Pride and Prejudice


Chapter 31 to Chapter 36

Chapter 31

Darcy and his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam are invited with the rest to Rosings Park. Lady Catherine spends a good deal of time in conversation with both. Colonel Fitzwilliam engages in lively conversation with Elizabeth, which draws the attention of both Darcy and Lady Catherine. Lady Catherine constantly gives her opinion on everything and is almost always reproving. On the subject of music, which is what Fitzwilliam and Lizzy are discussing when they are interrupted by their hostess, Lady Catherine invites Mrs. Collins to practice every day on the piano in a separate chamber of her abode, where she will not get in anyone’s way. Darcy blushes slightly at his aunt’s “ill breeding.”

Elizabeth is invited to play, and Darcy installs himself beside her. She professes that he shall not intimidate her no matter what he does. She then gives him and Fitzwilliam her opinion of Darcy and how rude he was at the ball the night they met. Darcy apologizes, stating that it is not easy for him to introduce himself to strangers, not quite knowing how it is done so easily by others. Elizabeth likens it to her playing of the piano: She is not very good, but her humility gives her style an added grace that makes her playing appear better than it really is. Darcy seems to take the hint. Lady Catherine interrupts with more advice for Elizabeth on how to improve her playing.

This chapter shows more of Mr. Darcy’s awakening to Elizabeth’s charms and his own imperfections. His character is sweetly contrasted with his aunt’s, which is much more oblivious and proud than his when in Elizabeth’s company.

Chapter 32

Elizabeth is alone in the house when a visitor knocks on the door. She is surprised to find Mr. Darcy, and he is surprised to find that she is alone. They talk for some minutes. She, not wishing to sit in embarrassing silence, refers to their sudden departure from Hertfordshire. He does not give any explanation for...

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