Pride and Prejudice


Chapter 43 to Chapter 48

Chapter 43

The Pemberley estate is marvelous, and Elizabeth cannot help but think that she might have been mistress of such a grand place. She consoles herself by thinking, however, that such a removal from her parents would have been unwelcome, and thus she spares herself the feeling of regret. It is certainly a superficial sparing, however.

The estate is indeed empty except for the servants, and Elizabeth and the Gardiners enjoy a tour of the grounds and house. They admire portraits of all the characters they know: Darcy, Wickham, and one of Miss Darcy. The housekeeper speaks exceptionally well of Mr. Darcy and comments that he has never had a harsh word for her in all the years she has known him. She expects Darcy and friends to arrive the next day. Elizabeth is relieved that they have gotten there before them.

Outside, however, Darcy appears. His eyes meet Elizabeth’s, and both blush at the unexpected encounter. He has arrived early to arrange things with his steward. Mr. Darcy is extremely civil and polite, and in fact has never seemed so nice and cordial. He shows them around the grounds and invites Mr. Gardiner to fish in the stream whenever he likes.

Then the most surprising thing occurs: Mr. Darcy asks Elizabeth if he might introduce her to his sister, who has longed to make her acquaintance. Elizabeth is flattered by this request and is happy to know that Darcy does not hold any ill will toward her. His character is so much transformed from what she first thought it to be that she cannot help but wonder.

Chapter 44

Mr. Darcy brings his sister to meet Elizabeth the next day. Miss Darcy is tall and larger than Elizabeth, fully formed and very shy. Lizzy sees at once that she is not the proud girl that she had been led to believe she was. Miss Darcy is merely extremely bashful. Nor is she as handsome as Darcy, but there is good sense in her face. She is eager to please. Darcy is determined to please. In fact, he announces that Mr....

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