Pride and Prejudice


Cast of Characters

Mrs. Bennet—The mother of five daughters, her all-consuming desire is to see each of them married and with some haste. She is rather insensible and dim-witted but well-intentioned.

Mr. Bennet—The father of the girls, he is a retired lawyer with modest savings. He prefers isolation in his study rather than conversation with his wife. He has an excellent, sardonic wit, but does not take too much care to properly rear his daughters, leaving their education to their own desire for it.

Elizabeth, or “Lizzy”—She is the main character of the novel, the second eldest Bennet daughter. She is quickest of them all and her father’s favorite, but still, by his own admission, a foolish girl. She is somewhat proud and critical of others and does not fully come to know herself until coming to better know Mr. Darcy.

Jane—According to Mrs. Bennet, Jane is the prettiest of her daughters. Since she is the eldest, however, Mrs. Bennet’s opinion may be inspired by her desire to see Jane married. Yet, Mrs. Bennet is not alone in admiring Jane’s beauty. Both Bingley and Darcy acknowledge it upon forming an acquaintance with the Bennets. Jane also enjoys a pleasant demeanor that is far less critical than Elizabeth’s.

Mary—She is the plainest and most bookish of the five Bennet daughters, and is capable of appearing slightly pedantic by drawing distinctions between such things as pride and vanity. Since she has no looks, she strives to attract by displaying her knowledge and talents.

Catherine, or “Kitty”—The second youngest daughter, Kitty, like Lydia, has no interest in anything but officers.

LydiaShe is the youngest of the Bennet daughters and also the tallest and boldest. She has no problem speaking her mind even though what she says can be rude and insensitive.


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