Pride and Prejudice


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1. Where do the Bennets live?

a) Longbourn

b) Netherfield

c) Meryton

d) Hunsford

2. What is Mrs. Bennet’s biggest concern in life?

a) To keep her daughters from marrying

b) To see all of her daughters married

c) To have a house in London

d) To make Mr. Bennet happy

3. Which words best describe Jane?

a) Bold, ugly and dishonest

b) Sarcastic, saucy and unscrupulous

c) Quarrelsome, critical and proud

d) Sweet-tempered, modest and beautiful

4. Which words best describe Elizabeth?

a) Quick-witted, critical and pretty

b) Shallow, artistic and melancholic

c) Dispassionate, superficial, and brooding

d) Talented, attention-seeking and boring

5. Which word best describes Mary Bennet?

a) Pedantic

b) Humorous

c) Pretty

d) Exotic

6. Catherine and Lydia are obsessed with what activity?

a) Reading

b) Fencing

c) Officers

d) Baking

7. Elizabeth’s first impression of Mr. Darcy is that he is:

a) Affable and charming

b) Perfectly sociable and generous

c) Well-mannered and humble

d) Proud and ill-mannered

8. Mr. Darcy’s first impression of Elizabeth is that she is:

a) Beautiful beyond compare

b) Not worth knowing

c) The ugliest woman he has ever seen

d) Inspiring

9. Why does Charlotte marry Mr. Collins?

a) She loves him.

b) She is practical rather than romantic.

c) She wants to spite Elizabeth.

d) She wants to move away.

10. What is Elizabeth’s criticism of Mr. Collins?

a) He is pompous and insensible.

b) He...

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