Pride and Prejudice


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Chapter 55

Mr. Bingley calls again a few days later. Mr. Darcy has gone to London but will return home in ten days. Mrs. Bennet invites Bingley to dine on his next available day, and Bingley accepts.

At last, Bingley proposes to Jane, and everyone is happy, even Mr. Bennet. Jane cannot understand why she should be singled out and why everyone should not get to be as happy as she is. It appears that Bingley has confessed how his sisters tried to move him away from Jane and that he was prevailed upon by their insistence that she was indifferent toward him. Elizabeth states that this was a mistake on his part but a credit to his modesty. Jane now understands that his sisters meant to interfere and that although she hopes they can come to love and that they can become friends, their relationship shall not be what it once was. Elizabeth congratulates her for such an unforgiving speech and asserts that she should not fall for their pretended affection.

Jane wishes that she could soon see Elizabeth equally as happy. Elizabeth makes a joke worthy of Mr. Bennet, that perhaps another Mr. Collins should soon come by for her.

This chapter resolves the conflict between Jane and Bingley and provides a conclusion to that narrative. Now all that is left is the resolution of the conflict between Elizabeth and Darcy.

Chapter 56

An unexpected visitor arrives: Lady Catherine. She has come for the sole purpose of inquiring about a rumor spread abroad that Elizabeth is engaged to her nephew Darcy. She and Elizabeth take a turn in the yard. Lady Catherine tells Elizabeth that Darcy is to marry Miss de Bourgh and no one else, that it is a grave insult and dishonor for Elizabeth to meddle with her relations and that which has already been decided, and that she will not leave until Elizabeth promises not to marry Mr. Darcy.

Elizabeth is not intimidated by Lady Catherine and refuses to give in to her request. Lady Catherine is incensed beyond measure. The...

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