED COUNTRY Ads not by this site About the role of education in a developed country. Over the years‚ mankind has recognized the need of maintaining an educated civilization as being part of the patterns and orders of evolution. It is fairly safe to say that without education there cannot be any progress on a social‚ moral as well as economic scale. Knowledge and culture are the basic elements to a thriving and prosperous society. From a social point of view‚ education

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  • Developed Country and Charm Box

    Abstract In this paper I discuss what point Horace Miner was trying to make is his paper titled "Body Ritual among the Nacirema". Horace’s paper is about America but in the perspective that America is a tribe of third world country or such. I go through the individual topics‚ which mostly make fun of American’s vanity‚ and I describe what he is really talking about. I try to summaries Horace’s paper and put it in “American” terms. Nacirema: The

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  • Developing Country and Developed Country

    and India Introduction Developing country means the countries compared with the developed countries have lower degree of development of the economic and social aspects. Developing countries have a vast territory‚ large population‚ vast market and rich natural resources. There are many strategic places‚ in terms of economic‚ trade‚ or from the military‚ occupied an important strategic position. China is the largest developing country. Developed country Refers to a higher level of economic development

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  • India: Dumping Ground for Developed Countries?

    India: Dumping Ground For Developed Countries? By Chaitanya Gaikwad M.Sc. Environmental Science Paper presented at Vasantdada Sugar Institute (VSI)‚ Pune‚ India Basel Convention Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous wastes and their Disposal In the late 1980s‚ a tightening of environmental regulations in industrialized countries led to a dramatic rise in the cost of hazardous waste disposal. Searching for cheaper ways to get rid of the wastes‚ “toxic traders”

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  • Developed Country and Globalization

    manufactured at the united states‚ using parts from Taiwan‚ and so on‚ it feels like we are taking a virtual trip around the world every day. By globalization‚ we mean shedding down the walls of distrust and the barriers of suspicion in between countries‚ to make a bridge where ideas and beliefs can cross the borders. Though globalization today primarily covers the economical side‚ the impact is not limited to the economy only. It actually affects every aspect of life‚ like cultural‚ social‚ psychological

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  • Least Developed Countries

    E O N T R A D E A N D D E V E L O P M E N T Export competitiveness and development in LDCs policies‚ issues and priorities for least developed countries for action during and beyond UNCTAD XII UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT Export competitiveness and development in LDCs: policies‚ issues and priorities for least developed countries for action during and beyond UNCTAD XII UNITED NATIONS New York and Geneva‚ 2008 Note • • Symbols of United Nations documents

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