Pride and Prejudice


Chapter 25 to Chapter 30

Chapter 25

Mrs. Bennet’s brother and his wife, the Gardiners, arrive on Monday to spend Christmas with the Bennets, as is their custom. Mr. Gardiner is very sensible and does not seem at all to be kin to Mrs. Bennet. His much younger wife is especially beloved of the two eldest Bennet girls. Mrs. Gardiner relates all the latest news in fashion. Mrs. Bennet relates her grievances concerning her daughters and their being on the verge of marriage. Mrs. Gardiner listens, comments tersely, and changes the subject out of compassion for the girls.

After speaking with Elizabeth and Jane, Mrs. Gardiner asserts that a change of scenery might do well for Jane, so she invites her to stay at their residence in town. Jane accepts. Even though Darcy’s residence is there as well, all consider it unlikely that she should encounter Mr. Bingley while staying with the Gardiners.

Mrs. Gardiner also has an opportunity to view Elizabeth’s interaction with Wickham. She is suspicious of their relationship and means to address Elizabeth on the “imprudence of encouraging an attachment.” Mrs. Gardiner knew the late Mr. Darcy and she and Wickham are able to speak and length and with pleasure of the old estate.

Chapter 26

Mrs. Gardiner advises Elizabeth against falling in love with Wickham since he has no fortune to his name. She sees, however, that Lizzy already has a rather strong attachment to him. Elizabeth promises not to encourage Wickham in his advances as best she can.

Charlotte and Lucas marry. Charlotte begs Elizabeth to promise to visit them in Kent. Elizabeth promises but does not look forward to the visit. They correspond by letter, but Charlotte’s letters are as expected: They describe everything about her new home in comfortable terms; there is no note of criticism. Being critically minded, this is a disappointment to Elizabeth. Her inability to be happy for her friend should also be viewed as a degree of shallowness in...

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