Pride and Prejudice


Chapter 37 to Chapter 42

Chapter 37

After her nephews leave, Lady Catherine is depressed and desires company. Elizabeth does her best to appear attentive at the dinners, but her thoughts are elsewhere. Lady Catherine tries to convince Elizabeth to stay longer in Hunsford, but Elizabeth will not be swayed. She is intent on seeing Jane in London and insists that her father misses her at home.

As she continues to think back on Darcy’s letter, which she has practically memorized, she is made all the more remorseful, especially when she realizes that her own family is to blame for the distance between Bingley and Jane. She even has a silent rebuke for her father, who is “contented with laughing at them” rather than with restraining their “wild giddiness.” Elizabeth is sorry for her anger against Darcy and gratified by his attention, but she hopes never to see him again.

On the night before she and Maria are to leave for London, Lady Catherine invites them back next year, and Miss de Bourgh condescendingly curtsies and stretches out her hand to say good-bye.

In this chapter, Elizabeth keenly feels the faults and failings of her family and herself. She is beginning to see more deeply into her own character and understand who she is and who the members of her family are. Her reflections are neither easy nor pleasant, but they provide her with revelations that will go a long way toward helping to form her character.

Chapter 38

Elizabeth and Maria take leave of Mr. and Mrs. Collins and drive four hours to the Gardiners’ residence in London. Mr. Collins repeatedly inquires as to whether Elizabeth found everything to her satisfaction, and invites her to sing the praises of Lady Catherine and company several times. Elizabeth tries to be both civil and truthful, and is happy when the coach arrives.

She is sorry for Charlotte still, but Charlotte does not invite sympathy even though she shows regret for her friend’s departure. Mrs....

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